Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Benefit's F.Y...eyes!, the Ultimate Eye Shadow Base

I wrote in my previous post about my introduction to Benefit cosmetics. Now I'm going to review the first product I own from Benefit - F.Y...eyes!, the Ultimate Eye Shadow Base! Huh! The name sounds like quite a promising solution to my oily lids problem which makes my eye shadow creases on my lids forming unsightly lines and my mascara smudges at the end of the day.

I got it for RM95! Wow! That's a lot for a 7.0gram little jar. On the Benefit website, it retails for USD22 (USD1~RM3.58). It's slightly cheaper than over here. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. I'm quite satisfied with this base to a certain extent. Why?

I use the base on my eyelids 3 minutes after applying my foundation, as stated in the instruction that came with it. I use my middle finger to apply the base on my upper lid in an upward and outward motion. I also use very minute amount on my lower lids as my mascara always smudges on the lower parts of my eyes making me look like a panda. The 3-minute interval, I use it to apply my blush and line my lips. After that, I put on my eye shadow. And finish putting on lipstick and ready to go.

The base is unscented and orangey-peachy in colour. It has a soft texture that glides on quite easily on the lids. Once applied on the lids, it doesn't show any colour. It's very natural.

The effect of the base could last the whole day, in a cool air-conditioned place. However, in our tropical hot and humid climate, when I'm outdoor, my eye shadow (most of them are from Estee Lauder) would still crease but not as badly as before I started using an eye shadow base and the creases start only about 4-5 hours later.

As for preventing mascara smudges, it only helps a little. I could still see some very faint dark lines, especially on the lower lids, when I use my Estee Lauder mascaras - maximum curling and volumising ones. However with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening mascara, it really didn't smudge despite sweating a lot in the current hot weather.

The next Benefit product that I acquire is California Kissin'. Review coming up next.....

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xannon said...

thanks for the review..will try it out at the counter..as i have oily eye-lid problem too..

how do you compare to the prep+eye primer by mac?

one more question, what products to recommend to use as base for face under make up? my face is dry and oily at T zone, not so smooth type, i was searching to buy those not too strong and can be use as a base before applying foundation to avoid the foundation direct contact with a face.

xannon said...

the cream colur base that u recommend, i went to the shop and she says that is not suitable for my oily eyelid so im thinking to hold on and find another suitable product..

Vonvon said...

Hi xannon,

The latest I heard, F.Y.Eyes has been discontinued. But you could still check out if any of the counters still have some stock.

I haven't tried the MAC Prep+Prime for eyes yet.

I don't really use a specific makeup base for the face. Sometimes, I use tinted moisturiser beneath my foundation. But a remarkable product I have tried is the RMK makeup bases. They come in Creamy makeup base, and liquid makeup base. I have tried out the samples of both. And I quite like the Creamy Makeup Base over the Liquid one. The Creamy one gives me more coverage. Why don't drop by the RMK counter at Isetan KLCC and look for Lilian, the counter manager and ask her to try on some of the makeup bases for you. Tell her Vonvon recommend you to her counter.

xannon said...

thanks Vonvon for replying! appreciate it.
okay, i will try it out.:D