Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got My California Kissin'



I tried out California Kissin' at the Benefit counter in Robinsons the same time I bought F.Y...eye! - an eyeshadow base. Just for your information, it is a smile brightening lip shine a.k.a lipgloss. When I first heard the name, I was wondering what it was ;) At first look, I thought the blue tint was rather scary but it has a minty smell and taste. I have a lipgloss which tastes like 'strawberry dipped in chocolate' called Dipped Strawberry (pic below). But I didn't get it that day because I already have tonnes of lipgloss at home.

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Then, a few days later, as I was browsing through different beauty blogs, I came across Miu's blog and she was selling Califronia Kissin' for a very reasonable price. So I emailed her and we met up a few days later at the Curve to COD.

I've been using it for more than 1 week now. What can I say? I love it. Love the minty taste and the shine. As for the blue colour that looked rather scary at first, once I spread it on my lips, it's barely visible. Well, I just apply a thin layer. I don't know if I'll look cyanotic if I were to put on a thick layer.

When I put it on, it give sthis strong minty smell. After a few minutes, I begin to feel a cool sensation followed by a tingling feeling on my lips. The cool and tingling sensation lasted a while but it's OK for me. It doesn't irritate my lips or anything. In fact, I quite like it.

While the shine is good, it does leave my lips a bit sticky, which sometimes does bother me a little. But it's still tolerable.

Overall, I like this lipgloss. But if I have to pay retail for it, I might think twice. Most of my Estee Lauder lipglosses are gifts with purchase or part of gift sets. Hehe!

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Miu said...

haha nice review von! :)

u describe it very well. I love this lipgloss too from benefit, it's the only lipgloss from benefit that i'll ever like coz the rest is just too thick n sticky.

Minty and fresh, I'd used this when i go exercise/genting. Gives me a very nice all clean n fresh out of the bath feel.

I bought quite a number of it, planning to keep. But bcoz of my shopping debts, i decided to sell them all, leaving only 1 behind for myself. Now i admire it everyday.. don't want to use bcoz..sigh if i use, it'll be gone soon & i dun know if benefit sales will sell it again or not.

It was out of stock already for the rest of benefit's sale last year.

Keeping one..admire.. love it!!

Vonvon said...

Thanks Miu.

Yea, I like this very much.

About their other lip glosses, I didn't quite like it at first, just like you said, thick and sticky and like a clingfilm on my lips. Then, I asked their SA, who told me it's because of the jojoba oil in their glosses.

I bought their holiday set and have 6 of their glosses. Will review it soon. :)