Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother-Daughter Shopping Day

Yesterday was Mother-Daughter Shopping Day for me and my little girl. Well, we both have done that quite often, but somehow, I think yesterday was worth writing about...

First, we went to Pavilion KL because I wanted to use The Body Shop festive discount voucher (20% off) to buy something because it's expiring today (see below).

The Body Shop voucher

My purchases from The Body Shop

And I've been eyeing some of their products for a while. I chose to go to The Body Shop outlet in Pavilion because the staff there are the nicest and friendliest and most helpful of all their outlets which I've been. I didn't buy too many things - just a hanging toiletry bag, the mini brush kit and Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel, all 3 of which were entitled to the 20% discount. Then, I saw a Moroccan Rose gift set which was different from the gift set they had earlier with only the Moroccan Rose Eau de toilette and Roseflower lipstick and blusher. Hubby bought this set for me with the body milk for Valentine's Day. The new gift set contains mostly body care products and is cheaper than the Eau de Toilette set at RM135. The Eau de Toilette was RM175.

The Body Shop Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit

The Body Shop Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel

The new gift set has a full-sized Moroccan Rose shower gel, travel-sized Moroccan Rose bath and massage oil and body butter, and a pink colour bath lily (RM135). And I bought this too.

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Gift Set

Earlier, as we were walking towards The Body Shop outlet, there was a Stage (cosmetics) booth having a promotion as part of Pavilion's 1st anniversary celebration. It was Friday and Friday is 'all about women' themed shopping day. Stage's promotion was a free makeover with a purchase of RM100 and above from any outlet in Pavilion. Hooray!! My purchase from Body Shop already exceeded that amount. So my little girl and I went back to the Stage booth and had our makover. Our makeover?? Yes, she was so happy and excited when I sat her down on a stool next to me that she said to me, 'Mommy, ai niiii....(Mommy, love you) and gave me a kiss on my lips. ;) While the makeup artist was putting on makeup for me, my little girl also helped herself to the eyeshadows which were spread on the table. And the result of her own 'makeover'......WOW!! See her 'Eye Of The Day' photo below. Even the makeup artist was amazed!

"Look! Can you see the light green eyeshadow on my lid? It's a very light green.
And I did this all by myself, without any help!" Says my little girl ;)

And another lady also fixed my hair for me.

My quick makeover look.
Somehow my eye bags cannot be camouflaged.

Before we left, I decided to stop by The Make Up Store outlet. While I was checking out their products, my little girl was also busy checking out the eyeshadows, lipglosses, etc.

"Hmmm.....which lipgloss should I choose?"
Says my little girl.

Then, we left Pavilion and headed to Midvalley Megamall. It was around 2.30pm and the Friday lunch hour traffic was still quite heavy, and lots of reckless drivers on the road too. The worst jam was from Jalan Istana heading towards Kuen Cheng School as it was school dismiss time. And my tired little girl had her catnap almost the whole journey.

I was at Metrojaya Midvalley Megamall to pick up my reserved Benefit's Primpcess. I have been wanting to try out other Benefit products after acquiring their eyeshadow base and California Kissin'. But the high price puts me off. When I saw Primpcess (RM160) limited edition in their holiday catalog, I thought it's a very good deal compared to Big Beautiful Eyes (RM145). I will review this in a later post.

Benefit's Primpcess

Top row: BADgal mini mascara 4.00g
2nd row, from left: Powder eyeshadows for accenting, contouring and liner, 0.08g each
3rd row: Fluff shadow brush, talent brush, concealer brush
Bottom row, from left: Creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p. 3.20g, Boi-ing
under eye concealer 1.25g, Eye bright 1.25g

Again, my little girl, fresh from her 'powerful' catnap, helped herself to the samples available at the counter. She tested their blushes and loved the Benefit new blush Coralista the most. After she had tested some blushes, she pointed to the Coralista and the SA gave it to her. I was looking at other products. Then, the SA whispered to me to look at my little girl. OMG!!! She was happily applying Coralista on her cheek with the brush provided. And she actually applied it very well and very thick. The SA quickly used a cotton pad to wipe off some of the blush from her cheek.

"Coralista is my favourite blush! Shhh.....I'm gonna test it out!"

After all these, time to head home.............

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Miu said...

your girl is becoming like her mummy! she's enjoying herself so much! i can see that! and her mummy is so pretty after the stage makeover :) look like model already! i can predict this 2 gona be really crazy when lil girl grows up!!!

Spend rm100 over n can get a Stage make up! at pavillion? oh.. how i wish 1utama also like that. Pavillion is too far for me sob sob..

Vonvon said...

Oh Miu,

Thanks, glad you like my quick makeover look.

Yeah, I couldn't believe it at first when the lady showed me the flyer and told me about it. Only RM100?? But I was very happy. Cos I went there that day planning to buy stuff. :)

Pavilion to me is like 1 Utama to you lor...