Sunday, March 15, 2009

I So Want The Clarins' Nature Temptation Eye Palette

Oohhh.....I've bought so many makeups for the past 2 months - all are the various makeup brands Spring and/or Spring/Summer collections. And I thought I've had enough of makeups by now.

But still tugging at my heart strings is the Clarins Nature Temptation Eye Palette.

Image taken from

Look at how pretty it is....

It was already available in mid-February when I first saw it in either Her World or Female magazine. And last week, I still saw it at the Clarins counter in Parkson Pavilion, but strangely, there was no one at the counter. So I tried to swatch the colours with my finger but the colours didn't really show up well. So I passed it by and almost forgot about it.

However, yesterday I happened to stumble upon some swatches and FOTDs in several makeup blogs, and I was like OMG!!! The colours are so pretty, and again my heart yearns for it.

I hope they still have it at the counters.

Just look at the swatches below.

Image taken from
Look at the image of the palette. The colours correspond to the palette.
1-Tan~top left, 2-Lilac~top right,
3-Plum~middle left, 4-Cool Light Pink~middle right,
5-Beige Nude~bottom left, 6-Seafoam~bottom right

So, what do you think? Should I get it or not?

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Miu said...

hmm looks like u got shades in that colours already from your make up stash. How about the up and coming Stila's Pearl crushed e/s spring palette? i heard it's made of pearl powder and minerals, so it's good for the eye area. The colours are light to dark, and not only are they made of pearls, when apply, if hit by light, it turns 3d!

i duno what that means, but Lilian told me it's like another color turns up.

I so so so waiting for it to swatch it!

Miu said...

Vonvon said...

Miu: Yeah, I have similar colours in my stash, but hey, how do you know ah? ;)

I've heard about the Stila Pearl eyeshadow.

But...oh....I should save money from now, just in case i will fall in love with this one....ouch my pocket!

Miu said...

from reading & observing your blog hehe!!!

yah i read Paris B today too! and saw Pinkiecharm's youtube review on it. She says pearl powder actually helps reduce wrinkles.. bla bla etc. I wonder how true is that? guess i'm gona read up more tomorrow about it.

Your pocket's burning a hole babe! save some for Barbie loves Stila event yeah! :)

Vonvon said...

Aiyoo, Barbie loves Stila coming up ah?

Habis-habis......already spent loads on MAC Hello Kitty...haha!