Friday, March 13, 2009

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone - I Nuovi Sale & Elemis

Update: I went to the I Nuovi store a few days later and managed to exchange the defective Starlight dust. No question asked-just showed to Melissa, and immediately she got a new one for me! Good Service!

**Pix updated!

Yay!! We(my little girl and I) just came back from Sunway Pyramid! Driving there was a breeze, but coming back to KL was a real headache! Because I'm not very familiar with PJS area. Going there via Federal Highway and exiting at the 'Penang Bridge' - after Guiness, was no big deal!

Anyways, you must be very curious at my shopping hauls today.

I bought lots of stuff from I Nuovi ...................and...................Read on.........

My shopping hauls
1 - Deluxe Mini Brush Set x2
2 - Modular compact (my little girl chose all the colours to put into it)
3 - Undercover Under-eye Corrector in 3Y
4 - D27 Eyeshadows x3
5 - Ivoluxe Lipsticks x3

Deluxe Mini Brush Set (RM68 each)
(contains 6 small-sized brushes)

Modular Compact with colours chosen by my little girl
(It's actually an empty compact and we chose the colours to fill it up. Really worth it for RM168)

Modular Compact

D27 Eyeshadows (3 for RM88)

Ivoluxe Lipsticks (3 for RM88)

Very shiny smooth texture

Undercover Under-eye Colour Corrector in 3Y (RM36, n. p. RM60)
40% off lots of freebies too!

Freebies - 10 pc Gift Set with nett purchase of RM500 and above
1 - Travel Pouch
2 - Powder Puff
3 - LE Colour Story Makeup Kit
4 - Browcake in Oak
5 - Ivoluxe Lipstick in Ego
6 - Perfector in 2Y
7 - Gliteratti in Fallen Angel
8 - Eye Dust in Aquamarine
9 - Eye Dust in Starlight (defective)*
10 - Eyepaint (cream to powder eye colour) in Barbie

Defective Eye Dust in Starlight*
(all the powder has fallen out inside and outside the container)

Powder in the box too.

Huh!! What do you think? I think it's really worth it. I bought total 10 items, and I got 10 free gifts that I think cost almost as much as my total purchase, if not more.

By the way, all my purchases above are not for me only. I helped my friend to buy several items too.

So, my suggestion is go with your friends and share your purchases up to RM500, then, get the 10-pc gift set and share among you girls. I don't think everyone would want the same thing from the gift set. Even if so, you are all friends, right?

Then, off to Parkson which was just next to I Nuovi store. Had my skin analysis done by Elemis, and got 5 free samples!!

5 free samples from Elemis

The SAs at the Elemis counter Parkson were so friendly and helpful.

*Regarding the defective Eye Dust in Starlight, I called the store this morning and told them about it, the SA who answered the phone (also happened to be the one serving me yesterday) said I could bring it back to exchange for a new one. As I live so far from Sunway, she said she would keep it for me.VERY NICE! GOOD JO

Reviews coming up........provided lazy bug won't visit me again ;)

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Miu said...

nice hauled from Nuovi! too bad I'm not into Nuovi if not i'll rushed to grab the freebies too. Looks like u are quite a freebieholic like me!! it's really worth it, they give u so much! and they even change that defective starlight for u. Good service I say.

Anonymous said...

Wah, Yvonne, U're on a shopping spree isit? Look like U're enjoying life as SAHM. Your little girl must be fairly independent now that U can take her out without any hesitation....I can't wait for my time when I can take my girls out for shopping and then, get them to choose cosmetic with me. Ehmm, I wonder whether it's such good idea... coz' later, they might want one for themselves!!!


Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I just found out about I Nuovi a few months ago and read quite a lot of good reviews about it. And the me I am, so easily swayed by new stuff, want to try it. The price is really very reasonable. So why not try it esp when there is a sale and giving out so m any freebies!

Yes, I'm a freebieholic, shopaholic! The free gifts are worth almost as much as my total purchase, right?

I think they gave me good service cos I bought so much....Hehe!

Vonvon said...

Hi Sabrina,

Nice to hear from you, and thanks for dropping by.

Well, as an SAHM, shopping is one of the few activities that I can do with my little girl, besides going to the park or household chores! Haha!

Yea, I have not many problems going out with her. few months back, she wanted to be carried every time we went out, refusing to take the pram. Then, I struck a deal with her-going out means have to walk, if not no going out. She's fine with that, only wants to be carried while looking at cosmetics and when she's tired.

Don't worry, you'll have 2 girls to help you choose cosmetics! Just share among you 3! ;)

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Wow that's a nice INuovi haul! I was never a fan of INuovi, so I didnt bother to buy any of the product. But thanks to the sale, I guess I wanna grab some products there and see for myself what's the rave is all about. =)

Vonvon said...

Hi Hanna,

Thanks. Their products are nice and price a bit on the mid-high range, but I think it's still OK. Have fun with I Nuovi!