Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lancome Facial

Yesterday morning, I went for a Lancome facial at KLCC. Lancome was having a promotion on its new GN-White serum and other whitening products. This facial was free because I had purchased 2 boxes of eye mask from them last week.

The facial was only 45 minutes but I felt so refreshed after that. My little girl was with me and she was lying down on top of me while the beautician cleansed and massaged my face. She was watching so intently and several times, even told the beautician that my nose still had some suds..haha!

Anyways, the beautician used pressure point massage on my face before putting on the creams. It felt very good. She explained that using the pressure point massage helped to increase absorption of the creams.

I like Lancome facial and am looking forward for more......


Kat said...

glad you're having fun these days...i'm surprised rainbow didn't ask for her own facial...;)

Vonvon said...

Yea, she didn't.

Well, I gotta do something anyways, so why not do something I enjoy, right?