Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YSL Spring 2009 Makeup Workshop

Last Saturday, I attended the YSL Spring 2009 Makeup Workshop at Parkson Pavilion. It was conducted by YSL International Makeup Artist, Patrick Havegheer. Actually I'd wanted to go for the Sunday session but it was canceled. And because the Sunday session was canceled, I had no babysitter on Saturday morning, so I had to bring my little girl along. The session cost RM120, fully redeemable for YSL products.

Overall the wokshop went well, was very interesting and the YSL staff and even the makeup artist, Patrick, were very nice and accommodating to the presence of my little girl who at the beginning was all quiet and attentive. But along the way, she got cranky and made quite a lot of noise.

My little girl and I went there quite early (about 10.15am) and decided to drop by the YSL counter in Parkson. The workshop was scheduled to start at 11am. There was this male SA who told me that the staff were still preparing the venue upstairs, on the 4th floor. So I decided to take my little girl for breakfast at Dome. Then, we came back to the counter at about 10.55am. He ushered us to the Personal Shopper Room. When we got there, I saw there was a table with some finger food (from Zang Toi Cafe) (pic below) and one of the female staff told me to help ourselves. I was like what? We just had our breakfast. If we'd known that breakfast would be served, we would've just gone upstairs for breakfast. Thanks to that male SA.

Anyways, my little girl enjoyed the chocolate banana brownies very much.

Sitting at our table, enjoying breakfast

While my little girl was enjoying her little finger food, I went around snapping photos like all bloggers would do ;)

YSL Spring 2009 Collection

The workshop started shortly after. Rebecca, for YSL, made a short introduction and presented Patrick Havegheer and the model for the day, Kirsten.

Patrick started preparing Kirsten's face by applying a makeup base, YSL's Top Secrets, on her face. The YSL Top Secret came in a tube with a brush at the end for application. You just need to squeeze the tube a little and the base would come out on the brush. Next is the application of the Perfect Touch Foundation also with a brush that was attached to the end of the tube. This was followed by concealer. Then, it's the highlighter's turn. Patrick used YSL Radiante Touch highlighter to touch up areas like the T-zone, which normally is quite oily, on the eyelids, on the sides of the nose, and on the smile lines. Basically, according to Patrick, you use on the areas on the face with slight recesses, as mentioned before. The whole process was finished off by dabbing some loose powder on the face with a face brush. Instead of loose powder, compact powder can be used.

After this, Patrick took a little break to let us prepare our faces with the help of the YSL staff. My little girl, as usual, was ever so eager to try out everything too. So I just pretended to give her a piece of cotton pad and some brushes to play with. The YSL ladies were so surprised at how she could do everything so well. Then, she insisted on the palettes laid on our table in front of her. She kept on saying "I want eyeshadow". And I had to give in before she made a drama. Once she got her hands on the new Spring eye palette, she dug her fingers into it and started applying different shades onto her lids to the surprise of everyone including Patrick!

Then, Patrick showed us the application of the new Spring Palette. At this point, my little girl was starting to become restless that I had to take her out from the room a few times. She wanted the green 5-shade eyeshadow palette from the display. When Patrick took another break to let us try out the eye colours, she got her long-awaited green eyeshadow palette and started digging her fingers into it. Then Patrick came over to us, asked my permission to make up for my little girl. I was like sure thing, she was so proud to be made up by Patrick using her favourite green eyeshadows! Then, she even chose her own lip gloss and Patrick just put it on for her.

My beautiful baby beauty

While I was trying to do my eye makeup, my little girl, all made up and nice, was clinging on to me that I couldn't really do much. Then, came all the nice YSL ladies - Rebecca, Jasmine and even Kirsten, trying to take her away to the stage area, offering to put on more makeup for her, etc. But they were unsuccessful. It's not your fault, kind-hearted ladies. It's just my daughter is super clingy to me, thanks to practising attachment parenting since she was a baby!

Patrick also came over and helped me do some final touches to my eye makeup. He added some brown from the Spring face powder palette to my lids above the creases to lift up my eyes more.

Then Patrick showed us the application of blush and lipstick/lipgloss.

At the end of the workshop which was already 1.30pm, we were given our door gifts and I got the YSL Limited Edition White Gold lipstick as an early bird gift (the first 20 to sign up). But they forgot to give me a miniature fragrance as promised to Emmagem.com members. I already emailed Karen from Emmagem about this.

UPDATE: I received the miniature fragrance already.

Limited Edition White Gold Lipstick
Early bird gift

Makeover voucher

And with the RM120 voucher, I redeemed a YSL lipgloss (RM85) and lipstick (RM89). I top up additional RM54.

And it was coming to 2pm already. I had to rush to Mont Kiara for the Clarins workshop. More on the Clarins workshop in another post. You can read about it from Miu's blog.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was in KL to get this done!

Vonvon said...

Wait till you read about Clarins workshop... :)

Miu said...

dammit.. i would've enjoyed it too if they hadn't cancel the sunday workshop due to "slow response". I guess they're not even sorry for inconveniencing the Sunday ppl. Me, Dee & Taysir is so piss at them.

Rebecca didn't even reply my email about extending my voucher. Well that settles, I hope I get my refund back.

YSL is blacklisted in my book!

Vonvon said...

Hey Miu,

May be you should write an official complaint to them.

Don't worry, I'm sending this link to Jasmine who emailed me about the time change. Despite all the fun me and my little girl had, I'll help you to voice out your dissatisfaction.