Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BENEFIT Price Hike Is Today!

Yes, the long-dreaded day for Benefit cosmetics lovers and Benefit lovers-wannabe is here!

Today is the day STARLIGHT COSMETICS, importer of Benefit cosmetics in Malaysia, going to increase the prices of their products by 10%. Oohh, 10% only??? Yea, I hope it's 10% only! CRAP!!!

I don't know how their new prices are for I have not visited any of their counters today. But anyways, I definitely am not looking forward to it.

So, if anyone of you have checked out their new prices, do share with us by leaving a comment below.

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Miu said...

i zoom pass benefit counter today, no eye see lah. Scare later coerced into buying products which I'm not gona need. Too many of it at home already!

btw.. i bough 2 sets of Loccitane's promo today.. it's like a bag + 7 products item ranging from 75ml-30ml (body care / face care). RM159 each set. Do take the pamplet on their table or from women's weekly coz got coupons in there to try some samples (eye balm/shampoo). I gona blog about it later lah.. bought for mother's day present in May coming up. The bag is cute though.. for a whole set as a gift, not bad.

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Yea, yea, I also bought Women's Weekly this month. I also plan to buy the set with the bag, and the Red Rice starter cos I like the mirror and the pouch. ;) Did you get both the samples at once? They said can only use 1 at a time :(

About also slowly giving up ler....