Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Benefit's PRIMPCESS & Eye Of The Day

I have acquired the Benefit's Primpcess for quite some time but haven't gotten the time to try it out.

Today, somehow I just felt like taking it out from my drawer to use it.

I followed the instructions as given. There is a booklet lesson included.

First, I applied Boi-ing in 02 with the mini concealer brush included in the set to the under-eye area where it was the darkest. Boi-ing is a dark circle concealer for the eyes.
You can see the difference in the photo below:

Next, I applied the Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p. as a base shadow
from the upper lash line up to the brow. R.s.v.p. is a natural light brown tone, almost nude, with a hint of shimmer. You can see the swatch of r.s.v.p. which turned out nude.

Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner r.s.v.p.

The swatch of r.s.v.p. - turns out nude, except for some shimmer

Using the fluff brush, I put the contour colour on both sides and applied it to the crease of my eyes.
This was followed by patting the accent colour with my middle finger to the centre of my lids.
After that, the booklet says to use the thin side of the talent brush to pick up the liner colour (dark brown) and line the upper lash line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Then, on the lower lash line, line it from the outer corner to halfway of the lower lash line. this point, I had problem because the line was too thick on my lower lash line. What I did was just wipe part of the line off with some tissue. Turned out better.

The same colour can also be used to define the brow, but I didn't do it. Lazy me :P

Then, I put on the mascara BADgal Lash in black. (Wow! The mascara brush is really huge. I actually had some trouble when it comes to the tiny lashes on the outer corner of my eyes.)

After mascara, I used the wiped-clean concealer brush to apply some eye bright on the inner corners of my eyes to the bridge of the nose. And from the outer corner, to the outer corner of the brow. I blended it with my finger and DONE!!

My Eye of the Day (EOTD)
Very natural? More defines eyes?
What do you think?


Miu said...

Very natural, that's what i like about benefit's concealer! I can see you manage to hide all your panda eye look (must be the nights n day caring for your rainbow).

Vonvon said...

Hey Miu,

Thanks. This is the first time I'm trying a Benefit concealer. And I'm quite satisfy with it. Just hope that Benefit won't end up like Stila cos they are also very expensive.

I have problem with panda eyes all along, and caring for Rainbow only intensifies the panda-ness ;)

But Boi-ing seems to help. Next I'm trying out the I Nuovi undereye concealer.

Miu said...

von: put a chat window in ur blog, easy to chat with u!

Well benefit, I am not very keen on them anymore. Their management ppl very LANSI. The last time I went to their warehouse, they purposely start taking away their price posters on the table n keeping it. I guess this is their way to say "NO PIC TAKEN OR WRITING DOWN PRICE PLS". Well if it's an offense to them, can tell me. Don't have to show black face to me. All of them did that to me. CEH.. i boycott benefit already.

BTW i got some stila catalog booklets for u.. it's last year's one. They used to send this out to regulars to let them know whats coming, what promo etc. Just like benefit has the catalogue.

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Yea, yea, I was planning to do that when I was chatting with you and Ann Mah, already opened the site, but the stupid Internet slow down again.

Yea, I remember reading on your blog about the Benefit experience.

You got Stila booklets. Good good, thank you so much.

ann mah said...

me also have panda eyes problem..that's y looking for stila conceler to cover it up.....but..hehe when i at the counter..the sa told all gone b4 i ever to test the shades.

Vonvon said...

Hi Ann,

Really, they said that to you. But when I was at KLCC, most of the concealers already out of stock.