Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breakfast Became Lunch And Shopping Day

Breakfast this morning was supposed to be at 10.30, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was postponed to lunch, which was fine with me, as I managed to do some household chores. Today, my little girl was not clingy at all. She was playing with her Daddy since she woke up in the morning. However, as I going out of the house, she had a little drama. This time, it was not the usual drama of "Mommy, I want to follow, I want to follow Mommy.....". She wanted me to stay home and play Lego with her. She said, "Mommy stay. Mommy don't go". Well, she didn't want to go out with me today but she wouldn't let me go out. Haha!

Anyways, I managed to sneak out and went to KLCC to meet Dr Chow who was just post-call. We window-shopped in ZARA for a bit before heading for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I saw a purple dress which was quite a bit like described and suggested by Shopaholic in her comment. V-neck, 3/4-sleeve, a little below the knee, except the material is a bit T-shirt-like. It does not justify its price of RM169.90. Well, some may say it's ZARA, so you are paying for ZARA. But I still think it's not worth the money.

Then, we had our lunch and chatted and chatted. After lunch, my hands started to 'itch' ;) so I decided to go to the Stila counter at Parkson. Lilian was there but busy as usual. Anyways, I bought some of the items that I had reserved few days earlier, namely lip liners, an eye palette, treatment powder, an eyeshadow duo and its casing. Total RM200+. Not bad for 9 items from Stila! There's more still in my reserved list that have not been purchased. Photos coming up next.

Then we continued walking and Dr Chow went into KOOKAI boutique, saw a black knitted short puff-sleeved dress, liked it and of course, bought it.

By the way, we also checked out the Twin Towers Fitness Centre. We might go for the Body Pump session tomorrow evening. ;-)

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Miu said...

girl............. u seem like a millionaire wife now... klcc always.. leisurely doing all the nice stuffs...

and yes i won't pay that much for a clothing.. nowadays got better deals with that kinda money unless it's really super duper nice u know. And plus with sales n all.. Msia consumer should smarten up a bit already instead of being duped to pay all the jak up high prices.

Vonvon said...

Wei....Miu, don't la say like that....what millionaire? I go to KLCC because it's nearby and convenient. Just to meet up with friends and catch up. And this friend needed a listening ear. (Remember, I have a complain queen group :P) Go to Midvalley quite far and waste petrol. Can save money on petrol also good, right? ;P

Yes, you are right. The design of the dress is nice, but the material is very cheap-looking. Why pay so much for T-shirt-like stuff, unless if the material is like satin or velvet, then I might consider. ZARA can make better than what I saw today.

Miu said...

Complain Queen Group!~ this sounds interesting..

what do u girls..err do? complain about stuffs? i also wanna join lah.. hahaha

Vonvon said...

Yea, yea, complain about stuff, curse, swear, etc, etc...hahahahaa. Talk about beauty, shopping, life, money, anything that interests and disinterests/displeases any complain queen.

And no one can judge anyone and be a wet blanket or try to teach anyone. Basically, a queen complains, you listen and discuss, NEVER judge, then another queen complains, others listen and discuss. It's like a support group.