Saturday, April 11, 2009

My 3rd STILA Haul

I know some of my dear readers, ;), are very impatient to see what's my 3rd haul from Stila looks like.

So without further ado.........I present my 3rd STILA haul!

Error: The 2 smoky eye palettes are not BRONZES, but the ORIGINAL

Error: The 2 smoky eye palettes are not BRONZES, but the ORIGINAL

These were what I got on Thursday after the super long wait for new stocks to arrive. But these were not new stocks that arrived. They were those that I've reserved last Sunday.

And today, when I was taking the photos, I noticed that 2 of the lip glaze sticks (LGS) that I've purchased had the price tag of RM45! What the hell?? As I know, all LGS, with or without sharpener, is priced at RM30. And I checked the receipt again and they had charged me RM45 each for the 2 LGS, as you can see in the photo above.

Anyways, I'm planning to go back to Stila KLCC in the next few days, depending on when my 'curfew' will be lifted. :( Hehe! And I'm going to tell Lilian about this and many other stuff too.


babyloveshopping said...

wah,u really buy many lipglaze stick oh...
can rampak from u?haha...
i also buy many lipglaze stick,bt didnt have 1 sharpener pula,u konw where can i find it?

so,have u go back ask them about the price tag?
RM90 actually can get 3pcs,but u get 2pcs for RM90 = =

Vonvon said...

Hi Chirl,

Yea, I really like their lip glaze sticks. It's in pencil-form, so it's very easy to travel with 'cos it's not liquid. Besides, it's cheaper than lip glaze which is RM45, but LGS only RM30. And the colours are quite similar.

Ohhh, that one, I will surely go back and 'kira' with Lilian. Wait a few more days, need to rest 1st 'cos last week, almost everyday went to KLCC. I have the receipt as proof.

babyloveshopping said...

but which color is come with sharpener?

Anonymous said...

hey, any chance u might be wanting to put the original n bronzes smoky eye palette up for sale on your blogshop?

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, I will be putting up some of the eye palettes for sale in my blogshop. But the prices won't be the same as what you'll get at the counters. It will include a service charge for my time and effort, petrol and parking. Fret not. It won't be too expensive.

Just check out my blogshop from time-to-time, as the quantities are very limited.

Vonvon said...

Hi Baby,

Depends, certain colours come with sharpener but I can't tell you exactly which one. Just need to tell them to get you one with sharpener.

ann mah said...

hoho..i like the eye palettes original ler...and also the lip glaze stick...grapefruit..

Vonvon said...

Ann Mah: waaa, so fast wanna reserve already ah? I'll sort out all my things then I'll put them up in my blog shop. Will keep you in mind. :)