Friday, April 10, 2009


I think I'm going to make KLCC my next home! For the past week, I've been there almost everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, kid you not. Anyways, I had my 3rd Stila haul yesterday but are actually the items that I've reserved since Sunday.

Yesterday morning, I went to Parkson KLCC and waited for new stocks to arrive, supposedly at 3pm. But I waited till almost 4pm and Lilian (Stila counter manager) received a phone call saying the stocks will arrive only at 7pm!!! I was like WHAT!!!!! I've been sitting at the counter waiting since 11am!!!!! Yes, 11am till almost 4pm!!!

Meanwhile to fight the boredom of waiting, I struck up a conversation with a lady sitting opposite me, who was also waiting to pick up stuff for her daughter. Wow!! Lucky girl to have a mother like JC (the lady's name) who decided not to go for lunch but wait at the Stila counter for as long as the time I've waited!

I also met Moon/June who recognised me from reading my blog. Thanks for your support Moon/June. She couldn't wait that long and asked me to help her buy an All Over Liquid Shimmer and a Lip Glaze Stick in Fruit Punch. At around 2pm, I saw another girl also sitting at the counter waiting, and she is Eva. We also chit-chatted a bit to kill time.

Finally, at 4pm, after being told that stocks will only arrive at 7pm, I left KLCC with my 3rd haul. Photos coming up soon.

Today, I went there early in the morning again and got my things which were supposed to have gotten yesterday. I saw Vivian, no, actually, she spotted me hovering over the boxes of stocks, and called me. I first met Vivian at the YSL workshop in March. So nice of you, Vivian, to say hi, so happy to see you again. Then, Miu came also, and we checked our orders, got our stuff and off we went to L'Occitane which was having some kind of member day. Ahem, ahem.....


Anyways, my haul today has some defective items, namely Shine Lip Color in Sarah and a shadow pot that was manufactured in 2004!!!! Ok, the shadow pot is not defective but very very old!

Below is the excerpt of my comment I left in Miu's blog:

Btw, I just want to tell you girls, be careful and check the MFG date properly. Don't think they sell at counters and not warehouse sale means everything new and nice.

I got an eyeshadow pot (Pearl) today MFG in 2004!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!
And the Shine LIp Color in Sarah - the lipstick cacat one!!! After twist out, cannot twist back inside!! And i tried calling them from 1.30 pm to 3.15pm, nobody picked up the phone. Finally, I managed to call the Lancome counter next to Stila's and got the girl at Lancome to call Lilian to the phone. Huh!!!

For now, my dear little girl is trying to 'hijack' the laptop to see her Winnie the Pooh pix! Will post up more photos of my 3rd and 4th hauls later.


Anonymous said... happy to meet happy to see my name at your blog...tq tq tq so much.btw die already cause spend alot..

Vonvon said...

Hi June,

Yea, my Stila damages is too much. I don't know what to do :P.

chan said...

hey stil remember me. eva d gal u met at stila..
wow..u reali bought lots of stuff..
jz wonderin if ur sellin ur smokey eye palletes??
haha...since u bought too much...

Vonvon said...

Hi Eva,

Of course I remember you. Yea, I'm planning to sell some of my stuff, may be some time next week after I sort out everything. Do check my blogshop ( as I'll be posting the stuff I want to sell there.

I'll inform you. There will be a service charge for every item. But don't worry, it's not any expensive fee.

babyloveshopping said...

so u hv go back change the eyshadow pots cream?i bought de lipstick is 2006 one = =

Vonvon said...

Hi Baby,

I haven't gone back to exchange it. But I already told Lilian. 2006 is a bit old. but if the smell is ok, then I guess it's fine. But definitely not 2005 or 2004.

babyloveshopping said...

gardens sa tell me,all 2004-2006 she ady return back....hope tomorrow i wont get 2006 one,hehe..