Friday, April 3, 2009

Warehouse Sale at Corus Hotel

***OMG!! I started this at about 7.30pm. There are so many distractions from my little girl every 5 minutes, and finally here I am, finished and published this at 10.16pm . See? Says who being an SAHM is nice and have lots of free time?? :(((

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Yesterday, I went to the Branded Fragrance and Cosmetics Warehouse Sale by Prestige at the Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, KL. Hubby dropped me there around 11-ish and took my little girl home, but all the way home, she was calling out for me and called me several times, that Hubby decided to bring her back to Corus Hotel!! YES!!! That's how clingy she is!!

Anyways, when I got there, I was shocked to see the amount of people in that small ballroom. I thought they were all looking at the perfumes and cosmetics, but to my horror, that's the QUEUE, or whatever you can call it, queueing up to pay!!!

My purpose of going there was for the Paul & Joe and Givenchy cosmetics. I was not interested in their perfumes. I have not tried any Paul & Joe cosmetics before and I was also hoping to get their brush holder which retails for RM55 (if I'm not mistaken) at their counters. But they didn't have it. So I just looked at their makeup which were very reasonably priced, starting from RM18 for eye pencils to RM80 for their Face and Lip Palette which was already sold out by the time I got there at 11-ish. Anyways, I got hooked at their Facecolor Powder CS N which the lady there told me is eyeshadow. Anyways, I like the packaging and the contents. I bought 5 of them, costing RM32 each and 1 for RM30. I also bought 2 P&J eye glosses which is a cream-to-powder eyeshadow (RM31 each), 1 Lipstick N in no.1 (RM31) and 1 Dual Crayon eyeliner in no.2 (RM26).

Paul & Joe Facecolor Powder CS N (pix above and below)

Other Paul & Joe stuff I bought

Paul & Joe eye glosses (cream-to-powder eye shadow)

Paul & Joe dual crayon

Paul & Joe lipstick N

I bought their Violet mascara which was RM33, but when I went home and open it, it was totally dried and clumped up. I had wanted to check it there and then, but the lady said because it's sealed, it should be in good condition. And I cannot open to check it because "this is warehouse sale, so it's like that lor..." Later, after consulting Miu, I went back in the afternoon to exchange it.

In the afternoon at almost 5pm, there were not many people and the Q to pay was shortened to about 30+ people as compared to morning, hundreds of people. Luckily for me, when I showed it to them, they went to get another mascara to exchange but I insisted the girl (yea, this time a younger girl) to open up to check first. She opened 1, dried up, opened another, the same, opened the 3rd one, also the same. So I told her I want to exchange a different thing which costs the same, and they had only their LE lipsticks which cost RM33. But I already had similar colours, so I decided to get another LE Facecolor Powder CS N (RM32). It's OK, I can forego the RM1, instead of losing RM33! Then, I saw another one and I got that too. That's why I have a total of 6 Facecolor Powders.


The girl at the Givenchy counter was terrible and sombong(stuck-up)!!!!! There were so many people waiting to look at things but she kept entertaining some young chicks and ignoring us (me and other ladies), even though we asked her so many times to show us the things we wanted. I was so pissed off that I walked off. Most of their nicer makeups were sold out but I wanted to get one of their coloured eye pencils (RM18 each). Well, now that I've learnt how to use a pencil eyeliner, I want to get pencil eyeliners in different colours besides boring black.

Givenchy eyeliner pencil in Violet Fusion (RM18)

Later, when there were less people, I went back to get a violet eyeliner. Even then, she was still her sombong self but at least was answering my questions and showing me things that I asked her to show me.

Then, it was time to join the freaking long queue with all the thick-skinned queue-cutters.
I was actually queueing from the very back, but there was a nice couple who told me to go to the front and tell the guy controlling the queue to let me through because I was carrying my little girl. But I was reluctant because I am not like those conscienceless thick-skinned queue-cutters, then they kept on insisting me to go and try. So I went in front, talked to the guy but he said he cannot let me through if I’m using credit card but if i pay by cash, I can join the shorter Q. Then, I called Hubby who was waiting for me outside to pass me some cash. So, I went to join the cash queue. There, I met Oleyn and Ann, both from SnS and we chatted while waiitng to pay. Nice meeting you girls! :)

In the afternoon when I went back to exchange the dried up P&J mascara, I also got this, but only for the bag. Hence, I'm letting go of the perfume - Miss Soprani by Luciano Soprani 50ml (selling at the sale for RM59). I will sell the perfume for the same price as the sale (RM59).

I'm selling the perfume for RM59.
Please leave a comment below if you are interested.

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Miu said...

totally love your review and the p&j eyeshadows.. they're so nice! love the packaging n the e/s patterns! too bad i am not a P&J fan if not i sapu also. This is definitely a good buy :)

sns said...

Wah... nice stuff u got !:)

Yes we are all SHOPPERHOLICS :) hehe

Vonvon said...


Thanks. Like I said, I haven't tried any P&J, but as a self-proclaimed beauty blogger ;P, I think I should try it out since I've heard quite a bit of nice reviews on it. I love the packaging and the patterns on it too! That's the main factor that made me buy it. The lady opened one, I 'sapu'. another, I also 'sapu'. hehehe....

Besides, I'm just very easily swayed by new and pretty stuff, especially cosmetics and bags!!!! haha! And at warehouse price, why not?

Have a nice day. I know you will. I will too. ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi SnS,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

The P&J stuff are pretty, right?


P.S. Btw, did you read my suggestion in my comment to have some kind of an SnS identities for us, your supporters, so that we can meet one another at any warehouse sale? May be a simple T-shirt with SnS written on the left lapel, for example? But don't charge us too much for it la, ok? ;) Don't write too big, 'cos the organisers might recognise us and bar us from entering. U know la, we, SnS people, like to jot down prices, take pix....

sesame said...

Woo...what a nice P&J haul! Very nice. I quite like some of their stuff. You're really patient. I can't do warehouse sales cos I freak out at queues.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sesame,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Glad you like what I got. Well, I just have to bear with it, with my little girl some more. All in the name of beauty. Really can't afford to buy cosmetics at retail too much...will go bankrupt! ;)

babyloveshopping said...

omg..the facecolor so cute...nextime i must go to grab all color...
that perfume u let go RM59 with beg together or not?hehe ...

Vonvon said...

Hi babyloveshopping,

I'm only letting go of the perfume. Bag not included. Sorry.