Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Afternoon With PLATINUM.....La Prairie, Skincare For The Privileged Few


The alchemic symbol of Platinum
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When you hear the word 'PLATINUM', what would normally be the first thing that comes to your mind? Jewelery? Very rare and expensive element? Or may be the platinum-containing chemotherapeutic agents used in treatment of certain aggressive forms of cancers? CisPLATIN, CarboPLATIN, OxaliPLATIN, sounds strange to some but I have great interest in these words, as complicated as they may sound! The suffix '-PLATIN' indicates platinum in the chemotherapeutic agents.

OK, you must be wondering what exactly Vonvon wants to say in this post, right? Just a few more questions, and I'll tell you. ;) Have you heard of gold being used in cosmetics and skincare? Yes, I'm sure most of us, Stila fanatics, especially in Malaysia and anywhere except in the USA, have been yearning to own Stila's newest Summer Collection called Indian Summer with its 24kt Golden Noir Smudge Pot and the 24kt lip gloss. Gold in skincare, gold facial, anyone?

And what about platinum in skincare? Has anyone heard of it? May be some of you have, but I had not until one afternoon a few weeks ago....

I had received an email and sms from Miu (thank you so much, Miu dear!) informing me of a luxury skincare workshop, La Prairie, for Parkson Elite members. It was actually a private function for invited guests only and no media was allowed. (Later at the function, they did tell us that the media launch was held the day before the private function.) It was a last-minute invitation, as with many things that's got to do with the so-called high-end department store, Parkson! Anyways, I managed to call up to RSVP the day before the workshop was scheduled. Because I had only received the email and sms a few hours earlier.

Me dressed up to go to the workshop

Face Of The Day
My makeup for the event

So that afternoon, I went to Pavilion KL - 7th Heaven on the 7th floor to be exact, where many luxury salons and spas were located. I walked into the lobby and saw Christine (a girl from Stila) among the many people there whom I didn't know. She came up to greet me, checked my name against their guest list and ushered me into a platinum-themed room aptly named Platinum Room where the workshop was to be held. The room had platinum-colored wall and decor, even the table cloths and bows tied to the back of the chairs were platinum-colored!

The entrance to the Platinum Room

The wall in platinum color

The Platinum Room

The stage area
Melissa giving introduction

The table setting
The table cloth is platinum-colored too with beautiful fresh lily as the centrepiece.

The video presentation

Alright, I'll just give you a short introduction to the brand and what the workshop was about.

La Prairie is a luxury Swiss skincare brand, which boasts of skincare products made from some very fine and expensive ingredients, such as caviar and gold. This workshop was held to launch its latest addition to their luxurious skincare line, made from the expensive, precious and rare metal - the PLATINUM.

"Skincare for the privileged few"

We were given a video introduction to the new product, called PLATINUM RARE. In the video, they talked about the Platinum as an element and metal, the process of its extraction from its ore, how the colloidal complex of Platinum acts as an anti-aging agent and of course, revealing the jar of the precious 'thousand-dollar cream' and I mean it literally!

After the video presentation, Melissa Teng, brand manager of La Prairie in Malaysia, invited us, in small groups to test out the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare in a cosy area behind the stage area. While the guest-of-honour, Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng, and her friends, were sampling the cream, the rest of us were treated to afternoon tea of fine finger food and refreshing lemongrass drink from The Loaf.

The spread of sweets and fine finger food from The Loaf

Yummy sweet stuff

The refreshing lemongrass drink

After savouring the delicious sweets, we got to test out the 'thousand-dollar cream'.

Cellular Cream Platinum Rare - Review
The cream was housed in an ancient geometric-designed silver-colored container inside a huge transparent acrylic jar. It comes with a silver-colored spatula and at the top of its handle has the ancient symbol of Platinum and a Swarovski crystal embedded in it in gold color.

The huge jar of Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

The spatula with Swarovski crystal

This cream has a medium-light texture which spreads easily when applied even though it does take a little while before it is fully absorbed leaving a slight sticky but moisturised feel to the touch. After its application, I noticed a glow to the back of my hand where the cream was applied. According to Melissa, the glow was actually imparted by the nanoparticles of platinum and it has a slow time-release property which means that after a few hours (and probably after hand-washing??), the effect of moisturisation will continue to be felt.

La Prairie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

The cream

The texture

Can you see the glow and the specks of nano-Platinum?

My glowing hand after application of the cream

It has a subtle fresh floral-like fragrance which fades after application.

The function of this cream is of course, for moisturization with anti-aging properties.

And since it's a platinum-containing product, it does come with a hefty price tag, as you know platinum jewelery is always much more expensive than gold jewelery. Take a guess, anyone?

At the end of the workshop, we were given a door gift and it contained a 2ml sample of the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare and the beautiful silver and gold spatula with the Swarovski crystal and some samples of La Prairie products.

The door gift

Just some ramblings.....
Well, I would love to try this product but honestly was taken aback by its sky-high price tag. However, if I had continued to work and may be train as an oncologist, may be now I would have no problem whipping out my Platinum plastic to purchase this wonder Platinum cream? Or may be I should go for an interview with Sanofi-Aventis or Bristol-Myers Squibb to be their sales rep with chemotherapeutic drugs portfolio because I'm sure the commission from selling Oxaliplatin or any -PLATINs might be enough to buy myself a jar of this Platinum cream. :P

Yes, yes.....we all can day-dream.........after all, day-dreaming is free!


Brick1235 said...

It's not an open event for Parkson Elite members, it's a private function only by invitation to the highest spending elite card members. Now we know why the products so luxurious in this event! Probably all the rich folks/datins/tai-tais can afford it only.

I got a call from Joan & I told her i can't make it until she said the goodie bag is worth rm450. I have never heard/have goodie bags that's worth RM450!!! with that I even ask if she's joking? and whether I could have her counter number to call up n verify (so kampung me, but i didn't want to get pranked! haha) She assured me it's all real and no media is allowed (found out from Cai Wing). However I can bring guests and to let her know the details when she calls up again.

I was really busy so I email/sms instead lol. When Joan call me up, I just told her who could go and that i have given her contact to them n they will call her up. Too bad I coulnd't make it that day as my colleague took EL & I have to take care of my office. The pictures are so amazing (to me) i was really sad i couldn't go. Thank goodness u took pics :) the event is amazing.. n full of information!

that's why i like to invite u to workshops/events :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Brick1235,

Yes, thank you for correcting me. Thank you for informing me of this function too. :) It's actually a private function. I'll correct it in my post. They had their media launch for the press the day before the private function.

Well, I promised you to take lots of pix to show you. :) Did you get your goodie bag from Cai Wing already? Met you a few times but forgot to ask you. Luckily some of our Stila friends were there. Could get an extra goodie bag for you.:)

Thank you again....

Joey said...

Dam, what a nice door gift. Spatula with the Swarovski crystal!!!!

Vonvon said...

Hi Joey,

Yes, the spatula is very nice and exquisite indeed.

Lovely girls said...

when got such function in future, inform me too yeah, sms me lo.. thanks thanks:) hehhe

The Beauty Writer said...

I got this jar, too (5ml/.17oz) from the La Prairie team here in the Philippines. Here, it's actually $1,193! Expensive!!!

I started using it two days ago and so far, the fine lines around my eyes are GONE. Pretty good start!

Vonvon said...

Hi The Beauty Writer,

Thank you for dropping by. It costs about the same here as in the Philippines, >$1000.

Wow!! That's amazing. Sounds like I could try it myself since my skin's been acting up a bit lately. But I haven't even opened the sample I got, as I am worried after I have used up the sample, I might be yearning to buy a jar for myself. The price tag is just too high.

Anonymous said...

hey. you should auction the sample off on ebay.

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

No, I wouldn't do that or critics would be fast to jump on the bandwagon accusing me of god-knows-what. :)

Malaysia said...

Hi Dear,
Would you tell me where I can buy la praiire product in Malaysia?

Vonvon said...

Hi Mary,

You can buy La Prairie products on most major department stores in Malaysia, such as Isetan KLCC or TheGardens, and Parkson KLCC and Pavilion.

Moxx Si said...

Price doesn't matter. Result does. I have not seen someone who used it and got an amazingly great skin.