Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Body Shop Annual Sale 2009 - Update

So this is the 2nd weekend of the Body Shop(TBS) annual sale in Malaysia. Before I share with you a very great bargain for this weekend, let me ask you, "Have you entered Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY? If you haven't, what are you waiting for?" Spend a little time to give yourself a chance to win some great prizes!

The 2nd weekend of TBS annual sale also has an additional 10% off on top of the normal discounts. But this weekend, as opposed to the 1st weekend, is for Maybank Credit and Debit cardholders and American Express cardholders only. All this while, I thought it meant that you have to purchase by using either your Maybank card or American Express card. But that's not the case. You just merely need to show them you have either one of the cards mentioned and you don't have to pay with the cards mentioned but also in cash. Even if you have only a Maybank ATM card, you just need to show them and pay by cash or any of your regular credit card. Hope this clarification will help some of you, as I also thought we needed to pay by either card to get to additional 10% off.

Alright, so yesterday I was again at TBS outlet in KLCC. The friendly SA from last week, Lina, was there and she recognised me right away! And she quickly showed me a NEW bargain for this week, also on 70% off plus the additional 10% off and guess what it was????

Price was RM130!!!! Whhhoooppppsssss! That was the price before discount. And the final price after all discounts........IS RM35.10!!!!!!!!!

And yes, the item is................. are you ready to hit your nearest TBS store again????????

Hah???!!!! (scratching head...)
So, this is the GRREEEAT deal Vonvon has been so excited about??

Of course NOT!!!!
Do you remember Mary Poppins' bag?
Yes, of course! Open up the metallic gray-silver pouch and you'll see all the goodies one-by-one!
And all that for RM35.10!!! Yes, you hear me right! And you are not sleepy anymore, are you?!

The normal retail price for the Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel 60ml is already RM32!
So you do the Maths.
Limited to 1pc per customer, but as usual, Lina said I could pay separately, but I just got one yesterday. Hmmm....should I go get another one or even 2 today??

Have a nice weekend and happy shopping!

Don't forget to submit your SUMMER GIVEAWAY entry!


Suziana's Shopaholic Realm said...

Vonvon, yeap. I got that latest addition at the Body Shop sale yesterday. Really worthwhile buying...I bought only one you think i should go get some more?

Vonvon said...

Hi Suzi,

Of course you should go get more, if you can. I think it's even more worth it than the brown bag. :)

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

I bought one too today, I just love the clutch metallic case... heheheh =D it's such a great bargain... ^_^ btw, i still see lots of the brown case at tbs...

Vonvon said...

Hi Ayna,

Yea, I just love things that come in sets/palettes, and at such great discounts, of course I already grabbed it when I first saw it! And I saw loads of the brown bags too, and to think that last week, they told me while stocks last....whatever that was left last week were all that they had and once gone.....well, it seems that once gone, they will quickly bring out more....;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you just needed to show your card? Not in Melaka for sure, need to pay with the card but Maybank ATM Card is also acceptable.

Yup, the SA showed it to me earlier in the week but none of the items in this new bargain I can use, so sticked to the usual.

Normally TBS 50% or 70% discount products dont suit me or my friends(so cant give them for b/day) but this year's the best for me so far, haha.

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yea, I was actually taken by surprise when the SA at the KLCC outlet told me. But I thought TBS in Malaysia should have all the same policy.

So which TBS outlet in Melaka you go to? Do they have one at Mahkota Parade? I hardly go to Melaka, only when having friends visiting from overseas, I will take them there for sightseeing.

I partly agree with you on their 50-70% discounted items.