Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EOTD: Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions

Miu texted me earlier last week telling me that InTrend magazine, the Malay language version, had a promotion from Clinique giving a free makeover plus freebies without having to make any purchase! The Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions promotion started from 18th May till 24th May. Wow!! And so I went to Kinokuniya to grab myself a copy of the magazine.

I called them to make an appointment as it was by appointment only. I chose the nearest Clinique counter to me that's offering this promotion, that was in Parkson KLCC.

When I got there, the SA handed me a form/questionaire to fill up. And needless to say, after filling up the questionaire, I AM a makeup FANATIC! Yay! That means I would get the pink makeup pouch with the High Impact Mascara on one end and Full Potential Lip Plump and Shine in Double Plum on the other end.

The SA was soft-spoken and a girl with very few words. So she just chose a purple eyeshadow quad...err, I don't remember the name of it. OK, and I was blur too. I didn't take photos of the cosmetics used. But I found the pix of the purple eyeshadow quad online.

Image taken from www.beautive.com
Thank you.
This palette costs RM105 at the Clinique counters.

For your information, I am not a Clinique user. I had purchased a Clinique gift set and lip gloss set during their Mother's Day promotion and they are still sitting nicely in its paper bag ;). I am planning to use it but honestly I don't know when :).

But a freebieholic like me just couldn't resist an offer of freebies and a free makeover too!

OK, so here's me after the makeover.

Face Of The Day

Sorry for the messy hair, one of my bad hair days.
At first, I thought the eye makeup was a bit too 'strong' making me look very fierce, but it turned out quite OK in the photo. Even my aunt liked it.

Eye Of The Day

The Clinique High Impact Mascara works wonders to lengthen my lashes too!

And for being a Makeup Fanatic, I got this (see photos below). Really, there was no purchase necessary. After she finished making up for me, she just went over to the drawer, got out the pink pouch and the mascara-lip gloss duo for me. Unlike some other brands where they said no purchase necessary but in the end, they'll subtlely try to persuade you to purchase something.

Yay to freebies and Yay to makeup fanatics! :)))


#ChRiS# said...

The freebies is nice... Somomore got pouch, mascara and lip gloss... very worth it, lucky you...

Vonvon said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I should thank Miu also. Clinique is quite a generous brand in general. Right now, in the US, exclusive to Nordstrom if I am not mistaken, they are giving away freebies worth USD65 with just a mere USD25 and above purchase! Do your currency conversion. So cheap! OK, you won't get such nice deals here. But definitely better than many other brands here like the stingy Benefit!

#ChRiS# said...

Yeah, Benefit is stingy and their stuff is not cheap...!!!

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hiya! I'm not a fan of Clinique but I have to say that's a good deal with the freebies and the makeover looks lovely on you :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Chris,

Agreed! Except for that one time during the Hello Flawless Party promotion. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi The Mrs Blogs,

Thank you. Yea, that's very generous of Clinique! :)