Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look Good With Glasses On...

This morning, I read Karen's blog and she had a guest writer Aisha, who wrote about "How to Wear Glasses to Look Sexy: Because They Already Know You're Smart!"

Indeed a very good post for me with my quite serious myopia and have to wear glasses most of the time because my eyes become very dry and blood-shot red when I wear contact lenses over even a short period of time.

Actually I have not much problem with my eye makeup while putting on my glasses, but hey, when it comes to beauty, some extra suggestions and advices from others are always great and fun!

And I also wrote a comment in that post (some tip for my readers):

"Without my glasses, I’m half-blind. So I have to go super near to the mirror to put on my eye makeup. And having short-handled brushes helps because if you have the normal long-handled ones, the handle tends to get in the way and keeps on ’scratching’ and knocking on the mirror.

I realized this when I was using my newly-bought Stila brushes at their recent sales, most of which were long-handled except for one. Just get normal-sized brushes but with short handles. Makes storing easier too!"

So, here's my own little tip from me today for you.............

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