Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Birthday Dinner - Part 1

As you all know, last Tuesday was my birthday and I have received so many birthday wishes and greetings from my friends and blog readers here, from my friends in Facebook and many more belated birthday wishes. A big THANK YOU to all of you.

At first, Hubby dearest had wanted to make a big bash but we couldn't confirm the place where I had wanted to have the dinner till almost dinner time. It was a new restaurant not so far from where we live but we had noticed that they were always full house every night. We were almost giving up when Hubby found a food blog which has info on that restaurant and its contact number. I had called TM Directory but they didn't even have the listing for that new restaurant yet. So I quickly gave a call to my Dad inviting my family to dinner once I had confirmed the restaurant was not holding any banquets that night. Hence, I had a quiet birthday dinner with Hubby dearest, my little girl and family at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant with loads of seafood.

Well, this post will be on my preparation for the dinner - the makeup and my dress. Part 2 will focus on the food and the restaurant.

As you have read, I have started the 'Do You Ever Finish Anything' Challenge on my birthday. So I already had my makeup on from the items in the challenge during the day. But I didn't have the time to do my hair. And I decided to leave it as it was. Thank God, it was not one of my bad hair day which I have quite often.

For the dinner, I had decided to use some of the mineral eyeshadow samples which I had purchased the week before from Actually that was my first time trying out mineral eyeshadows which were in loose-powder form. Reviews coming up.

3 of the 5 mineral eyeshadow samples I bought

Face Of The Day (Night) (FOTD)
I just blotted the oil off my face with Cyber Colors blotting paper. Then, I used my Stila Angel Light Whitening Powder in shade c for my face. Somehow, that night it did a good job to give me a matte flawless complexion, not that on ordinary days it didn't. Next, I used a synthetic eyeshadow brush from the LovingMinerals 9-pc brush set which I had purchased together with their eyeshadow samples to apply Pink Shimmer over my entire lids lightly. Then, I used the
hard-angled synthetic brush to apply Pink Pearl up ot the crease and finished off with Neutral Plum on my lids. And this time, I lined my eyes with Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Amethyst. Surprisingly, I managed to draw a thin line without much smudging. For mascara, I used my birthday present from my sis - the Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Vibrating Mascara.
How on earth did I manage to wait sooooo long and resist the temptation to purchase this wonderful vibrating mascara? It's a godsend!! Thank you so much, my dear sis!

Eye Of The Day (Night) (EOTD)

Well, I agree it wasn't anything spectacular with my first try at mineral eyeshadows. May be I am not so used to using loose-powder form eyeshadows yet. Need to improve on this.
But look at my lashes after Estee Lauder Turbo Lash!

Instead of using a blush, my cheeks were already flushing from the rush and also, did I mention my little girl opened up my Guerlain Meteorites (it's not the first time!) and started reaching for a brush and said, "Mommy, I want to use ball-ball..." I almost freaked out seeing the way she was holding the opened round box. It could have toppled right there and then! So I decided to use the Meteorites on my cheeks and highlight for my forehead, nose, jawline, neck and lightly on my chest as I was wearing a pink spaghetti strap dress my sis bought me from the Uluwatu boutique in Bali just a little over a week ago.

For my lips, I used RMK Gloss Lips #35 Translucent Shiny Pink (RM78) I bought from Lilian during the Isetan pre-sale. It was supposed to have 3-D effect on the lips but I didn't manage to get that effect that night. Next time, I must ask Lilian what's her secret when she put it on for me when I tested it. I'll ask for the photo from Miu later, it was in her camera. :)

Face Of The Day (Night)

My house lighting is all yellow light

Me at the entrance to the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant

Me in my Uluwatu Balinese lace dress
and my little girl in her sleeveless batik sundress her er yi (second aunt) bought for her from Bali too. She had insisted on a matching jacket over the dress.
Sis, look at the justice I made to the dress ;) Thank you so much, sis! Love ya!

Coming up Part 2........


Miu said...

happy birthday again! phewiitt... sexy dress.. u did justice to it for sure.. hmm lucky hubby.. hehehehe! rainbow so cute! and gosh.. she's begining to be a princess

awww.. i wanna eat at this restaurant too!! hohhoohhoho.. nvm i wait for bobby brown event! pls let me know when again..haha i got blur already after a few dates.

r u goin to post about it? waitin to read it :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Thank you again. Sigh! If only I could've confirmed earlier that the restaurant had no banquet that night (cos if they were having banquet, we wouldn't have gone there), I would've called you. Sorry dear.

BB event will be in June. Once I got all the details from them, I'll post it and have a slogan-writing contest to choose several readers to attend the workshop with us. I already have my invitee list. The rest will be open to my loyal and silent readers.

I know who you all, come on, speak up, my dear readers. :)))

Kat said...

wah really look good in that dress lah..i'm glad i bought it for you..but it will be looser once you lose more weight..and rainbow looks so cute in the dress...hope she liked it...

Vonvon said...

Hi Kat,

Thank you so much again! Yea, I know. But losing weight is a good thing, isn't it? Think I'm quite happy with my weight now, except may be the tummy part ;)

And yes, Rainbow loves the dress. It was a bit loose for her at the straps, and we had to use pins to shorten the straps because she refused to change to another dress. Think she knows she looked really pretty in it. And like I said, she wanted a jacket to match her dress and to protect her from "cold-cold" - quoting her. ;)