Monday, May 25, 2009

My Birthday Dinner - Part 2, at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant

So yesterday I had written about my makeup and dress I wore to my birthday dinner. Part 2 will focus on the restaurant and the yummy food!

Feeling a bit sluggish.....must be the Monday morning blues.........

OK, I had always wanted to try out the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant. It is a gigantic square, box-like building located just as you enter Jalan Kampung Pandan, in Kuala Lumpur. Almost every night, they have some banquets and there'll be so many cars parked in front of it, on the empty land next to the restaurant and under the flyover opposite the restaurant, mind you!

So, Hubby and I were really curious about this restaurant. How come they have full house almost every night? And about a week before my birthday, Hubby suggested that I could celebrate my ??th birthday there. But I didn't get to contact the restaurant until, as I said, a few hours before dinner time. Huh!

Alright, as this is quite a new restaurant, I couldn't find their phone number. Hubby googled it but the numbers were already disconnected. We thought it was kinda fishy. Then as we were almost giving up, Hubby found a food blog which has the latest update on the restaurant (click on the link at 'Golden Dragonboat Restaurant' 2 paragraphs above) and of course, the phone number. So I quickly called them to make sure they were not having any banquet that night. And they didn't.

We reached there around 8pm and my parents and siblings were already there. We decided to order seafood as they had a huge aquaria of fresh seafood on the outside of the building. The owner of the restaurant also gave us a guided tour of his restaurant which could hold 3 wedding banquets in one night. Hence explaining why the full house almost every other night. They have a pillarless ballroom large enough to fit 100 tables on the ground floor that can be partitioned off into 2 smaller ballrooms which can hold 2 banquets of 60 and 40 tables respectively. On the 1st floor, the whole area upstairs is also pillarless and can hold 50 tables. There's a balcony to the rear of the building on the upper floor for smokers.

The Aquaria on the outside of the restaurant

Me, my little girl and my youngest sis posing in front of the Aquaria

AAAAHhhhhh!!! The Alaskan Spider Crab attack!!

The restaurant dining area

Hubby ordered my favorite sharksfin soup with loads of yummy beauty ingredients inside, namely sea cucumber, fish maw, white fungus, jellyfish, chicken and sharksfin, of course! The sharksfin soup tasted so yummy without even the slightest hint of starch, unlike in other restaurants, where you could taste starch in their sharksfin soup.

Yummy sharksfin soup

Then, we had a 2kg Australian lobster which was split into half - the head was used to cook with noodles (sang meen) since it was my birthday and Chinese like to eat noodles on birthdays (symbol of longevity ) and the body and tail of the lobster was baked with cheese and salted egg yolk. It tasted so good, the lobster flesh was so juicy and tender that my brother had described it as 'gastronomic orgasm'! Haha!!

Cheese-baked lobster with salted egg yolk mixed in with the cheese

The lobster sang meen

My plate of noodles with more lobster

We also ordered steamed fish. The fish is called 'sou mei' fish in Chinese. I don't know the English name of the fish though.

Steamed 'sou mei' fish

Then, there was stir-fried scallops with sweet pea and cashew nuts. This dish was specially ordered for my little girl as she loves fresh scallops so much. We also ordered a stir-fried venison with ginger and spring onions, also for my little girl.

My little girl's favorite fresh scallops

Stir-fried venison with spring onions and ginger.
You could see the plate with lobster almost empty in the background.

My little girl and I at dinner.
Halfway through dinner, she decided that her bread with Kiwi jam was tastier...haha!!

After dinner, the waiters brought out my birthday cake which were brought to the restaurant earlier by my parents. The patrons at the table next to us also join in to sing 'Happy Birthday' for me.

My little girl looking expectantly at the cake

Me enjoying my birthday cake!


xin said...

happy belated to u! u look really gorgeous :) love yr skin, and yr daughter is so cute! and btw, your lobster noodles look so so goood!!!

Vonvon said...

Hi Xin,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for the greetings.

Yea, the lobster in whole was really yummy! :)

Suziana's Shopaholic Realm said...

wow, 'makan besar'. love the fresh seafood :) nice dress btw. Happy Birthday to you :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Suzi,

Thank you so much! :) My sis would be very happy to hear your comment on the dress. :)