Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: Estee Lauder TIME ZONE Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer SPF 15

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I bought the Estee Lauder TIME ZONE Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer SPF 15 when it was first launched in Malaysia in January this year. I remembered when I was asking my friend at my usual Estee Lauder counter about it, she asked me in return "do you want to look 10 years younger in 4 weeks?"

The fickle person I am, I'm always swayed by new things, especially cosmetics, not so much skincare. But when the question was posed to me, I just can't help wondering if the claim is true. So they claimed '4 weeks'. And I have been using it for the past 3 and a half months, only at night at first then, gradually to twice (morning and night) a day.

The verdict? Yes, it lives up to its claim to a certain extent. OK, I don't think I look like the way I did 10 years ago, but my skin definitely has become more radiant and brighter with daily usage. My skin feels smoother to touch and more even-toned, not that I had much problem with uneven skin tone to begin with. (The words I italicised were said by my Hubby. Yes, even Hubby noticed the differences!) I also noticed the little fine lines that began to appear, namely the smile lines around the corners of my mouth, at the beginning of this year have faded significantly. Well, the lines might have been there longer than that but not as prominent as to be noticed by me till early this year.

The one minus about this moisturizer is I notice when I took several days break, to try out some new moisturizer, my skin did take a dip in its radiance and my complexion seemed to be a bit duller. And when I resumed the use of TIME ZONE, my skin went back to its radiant state. Guess the product works as long as you diligently and continuously use it.

Texture This cream comes in a 50ml jar with a very light texture and a slight fresh scent typical of other Estee Lauder moisturizers. I like the rather refreshing scent. Once it is applied to the skin, it absorbs quite easily and doesn't leave a greasy feel on the skin. I also apply the cream to my neck area as well. As it absorbs quite fast, the cream doesn't interfere with the application of my makeup base and foundation. In fact, it makes my skin very smooth and helps the base and foundation stay on my skin very well.

With daily use, once a day at the beginning and now twice a day, I'm barely halfway through the jar. At the price of RM235 for a 50ml jar (I've heard the price is now RM275? To be confirmed.), I can say it's money worth and well spent after seeing the results on my skin.

Some good news to reassure you of its goodness.....

And to add another feather to its cap, Estee Lauder TIME ZONE Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer SPF 15 has recently won an award at the Cosmetic Executive Women(CEW) Beauty Award 2009 for Moisturizer-Prestige category. Yay!! I am using an award-winning skincare all along......;)

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shan said...

sounds a bit pricey but worth it for the effectiveness. I guess I'll wana buy one for my mum...but will have to save enough money first. Happy Mother's Day to u too!!! =)

Vonvon said...

Hi Shan,

Thanks. :)

I'm sure your mum will love this cream.

regininha said...

tenho a pele oleosa, sera que esse creme nao vai deixar minha pele melecada e oleosa ? alguem saberia me dizer ?

Vonvon said...

Hi Regininha,

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the question.

TIME ZONE comes in 2 formula - 1 for normal/combination skin, the other for dry skin. Hence, the normal/combination skin could be used for normal and normal-to-oily skin. The cream absorbs quite fast. So, it shouldn't leave any greasy feel.

But why not try get some samples to try it out before deciding on the full-sized jar?