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Yes, I still remember mentioning that there'll be a major giveaway in the month of May and even though May is coming to the end, I'll still organise it for my dear readers to usher in SUMMER!!! As you've read, many beauty brands are already out with their Summer 2009 collections, and I already have my eyes on a few stuff from certain brands....err, wasn't I suppose to be on a makeup ban? Sigh! Never mind, we'll get back to that later.

So, Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY will have 2 prizes - 1 for a lucky Malaysian reader (well, you need to be a resident in Malaysia and have a valid Malaysian mailing address in order to qualify) and another 1 for a lucky international reader (you could be from anywhere, except Malaysia, of course)!!! The 2 lucky readers will be chosen by

Getting excited already?

Read on.....

......And the prizes will be......sponsored by Yours Truly, and only Yours Truly with all my gratitude and sincerity!
(To potential sponsors, you are always welcome to sponsor an additional gift or 2 as the Giveaway is going on and I'll put a permanent link from my site to yours at zero charge!)

For 1 lucky Malaysian reader........

Yes, you'll get all the above!!!
1-MAC-Hello Kitty tote bag. You don't have to pay RM350 to get this bag for free, as I've done so on your behalf! ;)
2-The Body Shop Mandarin Body Wash (full-sized)
3-Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Butter (full-sized)! Yes, you can get Boots from neighbouring countries but why travel when you can try something from Boots sent right to your door step? Believe me, this body butter is sooooooo yummy that you would wish you could eat it!
4-Kose Astalution Eye Zone Mask (1pc). With salmon extract!
5-Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Make-up Base SPF 50 and PA+++ (5ml)
6-A sample vial of L'eau D'Issey EDT
7-Stila Long Wear Lip Color in DARLING!!!!!!!

And for 1 lucky international reader...........

Yes, you'll get all those goodies pictured above!
1-L'Occitane Shampoo with 3 essential oils 50ml
2-Stila pink pouch
3-A deluxe size Estee Lauder Bois de Rose lipstick
4-Cyber Colors mini mascara in Black (you can read how winner of the Estee Lauder Guessing Contest squeals with delight on how cute the tiny mascara is)
Kose Astalution Eye Zone Mask (1pc). With salmon extract!
6-A sample of L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme All Over Shampoo

So, my dear readers, are you ready to join the Giveaway?

Here's how to enter this Giveaway..........please read carefully to avoid disqualification. :)

Leave a comment below telling me which is your favorite post in my blog, and why? Copy and paste the URL of your favorite post in your comment. Also you must write down one (1), just 1 label/tag/keyword from your favorite post. You can find the labels at the bottom of every post, so make sure you read carefully till the end!
Please REMEMBER to write your name(you can use a nickname), where you are from and a valid email address (to make it easier for me to contact you if you win)!!

For example:

I'm ABC from Sweden (email:
(Write your state if you are from Malaysia, for eg: from Sarawak)

My favorite post in your blog is

EOTD: Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots

because you showed us RED eye liner is soooooo wearable and I love STILA!!! ;))
(Use your imagination and be as creative as you can be!)

The URL is

Label: Stila

Please write everything in 1 comment.

As a bonus to you, you may send in as many entries as you can, but you may leave ONLY 1 COMMENT per day, and a different link and URL each time. Please do not forget to write down 1 label/tag/keyword from your favorite post too!

Feel free to Please help me to spread the word by writing about this Giveaway in your blog (if you have one), in your Facebook, Friendster or any other social networking sites and simply tell your friends! No additional entry for doing this as you can already have as many entries as per the condition above!

See, just spread the words of this Giveaway, but you are eligible for 1 entry per day till the closing date on the 7th June 2009, this Sunday!!

I will check every entry very meticulously! ;) So it's not easy for me too if you think what I require of you is very tedious work for you!

Some rules of this Giveaway:
1. This Giveaway is open to Malaysian and international readers.

2. The closing date for this contest is 7th June 2009 (Sunday), 11:59PM (Malaysian Time, GMT +8). After that, I will close comments and pick the 2 winners.

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment.

4. You may leave as many comments as you want but one reader is entitled to leave only one comment per day. No spam please!

5. Depending on the amount of entries, I will announce the lucky winners by the latest, 5 days after the Giveaway closed. And the winners will have 48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner.

6. Prizes will be posted by me via registered mail/Poslaju (depending on your location) and I will bear all the cost of postage. I will take great care to wrap all the prizes very carefully before sending them out but I will take NO responsibility of any damage incurred during the process of delivery!!!

So, what are you waiting for???? Start reading and writing your comments!!!

Good Luck!!


prettybeautiful said...

very cool giveaway, and also your generousity. :) i wont be joining but good luck to those who join! :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Prettybeautiful,

Thank you. It is one of my ways to thank my dear readers for their support.

Do help me to spread the words of this Summer Giveaway, yea.... Thanks! :)

恶魔的婷婷 said...

I'm wendypua from Kuala Lumpur (email:

My favorite post in your blog is

Warehouse Sale at Corus Hotel

because you make me knoe that
Paul & Joe Facecolor Powder CS N Can Be So Sweet :) I Love Sweet Sweet Stuff !

The URL is

Label: cosmetics, Givenchy, Paul and Joe, rants, warehouse sale

day said...

I'm dayflower from Kuala Lumpur (dayflower+112 @ gmail . com).

My favourite post in your blog is:
The Body Shop Annual Sale Rather Disappointing
Your enthusiasm and passion for beauty products really shines through your blog entry! Thank you for igniting that long-lost passion in me as I head for TBS sales tomorrow!

The URL:

Labels: The Body Shop

Kat said...

hehe, che..good way to promote your products too...can your mei mei get special giveaways ah? ;P

skylarkz said...

I'm skylarkz from KL.

My favourite entry is
EOTD: Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions at and one of the label is freebies.
I love it just because I can feel your excitement of getting freebies and makeup done by professional artist. I havent yet be as lucky as u are at getting freebies worth hundreds. But I'm gonna do my best! Jia you!! ^_^

my email address is:

p/s: thanx for the wonderful contest! ^_^

darkmotives15 said...


I'm abby from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia! (email:

My favorite post in your blog is Benefit Hello Flawless Party! Why you ask? Because not only did you tell me about the new products of my favourite brand, but you tested out Ooh La Lift, the product i have been waiting ages to come here. Plus you provided yummy pics!

The URL is

Label: Benefit (no surprise there)

Thanks for this cool summery giveaway!

Halifax said...

I'm Halifax from Canada.

My fav post is "Mother-daughter shopping day". My daughter "has to" come shopping with me all the time and she likes The Body Shop (to be exact, she likes to smell the soaps there). I can relate to the experience you and your daughter had.

Label: The Body Shop

Gloria said...

I'm GMC from KL (email:

My favorite post in your blog is

Stila Sale Has Been A Month....

because you have so aptly described the Stila Fever by using such creative words and terminologies that it really tickled my funny bone. I especially loved the part of the 'disease' being a 'threat' at Level 6, the 'reservoir' being almost depleted, relapse of symptoms such as palpitations, remorse, panic and the 'severity of the pocket pain'! Ha! Ha! I have never loved Stila more! :)

The URL is

Label: Stila

Meri L said...

I am Meri L from Cyberjaya, Selangor. (

My favourite post in your blog is
Horrible Bobbi Brown SA!

because even though it sound weird it's my favourite, I belive a real woman can stand for the right that they deserve =) Rather than complaining without any point, this is the right way so any SA from any brand will serve and treat customer better. It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. So we should respect each other =)

The url is

Label : Bobbi Brown

jennifer said...

i am jennifer from Kepong , KL
( email :

My favourite post in your blog is :
Horrible Bobbi Brown SA

because i really admiring you can stand up to this kinda thing and i am inspire by you , because i also facing this kinda of problems and turn out i dont know where or what or how to complain . so now i have guidance by reading your blog at least i know what to do now , rather than usual time just endure , not happy and black face my ownself. hahaha......they should learn the rude SA ! TREAT US WELL if you want to do business <---motto

Label : Bobbi Brown

Anonymous said...

Shiki from PJ, Malaysia.(

My favourite post in your blog is :
Bobbi Brown Makeover - In Detail and a Mini Giveaway

Because i love finding out about new moisturizers. And especially ones from brands i am interested in. Now i feel like buying it. Oh no...

Label : Bobbi Brown

darkmotives15 said...

I'm abby from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia! (email:

My favorite post in your blog is EOTD: Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots because you introduced me to their Rosegold eyeshadow. And now i have to add it to my list!

Label : I Nuovi

*You Lite Up My Life* said...

Hi Vonvon, great to know that you are organizing another giveaway...omg I luv to have the MAC HK tote bag... ok now back to the contest.

I am Vivian of Kuala Lumpur

My favorite post is "
My Birthday Dinner - Part 2, at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant"

I luv seafood n also my most fav. food since young. After reading your post I feel like flying there straight away. They look so delicious..*yummy yum yum*... I have been craving for that since then, now waiting to go try it out on this coming Father's Day. Hopefully I manage to call & book a table.

The url is:

Labels: birthday, food, my little girl, restaurant

#ChRiS# said...

I'm CHRIS from KL (email:

My favorite post in your blog is
'Horrible Bobbi Brown SA!' bcoz this is just what we need right now, VOICE OUT and complaint to the company... Mostly ppl will keep quiet and just rant to frens, but you didn't...You're so brave, called up to the office and stuff... So we as consumer really need to learn from you... Keep up the good work k... I'll support your blog... :)

The URL is

Label: rants

Abdul Mukmin said...

I'm Mukmin from KL (email:

My favorite post in your blog is "The Body Shop Annual Sale 2009", a lot of interesting product that is useful and environment friendly from their chain outlet.

But sadly i can't afford to get one this month because my salary not in yet..huhu.

My own favourite is the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance but my wife said she don't like the smell because she said its so soft and "feminine" for me :P ....

I don't care..i like it...hehehehe...

Hope i be wife kept bothering me about this for days.....


Label: The Body Shop

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm angelzoe from KL.

Oh dear.I've been a silent reader to ur blog n since i love it's variety of topics, it's quite difficult to point my one n only fav!but since multuiple entry's allowed, i'll choose 7 of them..with difficulties of course!!

My first "love" with your blog..and the one that had managed to get me hooked is "It's almost 5am.." which is a short entry but having read your short profile and looking at ur picture, you just prooved that u r human..just like me and the rest of us mere mortals!
why did i say that?well, u were a professional but u gav up ur work ( and passion..?)to become a full time housewife..and since u hav to do ur own loundry..i assume u dun hav a maid.which is remarkable coz i'm sure ur hubby can afford to even hav 2 maids!u are so inspiring that i am more aware of my looks (who said a mother shud look droopy..rite?)yet, ur human, u get tired, u get angry, u get excited..and that's just fun to read coz i know, i'm not the only one who faced those moments of angst..



Vina said...

hie,my name is Vina( kl.My favourite post in your blog would e the "mother-daughter shopping day". This is because this post is sumthing that i can totaly connect to. I am 24 years old and my best ever shopping partner from i was a kid to now is my mum..We both can hit shops like there is no tomorrow anytime..And these numerous shopping trips have made me and my mum form a very strong bond..this is because,during this shopping trips, we do not only shop but we get to know each other as individuals,which helps in strengthening further the bond between, this post was sumtg that i could totally "FEEL" about..

p/s: u have a seriously DAMN CUN blog..=>

The URL:

Label: The Body Shop

Anonymous said...

Favourite post:

Tulip from Singapore, Liked that post because it was informative. I basically like reviews and informative posts so I can learn more!

Label: experience.

Chanana said...

I'm Syaz from KL (

My other favorite post in ur blog is TBS Annual Sale 2009-Update :D

I <3 TBS annual sale bcoz it worth my $$$ though this time I faced acute chronic severe end-stage financial constraint due to clinical posting :p but it doesn’t mean I have to close my eyes and turn away from stepping into the outlet.. >.< hu.. After reading ur post on TBS makeup gift bag, I rushed to TBS and grabbed 2, one for myself and another one for my sis as her upcoming bday gift.. It was the price (after discount) that makes me wanna buy at the first place..hehe..I really <3 the silver pouch and it’s convenient to store my travel size makeup items.. not to forget the pouch includes Aloe Soothing Day & Night Cream which I’ve been using for quite awhile.. Many thanks for the news u share with us :D *clapclap*


Label: The Body Shop

恶魔的婷婷 said...

I'm wendypua from Kuala Lumpur (email:

My favorite post in your blog is

Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics and Fragrance Sale

I Had Missed This warehouse,
with this blog, That U are Giving me a knowledge that never ever miss warehouse sales!

The URL is

Label: warehouse sale

Cyndi said...

I'm Cyndi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (email:

My favorite post in your blog is
Horrible Bobbi Brown SA.

This is because I can totally relate to your situation! I was in somewhat same situation two years ago. I am just a student who dressed casually to college all the time. I went to KLCC Bobbi Brown intending to buy their gel liner. I was trying to look around first before buying and was standing there at their counter. There are two SAs there, one busy serving another customer and another one was free from what I saw. I was looking around but she did not serve or greet me at all. I asked for her assistance then only she just simply showed me some gel liners and explained in a way like she was not interested in dealing with me. I still asked some questions to know more about the liners. However, there were some Middle East rich women approaching the counter at the same time and she just left me alone without assisting me anymore although I still have questions for her. She didn't even ask me to wait for a while or so. Well, those women may look rich and I look poor but I am really interested in the gel liner! I was so pissed off that I left the counter feeling humiliated. I proceed to MAC and get their Fluidline instead because their SAs are super nice and attended to me even though I look like a poor student. They even teach me how to use the liner and give me a mini makeover! Reading your post make me realised that a consumer can actually stand up for themselves. I didn't thought about complaining that time, but I swear to myself that I am not returning to Bobbi Brown for any purchases in the future.

The URL is

Label: Bobbi Brown

Anonymous said...

I'm Elle from Brunei


My favourite post is the one on the body shop sale!

I really like the post on the the Body Shop annual sale because i was looking for a cosmetic bag to store all my stuff for when i travel and as soon as i saw it, i asked my sister to help me get it! she's studying there now.. HAHA and it was worth is too because it's like 70% off!!


Label: The Body Shop

Hui said...

WOW~ another giveaway! you're so generous!! =)
I'm Hui from malaysia

my favourite post is the one on the horrble Bobbi Brown SA

I wanted to get the hydrating eye cream in full size after trying the sample you sent me. I think it really hydrates my undereyes and is really good for use before concealer as my concealer doesn't sink into my fine lines after using it.
I went to the standalone counter in Midvalley and the SA helped me with the products, but i thought that the way she explained things was a bit rude, she said stuff like "oh, it's like that one.. what to do, that's your skin" ???
However, the rudeness didnt come unexpected after reading your post. so thank you for that! after giving her the stink eyes, i left and went to the counter at The Gardens in Isetan and bought it there instead because the SA there was so much nicer!!


Label: Bobbi Brown

Thanks again for the giveaway!

patsy said...

I'm patsy from Singapore (email:

My favourite post in your blog is:
Benefit Hello Flawless Party!

Because benefit is one of my fav brand and you tested out the new Hello Flawless powder that I'm really excited about. Hehe.

The URL is:

Labels: Benefit

Frond said...

I'm Frond from Singapore

my fav post is Look good with glasses on...

I'm a glasses wearer as well and find that a magnifying mirror really helps. Get one with as high a magnification as possible :)

label : eye of the day

darkmotives15 said...

I'm abby from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia again! (email:

My favorite post in your blog is EOTD: An Afternoon With PLATINUM.....La Prairie, Skincare For The Privileged Few because although i have never tried the brand, i am interested in it. And wow nice spatula they have! What i would give for the freebie! Haha...thanks for the review!

And no, i have not been free to visit Benefit and try Ooh La Lift yet. But i will soon!!

Label : La Prairie

kim said...

I'm Kim from KL, Malaysia. (email:

My favorite post in your blog is Bobbi Brown Makeover - In Detail and a Mini Giveaway because I have always like the looks on BB's models. The makeup always look minimalist, yet sophiticated! I like the way you explained step-by-step on how to do the makeup, the BB's way! The end result of the makeover, your makeup look really natural, effortless and pretty! :) Thanks for sharing the makeover details! It inspires me to try out the look!


Label: Bobbi Brown

Anonymous said...

hi! it's me again..angelzoe from KL

so as promised i'll choose the 2nd entry from ur blog that hooked me to read and checkout ur blog's none other than
"My 4th Stila haul....and last?"..
funny and ironic that u put the question mark there coz i personally won't believe that ur 4th haul is the last..why?coz we belong to the same association..The Stila Maniac See-and-Grab-Oh!-Think-Later-Abt-the-Bills girly assoc...hehehe..Besides, Stila is so irresistable i dun think we can stop till the counter is officially there..gud try vonvon.;P..ur daughter's cute though..'kin nga ng kin ngan and all..hehehe


Di said...

I am Di from Singapore. (

My favourite post in your blog is Stila warehouse.It shook my head that I must check the expiry date when visitng beauty warehouse.I know that Stila's popular.And yet I have not buy any Stila items due to my busy schedule.


patsy said...

Hi, I'm patsy from Singapore again=) (email:

My favourite post in your blog is:
Mother-Daughter Shopping Day

Because your daughter is really adorable playing with Coralista. She sure takes after you, loving makeup :)

The URL is:

Labels: my little girl

fann fann said...

I'm Fanny from Kuala Lumpur (email:

My favorite post in your blog is
The Body Shop Annual Sales Rather Dissapointing because you showed me the Body Shop the Brown Making Casing is so worth to get it and i actually went to the body shop the next day after reading your review to buy myself one of this casing and it is worth the money!:))

The URL is

Label: The Body Shop

Shan said...

Hi, I'm Bei Shan from Malaysia (
my favorite post is
Berries And Oats For Breakfast And Beauty dated May 14, 2009. Despite all the very informative beauty updates that Von provide, I feel that this post lets me know more about Von as a "real" person in life, no disguise, and very truthful. I totally agree that beauty is not only about makeup and skincare, diet and nutrition is also a major factor. Through this post, I really feel that Von is very loving mother. I like the picture of Von with her precious princess, that's so warm. Unlike most other posts, Von is who she really is in real life, like any other morning, no makeup, but still so beautiful =)


Anonymous said...

Shiki from PJ, Malaysia (email:

My favourite post in your blog is:
Benefit Hello Flawless Party because i have been influenced by my friends about this brand and it is always good to find out about their new products. So, thanks dear!

Labels: Benefit

darkmotives15 said...

I'm abby from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia again! (email:

My favorite post in your blog is the new posting, MAC Style Warrior Collection - Some Swatches And My Purchases. You are mean. And i mean that in a good way. I have never been a MAC person but you are slowly converting me and especially with the swatches in this post! Gosh they are pretty. And thankfully the eyeshadow prices don't seem as bad as usual? I wonder why that is though. Is it smaller than normal? Or did they skimp on the packaging or ingredients? I want all of them!
See, that's why you are mean.


Kim said...

I'm Kim from KL, Malaysia. (email:

My favorite post in your blog is Review: Estee Lauder TIME ZONE Line and Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer SPF 15.

I have always liked Estee lauder products but they are kinda pricey. I am using the Advanced Night Repair serum and it works fine for me. Through your blog, I got to know the effectiveness of this particular product. Maybe i'll use it for my day moisturiser! Thanks for the blog! :)


Label:Estee Lauder

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

Dear Vonvon,

I'm Ayna from Cheras

My favorite post in your blog is "Berry and Oats for Breakfast and Beauty"

Why I love it??? Because you posted it on my birthday of course, hehhehe =D (just kiddin ^_~) I like it very much because this post really2 stands out from your other posts as it feels very2 personal and make me see the softer side of you (we taurus are famously known for our stubborness, hehehe =P)i feel hungry just looking at the pictures, how i wish i was there with u girls too, hehhehe ^_~ I look forward for more posts like this from you, seeing how adorable Rainbow and you spend the day certainly makes me kinda wish to have my own cute little girl who love makeup too, hehhehe ^_~

Label: my little girl


Frond said...

its me again, frond from Singapore

about the magnifying mirror, my girl plays in my sink area too... what I'm using is a wall mountable mirror from Ikea. Work rather well for me.

post :
label : my little girl
why : cos I'm attending a m/u workshop next week and can't wait to see what I'm gonna be able to pick up. :)

Miu said...

I'm Miu from TTDI,

My favourite post in your blog is "VonVon Summer Giveaway!"

Why? because apart from all the beauty, events, products and workshops reviews, you also cherish your readers by making them lucky once in a while! Readers like me will feel especially happy and touched knowing you have done so much and are still willing to giveaway gifts to us!!! Yes why? because you don't have sponsorships from org/companies. You're giving out prizes from your own effort & pocket! I really admire that you are willing to part with your goodies for the sake of your readers :) Keep on rocking more contests girl! and I love reading real hard truth about customer service and satisfaction reports from you.

Label: contest


rachelle said...

hi..i'm rachelle from kl..
my favourite post in your blog is"birthday dinner at golden dragonboat"
actually this restaurant caught my eyes too coz everytime i will sure come across with this restaurant..i agree with u that the restaurant always have wedding will always full outside it...really didn't have a chance to eat there..but nvm since i saw the pics u upload really makes me wanted to eat's so yummy especially the lobster..i realy like to eat so much...if i have the chance to eat there mayb can try the dishes u it expensive?



Kim said...

I'm Kim from KL, Malaysia. (email:

My favorite post in your blog is Benefit Hello Flawless Party!

I like that you post many pictures in your blog. I get to see the many products. And my favorite? Your before and after pictures. It's interesting to see the difference. Your face look much brighter and refreshed :) Well, it shows the After Hello Flawless, OLL works! :) Thanks for the review.


Label: Benefit

Anonymous said...

It's me again, Elle from Brunei


Another of my favourite post is the updated version of the Body Shop Annual sale

and YES it's even better after conversion!! I think my sis is quite annoyed now that after I've read your post on the updated Body Shop annual sale, i asked her to get the metallic bag for me as well!! I bet she's wondering how i know of the sales in KL HAHA. =) I cant wait for her to come back with my goodies! Thanks again! =)


Label: The Body Shop

Anonymous said...

hi! it's angelzoe ( for the umphteenth time!!) from kl (
tirelessly trying her luck on this contest as well as providing lovely vonvon with my next pick will be-

My Birthday Dinner - Part 2, at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant"

This is one very interesting entry..and hoping that i'm still not too late .."happy belated birthday vonvon!!may u live happily ever after ..full of bliss and prosperity..":D NOw back to the entry, ilike to se the inside of the restaurant's aquaria, as well as the various seafood available..just wondering whether it's "halal" as i wud love to try them! u also potrayed to us how deeply rooted u are to ur custom and culture when u mentioned abt the "noodle eating tradition for longevity".so modern-hot-mama-vonvon is well versed in her culture as well..which is very heartwarming..tell us more abt ur culture vonvon..share and spread love!

The url is:

Label: birthday

darkmotives15 said...

Here again, abby from PJ. (

Fave post is Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY - Update 2....More Prizes! because, well, the Kiehl and Bobbi Brown stuff! Always wanted to try those brands! And hopefully will someday. Have you tried Kiehl products? Any reviews?

Label: giveaways

P.S. there is a Kiehl's in 1 Utama and a Bobbi Brown in Mid Valley

LyNn said...

I'm LyNn from Selangor, Malaysia (email:

My favorite post in your blog is
Horrible Bobbi Brown SA!
because i love people who dare to speak up against lousy services! (take my pos ekspress case for example)and i cant stand paying inefficient people

The URL is

Label: lousy services ;)

darkmotives15 said...

Hi! Abby from PJ Malaysia with my last entry! (

My favourite post in your blog is Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone - I Nuovi Sale & Elemis not because of Elemis, but of I Nuovi! I am so interested to try the brand now. From your pictures, i am slowly developin my own I Nuovi list, especially the Green Moss colour-pretty. So thanks again! And also for the giveaway!

Label: I Nuovi

Anonymous said...

I am Shiki again from PJ, Malaysia for the last time i believe? cSince the contest is ending today? (email:

My favourite post in your blog is:MAC Style Warrior Collection - Some Swatches And My Purchases because i am looking for some eyeshadows. And your swatches are just the lovelies! So pigmented too! I want them! My lemmings i suppose.

Although i am not very interested in lipstick, those colours are fab! Price is surprisingly not too bad for MAC? Maybe they are helping us consumers with the recession. Good for us! But bad since we will probably buy more. Good marketing that is. Loads of thanks for the giveaway! It has been fun.


Label: MAC

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonvon dearie!here i am again, angelzoe from kl ('s the last day today?sigh..i only managed to successfully post 4 comments out of the promised 7 due to the technical probs..i typed a few posts then suddenly after submittin i'l receive a pop-up saying "page error.please try again" and all my posts are gone after that!T_T
But nevermind, that saves vonvon from my rants and my last pick from ur blog is of course..

"VonVon's Summer Giveaway!"
Hey!why not? it's a generous giveaway that i'm so sure many MAC HK fans are dying to win..including the rest of the goodies are beautilicious!That's so kind og u vonvon..u sure know what a gal wants and make us happy!thanx!now let's hope to be lucky!:D

Label: freebies

rachelle said...

hi rachelle again from k.l(
my favourite post in your blog "EOTD:Lancome colour focus quad 350"
the demo give me ideas how to mix&match colour..normally i just put mascara..beside this post other EOTD u post i also like..keep it up more EOTD for us so we canlearn more..thanks
label:eye of the day