Friday, June 19, 2009

The Adorable Blog Award

I have been awarded THE ADORABLE BLOG AWARD by Miu. A newbie blog like mine has garnered 2 awards, thus far....errr.....actually, 3. I'll talk about the 3rd one later. Thank you, Miu, for nominating me.

  • Include the award in your blog or post
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like
  • Be sure to link the nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they receive this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post to the person whom you receive your award

I will nominate mostly newbies and my fellow blogger friends for this award to show my support for newbie bloggers like me, even though they might have received this award from other bloggers.

1) Jules

2) Syaz

3) Hanna

4) Lovelyelle

5) Chris (Confessions of a Shopaholic)

6) Meri L

7) Katz

8) Ayna

9) Miu

For now.....I can't think of more.....brain freeze.....
To other blogger-friends out there, you have all been very supportive and nice and ADORABLE of course, and I want to give this award to all of you..........

Thank you.


#ChRiS# said...

Thx for the award , dearie... Totally appreciate it... :)

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

thank q so much vonvon for the awards, heeeheee ^_~

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Thank your for the award, Von. It's so nice of you to be empathetic towards us the new bloggers. Yeah we newbies should stick together!

Vonvon said...

Chris: You are welcome. :)

Ayna: Reciprocating and supporting one another as newbie bloggers! :)

Hanna: That's because I understand how it's like when one starts to blog in a 'sea' of so many bloggers, I am also a newbie put it mildly la....hahaha.

The one person I really want to give the highest of the award or just any award, appreciation and thanks to is none other than our DEAR MIU, who has helped us newbies a lot!!!! Muaks!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Miu said...

OH NOOO.. can award me back one meh?!


awww... dun say like that @__@ we're all newbies here! thank you for being so nice to me Von! and don't u forget, u helped newbies a lot too and organize cool events!!!

Vonvon said...

Yes, dear Miu.

The last clause of the rules, albeit a bit ambiguously explained. I understood as also award back to the giver.

Anyways, I learn from the examples of good, kind and supportive bloggers like you. As I wrote somewhere in one of the Summer Giveaway posts, I'm happy to give because I feel much happier when I see the happy faces of those who have received from me. :)