Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anna Sui Warehouse Sale Hauls

Finally I get down to writing about my Anna Sui warehouse sale haul from last Saturday. That was my 1st time going to Anna Sui warehouse sale after reading from Miu's blog on the sale that she had gone to in the years past.

My main aim was to get as much Anna Sui accessories as I could possibly can because I simply love their designs which were so exquisite, elegant with an antique feel and girly at the same time. I was hoping they'd had the Anna Sui rose totes, bags, pouches, brush sets, etc on sale.

But all that was not to be..........1st, on Friday, that was the 1st day of the sale, I.....errr.....overslept (*a sheepish smile) and when I woke up (thanks to my alarm clock a.k.a my daughter, who also overslept that morning!), I had actually forgotten about it until I read Miu's blog and noticed it was rather quiet. Miu wasn't chatting with her readers, and then suddenly, *PING*, OMG!!!!! It's Friday and Anna Sui sale and I started %$*)&()@@$# to myself. How could I have forgotten? I quickly texted Miu and she was there, but she told me, it was MAD MAD in there. And I thought wow, thank God, I didn't go because if I had gone, I would have to bring my daughter along and God knows what would have happened??! Miu, as always, so nice and helpful, helped me to grab some stuff like the hair brush, brush holder set and a nail polish for RM10. Those were about the accessories that they had for sale. And of course, as I had blogged about in my previous post, Miu gave me a surprise belated birthday pressie from Anna Sui too.

Miu helped me to purchase
hair brush, brush holder set with a mascara and mascara primer and a nail polish.
Thank you, Miu!

The brush holder I have been lemming for, and it came with 2 added bonus of mascara and mascara primer!

Hair brush

Nail polish
I don't normally use nail polish but it's only RM10!

But overall, this sale was really worth going as they had really great discounted prices and the products they were selling were not old defective stocks but they were clearing their stocks from the previous season, hence most of the products had manufacturing dates of 2008 and 2007.

The next day after BB workshop and lunch, Miu and I rushed to Subang for the sale before they closed at 6pm. This time, there weren't too many people but there weren't too many things left either. I managed to incur quite a bit of a damage on the cosmetics even though my main aim was for the accessories. Sigh!!! But I thought since I have not tried any Anna Sui before and all the products were so new and cheap, why not buy them here instead of paying retail for them? Just like I did with Paul & Joe. ;))

My hauls on the last day of the sale a few hours before closing

I'm quite satisfied with my hauls :))

Limited edition loose powder compact

Face highlighter

Eye color accent S
This was the only color duo left, got 2 since it was really cheap!

Eye color accent
Single colors

Liquid eye colors

Limited edition lip glosses

Sui lip glosses

So here it 1st Anna Sui haul!!


HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

NOT bad at all for a first haul! Gosh u managed to grab Dolly girl glosses?! Waaaa so nicelar your hauls!

PS: If u're letting go any of the Anna Sui, you know where to find a buyer. ;p

Vonvon said...

Hi Hanna,

Yea, I saw the glosses and I grabbed like crazy cos I use glosses a lot. :)

OK. I'll remember. But right now, non-stop admiring and 'molesting' them...;P

Laura said...

nice hair brush and holder set, vonvon!

Miu said...

gosh very lovely pictures of your haul!! makes me feel like taking pics of mine to show too!!!

totally agree with u.. on their packaging n design..just so lovely until I can't even think of giving them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glad u got your lemmings! sigh wish I grabbed another beauty tray b4 it was sold out, it was rm100 i was hesitating so much coz u know.. after stila already KO-ed.

and dearie.. happy birthday.. i couldn't get anything on the wish list T_T like the exotic island holidays.. so i get u something exotic looking lah haha..

Happy that you're happy :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you! :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Yea, take a 'big spread' pix of your hauls...I wanna see ;)

I know how Stila made us 'sank', financially la...that's why I re-thought and made them re-count my purchases and cut out the skincare and the liquid liners(I have enough Kajal eye liners to last me another 3 years and beyond!). Hope you don't think I'm a cheapo. ;) I'm sure the beauty tray was also a good know, basically, I have no complaints on Anna Sui when it comes to their accessories. Now I just can't wait to try out their products/makeups.

No worries about the wish list. Like I told you, it's for Hubby and my sis...ngek ngek..

I am very happy with the Rouge Collection. Thank you so much, sweetie....

sesame said...

Very pretty! I've never bought anything from Anna Sui before.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sesame,

Thank you. Same here, that's why was grabbing like crazy at this sale, savings up to 60-70%, I mean some items were RM15 only, that's like equivalent to S$7 or less, and they were not old stocks as mentioned. :)

Sherry said...

wow so many goodies :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry 2 ask, may i know where is the warehouse sale located at? because i'm a big fan of anna sui ^^

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

This one was in Complex 3K in Subang, Selangor (Malaysia, just in case you are from overseas :) ).

Anonymous said...

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