Sunday, June 28, 2009


Finally, I am sitting down to write my 100th published post. I know it probably should have been done earlier in the week, as I had mentioned when I wrote my 98th published post but I had wanted the 100th post to be something special and of significance to mark this little personal achievement of mine as a newbie blogger.

I had been considering writing a post on me, myself, yea, I can be quite narcissistic sometimes, well, don't all Taureans are? ;))

Anyways, recently, a high school friend of mine, Joanne, brought to my attention the plight of an 8-month-old little girl, Loke Kai Xin, who has biliary atresia(BA) and now has liver failure as a complication of BA. She is in need of an urgent liver transplant in Singapore. Kai Xin's mother has been confirmed to be a suitable donor for her. The parents of the little girl are friends of this high school friend of mine. Though I do not know them personally, it's like a second-degree friend. And The Star newspapers Metro section has highlighted Kai Xin's plight on 25 June 2009(Thursday). Her parents are appealing to the public for help to raise the funds for their daughter's liver transplant.

When I visited her blog and read of her situation, I couldn't help stop my tears from flowing looking at her photos and reading her parents' account of the suffering of the little girl and the sacrifices her parents have made for her - going to work during the day from the hospital and taking care of her at the hospital at night. As a mother myself, I empathize with the parents. And as a physician, I understand the pain and suffering of a patient with liver failure, what more this patient is only a baby.

Then, an idea sprung up in my mind! I was thinking why not use my blog to create more awareness on Kai Xin's plight and spread the word around so that more people would contribute towards the fund for her liver transplant? But my little blog alone has not much traffic. I could also make a personal contribution to the funds but there is just so much I could give and I would give when I go to the bank next week.

So yesterday at our RMK makeover session, I told my fellow bloggers, Miu (of Plus Size Kitten) and Hanna (of Hanna Hullabaloo) about this and after some discussion, BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY was born. Just for your information, BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY is NOT a charity organization, neither are we doing any fundraising activities, well, at least, not at the moment. We decided to form this GROUP to bring to the attention of our readers of the plights of many children out there who are seriously ill and in need of urgent and most of the time, very expensive medical treatments to save their lives. We start by highlighting Kai Xin's case because she is the daughter of my second-degree friends, that is friends of my friend.

My dear readers, please spare some time to visit Kai Xin's blog to read of her situation and if you have the means, please do contribute in any way you can to Kai Xin's fund. All the details for donation can be found in her blog. (Please note that I am not in any way involved in raising funds but just to inform you. The rest is up to you.)

UPDATE (4PM, 28 June 2009): A big thank you to Miu for creating the button (see top right). Now you can just click on that button directly to be taken to Kai Xin's blog.

To my highly-esteemed blogger friends, if you want to join the BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY Group, please write a short post (about Baby Kai Xin) in your blog about it and send me the link to that post. I will send you the button and add you to the list of bloggers in the BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY Group.

Thank you.


Chanana said...

TT pity her.. neway thanx Von for de news..

Vonvon said...

Chanana: No problem. Just hoping that by writing this post, more people would come forward to help this little girl.