Thursday, June 11, 2009

EOTD/FOTD: Stila Sapphire Smoky Eye Palette

Last month, I attended an MPO concert which I had been talking about since March, deciding on what to wear to the concert. A concert which I attended with my Hubby without our little girl. Do you know how rare was that that I got to go out with Hubby, just the 2 of us? And how much effort I had to put in to arrange for our little girl to be taken care of for the few hours we were gone? Huh!! I will not delve into that because my temper will flare if I were to recount it, I mean, the part on arranging for my little girl to be cared for.

OK, let me tell you, I didn't wear either dress that I was discussing about in that post in March. I found a dress in a small boutique in my neighborhood that my sister and her friend thought was bought from some designer boutique. Ahem! Your sis couldn't afford some designer dress, Kat! Let me tell you that the color of the dress is cobalt blue which later on, I found out to go so well with the Stila Sapphire Smoky Eye Palette which I acquired on the very 1st day of their sale, after I got the dress. I was so happy that I could match my makeup for that night to my dress color.

Needless to say, I was very excited that day and allocated 1 full hour before we were due to leave our house to prepare myself for the concert. Unfortunately, the 1 hour was cut short to only less than 30 minutes because some self-righteous person decided to ruin my happy mood by nagging at me on 'tou tak'=ethics (in Cantonese) and how I should love my daughter more, yea right, as though I don't love my daughter enough, that leaving her under the care of some relatives for a few hours that night, was the biggest crime punishable by the death penalty. It was actually more complicated than that, but again I don't want to delve on that.

So with whatever time left to put on my makeup and Hubby keeping a time check on me that we were running late(it's not his fault because we were supposed to send our little girl to the carers and then to meet up with my Aunt and youngest sis for dinner before the concert), I managed a Sapphire smoky eye look as follows. I didn't even have enough time to prep my face for the makeup properly and obviously had no time to do anything to my frizzy hair at all!!

For the Eye Of The Day/Night, I used Stila Sapphire Smoky Eye Palette applied with Stila brushes #9 and #30. I don't even remember now what I used to line my upper lash line with.

For my eyes:

Stila Smoky EyeTalking Palette - Sapphire Collection, comes with a lesson booklet

The whole palette opened up

Honestly I didn't follow the talking instruction as it was spoken too fast for me to finish putting on the makeup on my eyes. I just followed the instructions in the booklet, but as I didn't have brush #15 at that time, I improvised and used the rounded end of brush #30 instead.

Gorgeous shades of Sapphires!!

Brushes #9 and #30 used

So, I prepped my face with only Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in Shade 01, then followed by quick dabs of Angel Light in shade c (because Hubby was time-checking me every 5 minutes). I even forgot to put on my Benefit F.Y. Eye! eye base. Then, I followed the instruction by using brush #9 to put on the base color (top left in the palette) all over my lids. I was supposed to use brush #15 but since I didn't have it, I used the short rounded end of brush #30 to apply the lid color (top right in the palette) on my lids up to the creases. At this point, I was so rushed that I abandoned the instruction booklet and contour my eyes with the crease color, then used brush #4 to line my eyes(yes, now I remember, I was supposed to use a damp brush but I just drew with the liner color on a dry brush). Yea, that was like madness and my daughter started fussing around my dresser. She knew we were going out and she quickly ran to her wardrobe to get a matching blue dress to match the cobalt blue dress I was wearing. Huh! And for the lashes, I used Estee Lauder Magnascopic Volume Mascara.

No time for blusher, just swept Guerlain's Meteorites all over my face, neck and chest and finished off with Stila lip glaze stick in Fruit Punch. Thanks to Dear Miu for the Meteorites.

Face Of The Day/Night

Eye Of The Day/Night

My quick smoky eye look, but don't think it looked so smoked, yea?

My little girl who insisted on this dress to match my dress

C'est moi, at the stairs leading to the concert hall......

Err...yea, the neckline for this dress was quite low ;P


Shuu said...

omigosh, the bottom right color is truly gorgeous! :D
I love on how you improvised using other brushes ;) As long as you can achieve the look you want, you can use whatever brush that works :D
The stila lip glaze stick complements your skin tone really well :) Nice dress & gorgeous look!

Vonvon said...

Hi Shuu,

I notice that you really like dark colors like this -blues and grays, like the one you recommended to me from Loving Minerals. ;)

Yea, makeup is a form of freedom of expression, so we don't have to be so rigid and adhere to the instructions strictly, or else it would take the fun out of the purpose of makeup, in my opinion!

Thanks for the compliments! I have a whole bunch of Fruit Punch LGS stocked up. Have a nice day!

Miu said...


i'm not particularly in love with the smokey eye palette, but your eotd on this shows it was a good buy! the blues are so lovely.

I guess blues or greens or bronzes don't work well with me :(

i love pinks, reds, brown hehe! white is nice too.

btw nice dress.. n ur daughter so cute..dress up to match with u..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Gosh love your dress and the smokey eye palette. Just curious, where did you get the dress from? You look so elegant :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Thanks. Actually never thought of using blue eyeshadows but the smoky eye palette is so irresistible. And blue for clothing? Nay, not really my color but was so shocked after trying this dress on that I got to buy it. Since it was for a night out with Hubby, and he likes me dressed in style like grabbed! Hehe! ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi The Mrs Blog,

I got this dress in a small boutique in my neighborhood. Nothing glamorous but sometimes they do have really nice dresses and priced very reasonably. I just got a culottes and another dress from there this afternoon for RM90. It's in Cheras though.

Sugar Bunnie said...

your daughter is so cute♥

Vonvon said...

Hi Sugar Bunnie,

Thank you :)

And thanks for visiting my blog.