Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Was Featured

OK, I wasn't featured in any magazine or in the press, though I hope one day, I will. :)) But hey, my very very old and dear friend from high school actually featured me in her blog early this week.

A while ago, I received an award called Neno's Award from Vivian (from the blog, You Lite Up My Life), my very 1st award since I started blogging early this year, and in return, I have awarded to 10 other bloggers who are friendly and whose blogs are inspiring, and one of them is Niza, my friend of almost 20 years, yes, almost 20 years, mind you! She even put my photo in her blog and tell her readers of my SUMMER GIVEAWAY.

Thank you so much, Niza! I feel very honoured and you really made my day, my dear friend!

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