Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday...

It's Monday and I wouldn't call it Monday morning blues, but as usual the stupid IZZI net is having the 'blues' and that indirectly affects me too!

I think I have noticed lately that come Monday, my tempo in writing and updating my blog always slows down at the beginning of the week after probably spending most of my weekend writing posts after posts, slowly picking up by mid-week and the peaking of course, when the week comes to an end.

Also, I normally run my errands on Mondays, like grocery shopping, paying bills, even household chores like doing the laundry (arrgghhh, which reminds me there's a load of washing waiting to be loaded into the dryer. Huh!), etc etc that could stretch into mid-week.

Alright, enough of babbling, I should head out to the post office to post my SWAPS to 4 eagerly-awaiting bloggers. Chris L. has posted hers yesterday.

Hopefully in the evening, I could come up with a post or two...and reach my 100th post by tonight or tomorrow!

Stay tuned! :)


Lovely girls said...

congratulations! and looking forward more of your sharing of experiences..:)

Vonvon said...

Hi Lovely girls,

Thank you. 2 more posts to go before reaching the 100th....working on it.