Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Loving Minerals Purchases

Last month, as part of birthday gifts for myself, I had decided to purchase some mineral makeup, my very first mineral makeup purchase, from our very own Malaysian online mineral makeup store, LovingMinerals.com. They carry brands like Lumiere Minerals Cosmetics, Everyday Minerals and Monave. At the time of writing, they are having their MID YEAR SALE until the 15th of June 2009.

My purchases from LovingMinerals

Of all the types of cosmetics I use, EYESHADOWS are my favorites and I have the most quantity of, followed by lip products! I think it's because of the huge variety of colors available and I have vast opportunities to play with those colors on my eyes. I like lip products as well, but there's just so much color you could play with on your lips each time. But with eyeshadows, you could use a minimum of 1 color, of course, to a maximum of how ever many colors you like. I have used a maximum of about 4 colors on my eyes when I put on makeup on my own. At makeovers, I think some makeup artists (MUA) have used 5 or even 6 colors on my eyes - cream and powder eyeshadows included! How cool is that?

So obviously when I decided to dabble with mineral makeup, I chose to purchase some mineral eyeshadows. And LovingMinerals has samples of their eye colors (from Lumiere) for sale: 1 sample(1/8 tsp. of product in each 3g jar
) for RM7.50, set of 5 eye samples for RM35 (which I purchased) and set of 10 eye samples for RM60.

I have chosen the top 4 colors and told Ilyncia to choose 1 more color for me for my 5 eye samplers set, and the one free eye sampler for joining their Facebook group. And she added in another surprise!

I have tried out 3 of the eye samples on my birthday.

I also purchased a 9-pc(8 brushes + 1 brush bag) synthetic brush set for RM90, which I think was quite a good deal. But I don't see this set on their site anymore. I remember it was stated that it's seasonal items, kinda like limited edition, I guess! I had initially wanted to purchase this brush set only. And they have free shipping for purchases of RM100 and above, that's when I decided to buy the set of 5 eye samples.

The 9-pc brush set

It has a zipped-up pocket where you can store some of your makeup. And I stored all the samples in it!

Purchasing from LovingMinerals was a breeze!
I remember placing my order on the LovingMinerals site on a Tuesday morning with a note to them that I would like to deposit the payment directly into their bank account, instead of using their online payment method. A while later, I received an email from Ilyncia of LovingMinerals giving me details of the bank and account number. I deposited the payment that very same afternoon and emailed her the cash deposit slip. Received a confirmation from her. The next day, another email came informing me that my package was already sent via Poslaju and on Thursday afternoon, I received my purchases, all nicely wrapped up and put into a bubble-wrap bag. Ilyncia also added some little freebies for me for joining the Facebook group and a sample of Silk finishing powder!

My package

Both items were placed inside a bubble-wrap bag
before being placed inside an ordinary envelope.
Well-wrapped. Everything arrived intact.

INCREDIBLE, I must say! Very fast and professional service! Keep it up, Ilyncia!

So this was my pleasant experience purchasing from LovingMinerals. They have lots of other products and special offers going on from time-to-time, many sample kits for beginners to mineral makeup and samples for different colors at very reasonable price should you decide to try out to see if the colors suit you or not before taking the big plunge on their full-sized items.


Anonymous said...

The brushes look really worth the price paid. RM90 for 9pcs means only $10 for each item. so cheap! any reviews on whether the brushes are good? read from my womenstuff that the skunk brush from lumiere is very good, many people say like MAC #187 brush.

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

A very good deal indeed. That's why I got it in the first place. Used the hard-angled brush once, it can pick up quite a fair amount of the mineral eyeshadow and apply quite well. Haven't tried out other brushes. I don't use MAC brushes so I cannot compare. I use mainly Stila brushes which I managed to snag from their recent sales. :)

Shuu said...

Ah the brush set is indeed very nice ^_^ I got the duo fiber brush from LovingMinerals and absolutely love it :D
I enjoy shopping at LovingMinerals too, they have a good service and fast delivery.
Anyway, if you had the chance, try Midnight e/s ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi Shuu,

Thanks for the recommendation of Midnight e/s. Will keep that in mind the next time I decide to purchase another set of eye samplers. Couldn't decide anymore what colors to choose, that's why left it to Ilyncia to choose the other 2 for me. ;)

Shuu said...

Omigosh, I wrote the wrong name :P It's Mysterious xD