Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MAC Style Warrior Collection - Some Swatches And My Purchases

I'm sure many of you have seen the MAC Style Warrior Collection for May 2009 on many beauty blogs and I have seen the collection in person right here in Kuala Lumpur, albeit just simply stashed into a 2-liter glass beaker. According to the SA, they didn't have the display for this collection yet. Well, that was last Friday (the 1st day of supposed launching) and I happened to be in KLCC for my 2nd round of The Body Shop haul. Quite fast, I can say, as they were only launched the day before on the 28th May in the USA.

OK, let me tell you my 1st impression of this collection before I proceed.

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When I first saw the photos of the collection, my 1st reaction was to the packaging! "OMG!!! Animal prints???" Well, I have nothing against animal prints (Chris from Confessions of a Shopaholic adores animal prints, especially leopard prints, if I am not mistaken. Am I right, Chris? And the Muse likes them too!) But to me, makeups and cosmetics should be in feminine-looking packaging such as in florals and pastels or solid-colored packaging with hints of gold and silver denoting elegance and class....I could go on and on. That's my personal choice and opinion, of course! I hope I have not offended anyone.

However, looking further into the boxes containing the items....WOW!!! I am falling deeply and madly in love with more than half of the collection! Even more than I did with the MAC-Hello Kitty collection that was launched in March 2009. Like the Hello Kitty collection, Style Warrior collection is also 'Limited Edition'. I simply love these 2 words - 'Limited Edition'.....sound so exclusive and exquisite! Well, Hello Kitty, is Hello Kitty. Many people were crazy over it because they love Hello Kitty as well. But with Style Warrior, it was the COLORS which attracted me like some 3T strength magnet from the Siemens MRI machine!

Let's take a look at some of the swatches of their eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglasses....

There are 5 eyeshadow colors in this collection but these 2 are my favorites and obviously you guessed it. I got these 2 - Bright Future and Vibrant Grape!

The other 3 were rather common - a pearly white, a brown which I think could be easily duped with Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Busy Signal and a dark blackish gray. I didn't swatch them as I didn't want to get hooked to more items and break my pocket. You could see more photos of the other eyeshadow colors at

I am on a self-imposed makeup ban now....but obviously, I already defied the ban!!

Swatches of all the 4 lipsticks in the collection

Tribalist is not so my color, but I am soooooo in love with Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite and Sunsational!!! I could dupe Sunsational with my Paul&Joe #1 and may be even Stila's Long Wear Lip Color in DARLING. Purple Rite is quite similar to a mauve-colored lipstick, but sheerer, from the Estee Lauder Spring 2009 Fuchsia Now collection, err....can't really remember the full name. While Brave New Bronze is a rather unusual color to me. It's pigmented, slightly matte but with a hint of shimmer! Ohhh, I so lem for this........

Swatches of 3 of the 4 lipglasses in the collection

I am so in love with all 3 colors, especially the top 2 - Liberated and Gold Rebel!!!
But I was a good girl, I pulled my super resolve together and managed to stop myself from getting more lipglosses.......but still, I so lem for Liberated and Gold Rebel. How properly named to befit ME who loves freedom and a rebel at heart! ;))

Look at how matching Liberated is to Bright Future.....

And here are my very humble purchases from the Style Warrior collection....

1 lipstick and 2 eyeshadows only???
YES! Unless someone wants to sponsor Brave New Bronze and 2 of the lipglasses....sob sob...

Top: Purple Rite frosty lipstick
Below: Vibrant Grape(L) and Bright Future(R) eyeshadows

Purple Rite frosty lipstick and its swatch

Errr....I got 2 of the Vibrant Grape eyeshadows??
Nay, one is a photo from the Parkson booklet that came with the June issue of Female magazine.
Love using the macro function in my digital camera.....looks like a scanned pix, doesn't it?

And 2 of Bright Future eyeshadows as well?
Of course not!
Background pix also from
the Parkson booklet that came with the June issue of Female magazine.

Yes, I had stuck to my original plan of purchasing only those 3 items after seeing them online.

I didn't swatch everything from the collection because I know some of the colors I wouldn't use or wear and also to stop tempting myself from buying more. I hope I'm also doing you a favor as not to tempt you with the whole collection. There are also blushes and powders and all-over radiance in this collection.

Yes, I think this collection is quite worth checking out. Besides, prices of MAC are quite reasonable. RM57 for an eyeshadow, RM63 each for lipglass and lipstick too. Definitely not much hiked up from their prices in the USA.

So, tell me, what are your favorites from this collection and what you are planning to get??


fann fann said...


think you should check out the color on their powder blush too. on a mission and eversun..its very nice and pigment. grab it before it is gone.

Vonvon said...

Hi fann fann,

Well, I did yesterday evening. But was controlling myself not to purchase anymore makeup. I'm still eyeing the Liberated lip gloss though, the yellow one. Believe me, if I could, I would purchase the whole collection. ;)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow these are gorgeous and I actually like the packaging. Very unusual, time to check out MAC and redeem my free lippie too :)

Vonvon said...

Hi The Mrs Blogs,

Yea, better go to MAC fast and grab the new collection 'cos Stephen from MAC Pavilion told me they have really limited quantities, so hurry up. Have fun!

#ChRiS# said...

Aarrghh, i haven go check them out...Tied down with something lately... So sweet of you remember i love animal/leopard print stuff... yeah, i'm addicted to it...Lovely hauls there...

Vonvon said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I remember reading in one of your blog posts of your collection of animal prints stuff ;))

AhLulu said...

Want to check on which M.A.C outlet or counter SA is nice.... I want to buy this collection .. but don't know should i buy for blush or bonzer powder...
BTW.. do you know how to use a bonzer powder? This powder is for hightlighting out feature or what?

Vonvon said...

Hi Ahlulu,

MAC Pavilion has some very good SA. Look for Stephen, you can tell him that the little girl's mother introduce you to him. He remembers my daughter. ;)

You should go check the blushes and bronzers yourself. Because I am not really a blusher nor bronzer person. Not in the position to advice much. But yes, bronzer is mainly used for highlighting the cheekbones, lightly on the T-zone. Stephen is very friendly. He should be able to advise you better. But go during the weekdays would be better, less people in the store.

Good luck and do share your haul, yea? ;)