Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Introduction To "Kiehl's Since 1851"

This short post is to share with you my personal introduction to Kiehl's Since 1851, after having read about their products, mostly from the Internet, and visiting the Kiehl's stores in Pavilion KL and the newly-opened one in Midvalley Megamall.

I had visited the Kiehl's store in Pavilion KL in early June with the intention of purchasing a facial scrub, their Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line to be exact, as I was already squeezing out the last bits of my Boots Botanics In Shower Facial Polish. I like my Boots Facial Polish a lot, but as you know, we don't have Boots in Malaysia. I had tried The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Polish, but fell out of love with it halfway through the 1st tube, the one and only I had purchased, for no apparent reason and was dragging myself to finish it off as quickly as I could. The Boots Facial Polish 100ml had been with me for more than a year with 2-3 times a week of usage.

Although I am using predominantly Estee Lauder products for my skincare, I was 'itching' to try out some facial scrub from a different brand and I remember reading quite a good review on the Kiehl's
Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line some time back. And I have also heard of the generosity of Kiehl's in giving out samples under their "try before you buy" sampling program, which is actually almost unheard of in Malaysia, where many brands would insist that you purchase their products 1st, sometimes up to a few hundred Ringgit, just to entitle you to receive a small miserable little sachet of sample (OK, not all brands are like that, just to be fair to some other generous brands that are in Malaysia as well!).

And just how generous Kiehl's is?

OK, after I purchased the
Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line, I hung around checking out other products and talked with the SA who served me. Then, I told her I am a beauty blogger and would like to try out some of their other products. And she gave me a whole bunch of samples of which some of them I added to the prizes of the Summer Giveaway which I had organized for my readers early this month.

Samples from Kiehl's

A few days later, I received some deluxe samples from Kiehl's Malaysia - a set of skincare(cleanser, toner and moisturiser) and 2 body care products(their favorite "Grapefruit" Liquid Body Cleansing Gel and Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub).

The deluxe samples

Kiehl's liquid hand soaps which are SLS-free
Retails for RM65 per bottle but now they are having 40% off, RM39 per bottle only!

So, I have decided starting from last Monday (15 June 2009), I am going to make a "Kiehl's Week" for myself whereby I start to use solely the Kiehl's skincare and bath and body care I have right now and later will review them. But do note that most of the products I have are in small sample sachets, except for the deluxe samples and the full-sized face scrub of course, and there's just so much I could use and I'll review them once I am done trying them out. The "Kiehl's Week" has stretched into the 2nd week now and I think I should be able to come up with 1 or 2 reviews in early July. Afterall, I need time to try out the products and see how it works and their effects!

Stay tuned!


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

Waaaa, so lucky la u got tons of freebies ^_^ How's the surfer's brightening exfoliator working so far??? is it any good, dear??? ^_~

ms.iu said...

wowww the SA is soo generous,u got lots samples hhehee.. .. i havent try kiehl's to try it ...tho, do they still have discount, dear?

Anonymous said...

gosh am itching to read your Exfoliator review! hope it works well!

as well as the other stuff. Kiehl's is so generous! maybe i should start blogging too. haha...

abby (sorry. lazy to ope up LJ)

Vonvon said...

Morning dearies,

Ayna: Since I know about their "try before you buy" sampling program, so I took advantage of it...hehe! And I got to share some with my readers for the Summer Giveaway. I've tried the exfoliator 3 times. Love the creamy texture and the scent. Will review them soon! :)

ms.iu: Thank you for visiting and commenting. :) As I know, their discount is only for the liquid hand soap for now. But it's quite worth it. I'll inform if they are having any big sale, now that I know Kiehl's has quite a bit of a following here. ;)

Abby: Yea, start blogging. You are always welcome to be my guest blogger and blog about your winnings! So many stuff for you to blog about for a start. Waiting for your draft! ;)

Have a nice day everyone!

babyloveshopping said...

i like the kiehls lipbalm and facial very good~~~
deluxe sample how much u purchase get it?

tangzi said...

how 2 get the deluxe sample ya?so nice o..

Miu said...

try before u buy sampling program? wow how long will this go on for? i'm interested to try also :)

they actually send u a deluxe sample size stuffs from HQ? that's very generous and nice of them to appreciate beauty bloggers! bravooo!!!

Vonvon said...

Baby: I received them from Kiehl's for reviewing purpose.

Vonvon said...

Tangzi: As above, I get them to review.

Vonvon said...

Miu: Try before you buy is their store policy. You can just walk-in and tell them the stuff you are interested to try out, whether for your hair or skincare or bath products, etc.

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Whoa I never knew bout this program before? Sigh i should've walked in the store and score some samples when I went to MidV few days ago.

Besides, the samples are generous in size! that's a very good marketing there.

prettybeautiful said...

wow so generous of them. think i will ask a sample of the scrub from them, i have been wanting to try!

Vonvon said...

Hanna: Yea, I read before about their generosity in giving samples. The American way of doing business - give out lots of samples for customers to try, there's nothing to lose. Because if the customers really like a certain product, they'll surely come back. No need to be stingy. They have very good foresight. Not like many Malaysian foresight!

Hope you enjoy the Kiehl's sample I sent you. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi prettybeautiful,

Do try out the scrub. It's quite good. Quite?? I'll review it in no time...:)

Lisa said...

went to kiehl's midvalley just now..tot of buying the brightening exfoliator after read ur post was out of stock! disapointed with one of the SA there..bad smile even i smile to her first..didn't bother to intro their product to me..and when i ask can she give me a call when the stock in, she just very reluctantly pass me a book for me to write down my contact...i don't think i will go back there to buy anything..hope it's not the same with pavilion outlet..von, any nice SA to look for in pavilion kiehl's?

Vonvon said...

Hi Lisa,

I've spoken to someone from the Management of Kiehl's Malaysia about your unpleasant encounter. She will be contacting you in a bit to get a clearer picture of the situation yesterday. Do inform me when you get any feedback from them.

Don't be so upset, must be happy for your baby :)

lisa said...

wow von! so nice of you to talk to the management :) i tot just wanna lepas geram here but u help me to complaint to them awww so touching..sure will let you know dear :):) thankssssssssss

Anonymous said...

I have also had a bad experience with the shop in MidV. There was a sign inviting people to go into the shop to get samples. When I went into the shop, the SA was unsmiling and did not greet me. I asked about some of the products and then asked for samples. She gave me one sachet, I asked for a sample of something else and she reluctanly gave me another one, I thought they were happy to give samples? Yet this particular one seemed so reluctant to give even one.

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree with you on the shop in MV. The SAs there were not the most friendly, even during my 1st visit to the MV outlet where I purchased the 2 hand soaps on sale, the SA serving me was nice and helpful and even asked me what are the Kiehl's products I would like to try out but there was another SA there who was actually having the grouchy face throughout the time I was in the shop till when I had purchased something and left the shop.

I wonder what's wrong with these people!! Actually, Kiehl's SAs in general, are polite, except for a few, but it does help if the SAs would go the extra mile to be friendly and show some appreciation for the customers......have you read the Star newspapers' article I posted today?

Btw, I did mention to the management about this when I spoke to them today. Let's see what they will do to these few 'bad apples'. Do update if any of you have visited any of the Kiehl's store and share with us what kind of customer service you receive.

Anonymous said...

Know what? Now that so many people have mentioned it, I too went into the MV outlet once. And there was one dude there. I know his name so he better be careful. Haha...

Like didn't wanna intro stuff. And i asked him to intro for me. Didn't say much. Then asked for samples, one only. Haih...dunno la.

Worst part is that that is the NEW outlet. Gosh. I hope the rest are not like this one. Especially in MV where you do get quite a lot of traffic. And tourists!

Please don't tell management to call me. Haha... If you want to relate the experience then okay. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vonvon,

I think the shop in MidV is the worst of all the Kiehl's, which is not good for me since it's the one nearest to where I live but I don't ever want to step foot in there again. The one in Isetan KLCC is the best, all friendly staff (the manager, Normala is very nice) and generous with samples. I don't see what the problem is in giving samples especially if you have a sign inviting people to come in for THAT purpose. The sign is still there now but since the SA's attitude is like that, it's better if they removed the sign. Yes, I've read the article in The Star but obviously some SAs should not even be in the service industry.

Another counter to avoid is the Shu counter in Pavilion. In this case which was a few months back, there was a sign inviting people to try their cleansing oil and receive a sample so I asked to try it. After demonstrating the oil on my hand, she tried to sell me a bottle without offering a sample. When I asked for a sachet to take home, she actually said they didn't have any! I pointed out the sign to her and she finally acquiesced. Really bad service! However, the SA at the Shu counter in Isetan Lot 10 is an absolute angel. My friend bought 2 eyeshadows and a blusher there and she was patient and gave top notch service. Then when my friend asked for samples, she gave both of us loads even though I hadn't bought anything. That is truly commendable customer service and I'd definitely buy from her if I ever wanted anything from Shu.

Vonvon said...

Hi Abby,

Thanks for sharing. The management already read your comment. ;) Good news from Kiehl's coming soon.....

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing with us here on the good SAs and counters of various brands.

I haven't checked out the Kiehl's counter in Isetan KLCC. Will do soon.

And I have to 101% agree with you when you wrote, "....obviously some SAs should not even be in the service industry." Personally, I salute you for writing this statement. Do email me ( and we could meet up for coffee and chit-chat about this. ;) I believe you and I would have lots to talk about on customer service in Malaysia.

Haven't tried Shu Uemura before though am very tempted because of all their colorful cosmetics. At least now I know which Shu counter to visit should I decide to check out their products. Btw, Shu is also under the same company as Kiehl's, that is Loreal Malaysia.

prettybeautiful said...

i went to kielhs in MV yesterday and bought a tube of spf15 lip balm. i didnt check my product on the spot, trusting the SA to give me the right one. mana tau when i checked today, it is actually not the shade i wanted! so i called the mv kielhs to ask for the SA (i took her namecard yesterday), she is not working today, and some guy just casually asked me to go back n get it xchange with the receipt. he didnt sound apologetic at all. it is such a big hassle to go back to mv to get it xchange having to pay parking/toll/time and etc. maybe i will just wait till the SA is back to see what can be done. the girl was helpful and smiley. what do u think von?

Vonvon said...

Hi Prettybeautiful,

I wonder could the guy be 'the dude' that Anonymous/abby wrote about. ;)

Anyways, it's really up to you. If the SA who served you was nice, may be you should try to speak with her when she comes back to work. You have at least 7-14 days to exchange the item(s) that you have purchased.

Good luck and keep me updated. :)

Helen said...

Hi Vonvon,

I actually went to Kiehl's MV today. The SA told me sample out of stock when I asked. Then eventually I gave in and bought the actual product which cost RM110. And the SA gave me one (1) miserable cleanser sample. I didn't bother asking for more since I already asked once and "out of stock" is the answer I got. It is rather disappointing really. Their sign invites ppl to "try before you buy", but now I buy already also cannot bear to give me samples. On a side note, I went to Shiseido counter in Jusco and got myself a Alexander Wang Maquillage Eye Shadow Pallete for RM135 and guess what? The lovely SA showered me with 1 sample of liquid foundation, 1 sample of powder foundation, 1 sample of cleansing oil, 1 sample of moisturiser, 1 sample of toner and 1 carded sample of 4-color eyeshadow. Now you understand how I feel about Kiehl's MV? Sigh..

Vonvon said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your comment.

Which product were you referring to which cost RM110? Did you get the name of the SA?

Yes, I understand how you feel about that particular Kiehl's outlet. Till this day, whenever I go into the Kiehl's MV outlet, I still see the same unwelcoming behavior of that one particular SA (which has been widely discussed in previous comments above).

I am glad you received such great customer service from Shiseido.

Helen said...

Hello Vonvon,

So nice of you to reply my comment. Well, I bought the Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. Been plagued by a sudden outbreak of acne since July this year (I use to be totally pimple free my entire life *sob sob*). Hmm, unfortunately I didn't get the SA's name, only that it was a guy with quite a baby face? But it wasn't only him, overall Kiehl's MV gave me a really bad impression. When I wanted to make payment, a female SA was sitting at the cashier doing some paperwork, so she gotta make way. You should have seen her face. Blacker than my mum's kuali bottom. We caught each other's eye and I started to smile but she never bothered.
The sad thing is, I am from penang where there is no Kiehl's. But I filled in my boyfriend's KL address in the customer form though. So I was thinking if I could get more samples, try them and find out which I like, then on my next trip I can do major hauling. Or maybe even engage Miu's shopper services if I am desperate enough, hehe..But, looks like Kiehl's and I have got no fate. I shall go back to Origins, the SA there is lovely.
So sorry for the long rant, as I am still feeling very "kek hei"...

Vonvon said...

Hi Helen,

Come, don't 'kek hei'... No worries about rants and long comments. I appreciate all comments from my readers, except those which are meant to be derogatory or simply just wanna kacau/disturb my blog/soliciting traffic, which I would delete them.

Email me on what samples you'd like to try.

I'll see what I can do. I go to Penang from time-to-time.