Thursday, June 18, 2009

New In The Shops

I don't normally do beauty updates unless it's something interesting and especially when they involve FREEBIES! So just a short post before I head over to my mom's place....

Yesterday I was at Midvalley Megamall with my little girl and we checked out the new Kiehl's store which opened last month. I am beginning to pay more attention to this brand which is not new, but it is quite new in Malaysia. This week has been dedicated by me to use Kiehl's products, from skincare to bath and body products. I will write an introduction to Kiehl's and its products I have been using since this past Monday at the end of the week or may be next week.

Right now, Kiehl's store has an offer of 40% off on its Liquid Hand Soaps in Grapefruit and Pear Tree Corner. Each bottle is 200ml, normal price RM65. But with the 40% off, it's RM39 each! Worth checking out as it's SLS-free! I have bought 1 bottle each to try. And Kiehl's is quite generous in giving out samples for you to try.

Then, my little girl and I stopped by The Body Shop to see if their Summer Hot Brights Collection is out. Yes, they already had them at their outlet in Midvalley, but as I have noticed and mentioned earlier, the staff at TBS outlet in Midvalley are rather stuck-up. Nobody greeted me nor made an effort to serve me but just standing there even though the outlet at that time was not busy. So I just walked out with my daughter. I will visit my favorite outlet in Pavilion KL later and buy from Nurul (if I like the collection and decide to buy...I know, I know, I shouldn't buy anymore stuff!), my favorite SA there or at the very least, from another SA, Lina, at TBS KLCC, although I don't really like most of the staff at TBS KLCC!

I decided to drop by my favorite Benefit counter in Robinsons and I was shocked to be told that my favorite Benefit SA, Pooi Yee, has quit!!! OH NO!!!! Nevertheless, I managed to pick up the newest Early Fall 2009 catalogue and it features the NEW Velvet Eyeshadow and the Crescent Row collection (3 new EDTs) with 3 little flaps where you could take a sniff of the fragrance. I have been looking forward to try out their new Velvet Eyeshadows ever since I read about them in the Muse's blog and Karen's MBB. Yesterday I was rushing off to dinner and didn't hang around the counter too long, and the SA working yesterday was a bit slow and didn't tell me much on any new arrival, although she knew that I am a regular at their counter. Sigh! Now with Pooi Yee gone from Benefit, I don't really like dealing with the other SAs at other Benefit counters. I guess I just have to slowly scout around hoping to find another good SA at one of their counters.

I'll write about the TBS Hot Brights Collection and Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows when I get the chance to check them out!

It's dinner time...
Bon Apetit!

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