Monday, June 1, 2009

Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY - Update

Good morning, my dear readers! It's 1st of June, a Monday morning and the sun is shining brightly over here! And have you submitted your entries for Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY?

For those of you who have, then, have you submitted your 2nd entry, 3rd of today, Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY is already into its 5th day, that means you could have submitted at least 5 entries, one per day, and stand a higher chance of winning the prizes.

And where are my international readers? So far, entries have been coming in from my local readers but to my international visitors and readers, I want to hear your VOICES! I have received only 1 entry from Canada to date. How about the rest of you from Australia, the USA, Europe, Asia and anywhere in the world, you are also eligible to enter as I have dedicated a prize solely to be won by a lucky international reader!

For your information, I'm currently discussing with some interested potential sponsors to add to the prizes that are originally sponsored by Yours Truly. For both the Malaysian and international winners. Are you excited yet?

Vonvon wants to thank those who have participated so far. I am so happy to hear the voices of my beloved readers. Believe me, every entry I read, I read with a big smile on my face and some actually touched my heart so much that I could feel my eyes getting hot. (No joke!) Each time after I read your entry, I will be in a good mood. So, keep your entries coming in, my dear readers!

And below are my responses to your entries. I refrain from replying to your comments in the Giveaway page so as not to clutter up the comment section and easier for me to tabulate the entries later.

TING TING (I don't really read Chinese, but I hope I read it right) a.k.a. Wendypua:
I didn't know Paul&Joe cosmetics are so cute and pretty until I saw them at the sales. So of course, at warehouse prices, I took advantage of it! ;)

DAY: I'm glad my writing of the TBS sale has an impact on you to go shopping again. So what did you get from the sale?

SKYLARKZ: You're welcome, Skylarkz. I am so happy to know that I could share with you and my other readers of my feelings through my writing.

DARKMOTIVES15: Thank you for submitting 2 entries, Abby. :) So have you tried out the Ooh La Lift at the Benefit counter? How do you like it? And yes, I Nuovi's Rosegold is actually quite a versatile and wearable color. Use a lighter hand for the day look and blend, blend, blend. Layer it for more glam for a night look. Think you could even do a smoky eye look with it!

HALIFAX: My 1st international entry! Thank you. Btw, can you please give me your email address by leaving a comment below? I didn't see your email in your entry. Yes, that's what my daughter does exactly when she goes to The Body Shop. She smells the soap and pass them to me for a sniff too, then she would re-arrange the soaps according to the colors she likes! ;) Btw, my daughter is only 2 and a half.

GLORIA: Your entry really made me laugh because you could really 'catch' the real humor, although a bit dry and scientific. Putting some epidemiological concepts into beauty posts!

MERI L: You are right! Thank you for your support in this matter. This issue (bad customer service) is not new but many people chose to 'close one eye' to it. But it's actually bad for retailers to have such staff!

JENNIFER: I used to just keep quiet and rant to my Hubby and friends, and he got tired of it, and encourages and supports me to voice out my complaints, not even to the immediate manager, but to their big boss. Because even their manager could still hide the complaints from the management to protect her staff but once the big boss (who's normally sitting in the office relying on info from their store managers) gets to know about it, then I believe they'll surely take the appropriate action.

SHIKI: So you are a Bobbi Brown fan too. Have you tried the moisturizer?

YOU LITE UP MY LIFE: Better call up and book a table now. Their supervisor told me on Mother's Day, the whole restaurant was full house and fully-booked to the max! The phone no. is in the link I put on the page.

CHRIS: Thank you for your support. Yes, bad customer service is not the fault of our friends, so they shouldn't be the ones listening to our rants and complaints. But as friends, we should support one another to voice out our dissatisfaction when we are not treated right! CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

ABDUL MUKMIN: Thank you for your entry. You are so supportive of your wife. :)))

ANGELZOE: Thank you for sharing and your support. I am glad I could inspire many of you with my writing. Yes, I'm not afraid to write my thoughts as we are all just humans. Beauty bloggers are humans too! :)) Well, you are right indeed. My profession was my childhood ambition and will always be my life-long passion.

VINA: Glad to hear that shopping strengthens your bond with your mother just as me with my daughter, although she's only 2 and a half. :) Btw, I just want to clarify for my English-speaking readers, the word 'CUN' in this comment is a colloquial Malay word which translates as 'COOL', 'NICE'.

Thank you all again!

So, please keep your entries coming in......but please leave your entries on the Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY page.

Have a nice day and week ahead!


day said...

Hi Vonvon, going for the TBS sales made me sad because I totally missed out on their Cranberry shower gel as they were sold out! So to compensate, I bought Mango and Mandarin Orchid shower gel in 400ml and 200ml bottles respectively. On top of that, I bought loose powder and pink grapefruit body butter. As highly tempted as I was to purchase their toiletry bag set, I resisted as I know it will only end up sitting on my dresser collecting dust :P
Yes, I used to love buying TBS products but they are left unused for years and I like them too much to give away! So I have become a more practical user these days :)

Vonvon said...

Hi day,

Oohhh, the festive shower gels sold out really fast 'cos of the 50% discount on them.

Good to know that you've become a practical shopper. :)