Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beauty Swap Review - Chris L

Miu had started a swap project last month, whereby 5 bloggers, including me, had exchanged beauty samples.

Today, I am going to review samples I got from Chris L. (Both Miu and Chris had reviewed the samples that I have sent them.)

Chris had sent me Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipe with aloe vera and vitamin E (right) and Kanebo Impress Creamy Soap(left). (Pix below)

The Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipe with aloe vera and vitamin E is individually wrapped tissue wipe in foil. When I removed the wipe from the foil, it had a slightly apple-like scent which goes away after a while as I was wiping my face with it. I had used the wipe to remove my daily makeup which was not very thick to begin with - just a layer of makeup base, a layer of compact powder foundation and blush. I did not use the wipe to clean off my eye makeup and lipstick.

This cleansing wipe cleansed off light makeup quite well and it's non-drying. It also worked quite well in wiping off the oily residue on my nose. At first, I folded the wipe into half. I used 1 half of the wipe to clean off my whole face, excluding the eye area. Then, I used the other half to wipe my whole face again, and most of my makeup came off during the 2nd wipe. (Sorry if the explanation is not very clear. I didn't take any photo as my room light is quite dim, and by night time, I am always too tired and lazy, and all I want is to quickly clean and wash up, then go into my deep slumber.)

Overall, this wipe is quite effective in removing light makeup.

Kanebo Impress is the higher range of skincare from Kanebo. In fact, I haven't tried any product from Kanebo before and this is actually my first time hearing about Impress (Vonvon gives a sheepish smile). Thanks Chris for introducing me to this. :)) The Creamy Soap from Kanebo Impress has a slight hint of rose scent which disappeared the moment I rubbed it between my palms to foam it up and turned into a typical soapy scent. The creamy soap has a rather runny liquid consistency and is whitish in color. After pouring onto my palm, I rubbed my palms together to foam it up but it turned into a creamy consistency (I guess that's why the name? Just kidding.) After massaging the soap onto my face for several minutes, I rinsed it off with warm water and while the rest of my face felt clean, I could still feel some oily residue on my T-zone. But this creamy soap is non-drying on my face and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after cleaning and pat dry.

Right now I am using Bio-Essence Tanaka White Whitening & Firming Double Action Essence from Mei Wah........but I still need to wait for my blackheads to grow before I could try out the Kose nose cleansing strip.....;))

Stay tuned!

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