Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bobbi Brown Makeover - EOTD: Soft Smoky Look

Today I went to redeem the Bobbi Brown makeover which I have won from their online contest. And it so happened that I was also attending the media launch of Estee Lauder's latest perfume Sensous today, so I had scheduled for the makeover just before the event.

Of course, I had the makeover at my favorite Bobbi Brown free standing store at Pavilion KL.

Simone, the manager of the store, did the makeover for me. Actually, I had secretly hoped that Simone would do it for me today as I remember what a magic she did to Julia during the workshop I had organized for my readers back in June.

Today, I had gone there without any makeup and only applied toner to my face before leaving my house. So Simone started by applying skincare on my face. (Skincare details on the Face Chart which I will scan and upload later.)

Then she suggested a soft smoky eye look after I told her that I will be attending an event after that. I agreed since I had always liked to do smoky eye but most of the time, it ended up not very smoky each time I attempted it.

Before the makeover
Just after Simone had trimmed my brow..note the redness under my browbone

As per BB's 10-Step, 1st, she applied Blush in Pink Sugar (I think this is beginning to be my signature blush from BB as in previous makeovers, after color-matching several blushes to my lip color, I always end up with Pink Sugar). Then, Simone chose Creamy Lip Color #22 Sandwash Pink for my lips. It's a mauvy pink shade which really suits my skin color. But in the FOTD pix below, the color had been modified by application of BB Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Gloss in #32 Glacier(a greyish silver shade) from the Pretty In Pink Platinum collection. Due to my haste, I didn't do swatches of the blush, lipstick nor lip gloss.....I will do the swatches and take photos the next time I visit BB, OK, my dear readers?

Then, my favorite part.....putting on eye makeup. Simone used
Saddle eyeshadow for my brow. By the way, I forgot to mention earlier that she plucked my brow for me and there was actually an area of redness just beneath my browbone which she cleverly covered with a highlight on.....

Simone applied Long Wear Cream Shadow in Cement as a base from my upper lashline to the crease. Then she applied Saddle eyeshadow on my lids up to just a little below the crease. For a bit of shimmer, she just swiped Rock(silvery gray) eyeshadow on the lids very lightly for that barely-there shimmer. And to cover the redness under my browbone, Simone applied Champagne eyeshadow on the area as a highlight as well as to cover the redness. As you can see in the photos below, no sign of redness is visible on the area below my browbone.

Eyeshadows used to make the soft smoky eye look

Then, she applied Long Wear gel eyeliner in Graphite(dark gray) for a rather softer look, though after applying, it looked somewhat black to me but definitely less intense than black. After curling the lashes, it's time for mascara and finished off by gently lining the outer half of my lower lashline.

Here you are!

Face Of The Day

The liipie had been transformed from a mauvy pink to somewhat a pale gray-pink
I just remembered that I purchased the Shimemr Lip Gloss in #32 Glacier today as well. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow under natural light during the day.

Eye Of The Day

With Simone

So, what do you think of my soft smoky look?


Candy said...

hey von, u look great on the makeover! i like the smokey look...

Jessying said...

vonvon looks so pretty !!!!

Suziana's Shopaholic Realm said...

Von von, nice one :) Pretty. You're born beautiful with or without make-up. Btw, am doing mine tomorrow..

SheTreasures said...

nice! loving it.


ms.iu said... look so pretty vonvon.. i like simple smokey look...simone did to you..i think it's suitable for day & night look too.. =)

Chanana said...

gorgeous! pheeewitt!! Von, do we have to purchase anyth in order to get the free makeover? i got 1 which is tomorrow..

Shuu said...

Lovely Vonvon!
I think the smokey looks is wearable on daytime too :) The lip color is also pretty :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Candy,

Thanks! :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

You look very pretty in your EL makeover too. I like the green/teal eyeshadow Peggie used on your eyes. Definitely gonna try that one day.

Vonvon said...

Hi Suzi,

Thank you. I am touched by your words. Where are you having yours tomorrow? Good luck! And don't forget to share your makeover pix.

Vonvon said...

Hi Shetreasures,

Thank you, dear :)

Vonvon said...

Hi ms.iu,

Thank you. Do you know Simone too? She's a very skillful makeup artist, isn't she? Yea, I agree the look is quite versatile.

Vonvon said...

Hi Syaz,

Good luck for your makeover. Post up pix in your blog yea. No, you don't have to buy anything to get the makeover. But I bought the gloss in Glacier after Simone used it on me and I like how it transformed the lipstick color.

Well, smart marketing strategy! I wish they would start giving out FREE cosmetic samples too.......hehe!

Vonvon said...

Hi Shuu,

Thanks. Agreed! Good for day, good for night, good from day-to-night as well! :)

Joey said...

always like BB makeup style, natural yet elegant! The soft smokey work well on you!

Sherry said...

lovely vonvon! :)

yeah I hope they give free sample haha..

Anonymous said...

it is FREE...??
wats the T&C...??

The Mrs Blogs said...

That's a gorgeous look on you. I won the makeover too but couldn't make it yesterday :( So sad.

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

Very2 nice makeover, dear ^_^ I wanna Simone too~ n_n

gio said...

I like it, it's so simple and wearable! You look gorgeous!

Dee said...

Beautiful! So soft and subtle!

Vonvon said...

Joey: Thanks! I like this look as well. Will try it out on my own and show the result here when I do it.

Sherry: Thanks!

Anonymous: I won this makeover from the BB contest in their website.

The Mrs Blogs: Awwww....that's a waste. May be you could try calling them to reschedule your appointment?

Ayna: Thanks. Yea, Simone is great!

Gio: Thank you. :) And I like your colorful EOTDs/FOTDs as well!

Dee: Thanks dearie!