Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estee Lauder Sale And My Hauls

This is my 1st time at the Estee Lauder Sale and it was actually quite a great and pleasant experience for me! I left my place at 3:25am and got to Renaissance Hotel at 3:45am and I was shocked to see that there were at least 20 people there already in the queue.

My ticket to great shopping bargains

Ascending the stairs to a 'zone of war'....I mean, shopping war
(I was still a bit blur2x and sleepy)

The front liners preparing to 'strike'

I saw my fellow blogger friends, Ayna and Hanna, so I joined them in the queue and we were later joined by Miu and Cai Wing. Soon our shopaholic team was getting bigger and so was the crowd.

Part of our 'battalion'
From left: Miu, Cai Wing, Ayna and Hanna (in the foreground)

Me and part of the 'battalion'
From left: Hanna, Me and Miu

At some point of the long wait, some workers brought out these 2 signs.
Pay attention to the sign on the left..........
Just for a good laugh!!!

By the time it was almost 6am, the whole foyer of the ballroom had been filled. Then some of the Suria Meriang staff started to hand us huge white plastic bags to store our things as well as to be used as shopping bags. And what surprised me was they had hand sanitizers for us to use.

Anyways, at a little before 7am, they opened the door for the 1st batch, that was us and probably another 200 or so more people behind us in the queue to enter.

I headed towards the Bobbi Brown table to get the Bobbi Brown baby set for my little girl as I thought the quantities would be limited. This set cost RM150 (pix below). But to my surprise, they had several boxes of it.

This is my haul for today

When we first entered, we were at a loss of where the things are located amidst the sea of people. We had to ask one guy at the perfume counter where the Bobbi Brown counter was. I mean we were waiting for so long outside while the staff were preparing inside the ballroom. Why can't they just print out a floor plan so that we know where to look for the stuff we wanted. And instead of printing and putting up signs with grammatically-incorrect English (see pix above), they could have printed out signs and put them at the respective counters to make it easier for us to find the counters. I hope someone from Suria Meriang is reading this and take this suggestion into consideration next year.

We wasted quite some time just looking for the counters. And we were supposedly given 1 hour to shop and then check out! This was made worse by the annoying announcement every 10-15 minutes reminding us to check out as soon as we could and later telling us the 1-hour was almost up. REALLY IRRITATING!!! Already we were busy shuffling our way around the sea of shoppers and running around looking for the stuff. We don't need the constant reminder. In a way, it's kinda like telling the shoppers to 'get lost' as we have more people coming in, so give way to them! But I think nobody really paid any attention to the annoying announcements as I saw many people still hunting and sorting out their things at wherever place they could find empty spaces despite numerous announcements not to!! HAHA!!!!

Anyways, enough of some ramblings....

Let's get to my hauls.........guess that's the most interesting part, right?

I was at the Bobbi Brown counter and grabbed 1 baby set, then the palettes - one complete face palette for RM80 and the eye and lip palette from last year's Christmas collection for RM90. I had grabbed the pack-of-3 eyeshadows for RM65 but decided to let it go in the end. The Night Sky eye palette was also on sale for RM90 but I also gave that up due to budget constraint. :((

My Bobbi Brown little only :((

When I got home, my little girl was a bit angry at me until I told her that i got something for her and took out this set, she was so excited and forgot that I had left her earlier in the morning and kept on bugging me to open up the set for her.

Bobbi Brown Baby Nursery Collection (RM150)
I don't know what was the actual retail price.

Bobbi Brown Baby set

Bobbi Brown palettes
Left: Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette from last year's Christmas collection
Right: Bobbi Brown Mauve face palette

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette
The eye palette is on the lower part of the whole palette and it's like a drawer to separate the eyeshadows from the lipsticks. So no worries about powder from the eyeshadows getting on the lipsticks.

Only the lip palette can be seen here after retracting the eye palette into the lower part of the palette.

Next to BB was Clinique and amidst the madness, I think it was Cai Wing who told me that Clinique had many packs-of-2 or 3 eyeshadows and blushes going for RM5-RM10. Wow!!! I ran there and quickly grabbed a whole bunch in different colors (as you can see in the pix below). That was about to be my Clinique haul but while sorting out our stuff, I saw Jess had a pack of 10 Clinique refreshing eye masks for RM50 and I got that as well since now I am beginning to use lots of masks, for face and eyes.

Clinique haul

Clinique eyeshadow trios
I think they were actually samples/testers that the company got extras, and now selling them off at such bargain prices. I don't mind as long as they are still new and untouched! :D

A blush sample for RM5 only!!
And the girl told me this can be blush/bronzer.
So my 1st bronzer from Clinique for RM5???? Hahaha..........*a high-pitched shrilllll*

Eyeshadows at a bargain!!!
Eyeshadow singles - 3 for RM10
Eyeshadow duos - 2 for RM10
I overheard one girl telling her friend, " waa.....Maybelline eyeshadows also more expensive ah.."

Eyeshadows at a bargain!!!

After Clinique, I headed to the end of the hall for Estee Lauder stuff. I saw many people taking the EL set with the cream and blue tote bag which I had just purchased as a PWP set from their counter in May. And I was shocked to see that they were selling it for RM80. All the other PWP sets at the counter were sold at the sale for RM80 each. A super darn great deal. I wonder if they always sell all these sets at their warehouse sale.

The mascara set that was sold at the counters were going for RM50 each consisting of a full-sized mascara, eyelash curler, a small eyeshadow quad and a travel-sized cleansing oil and a shocking pink pouch. And the mascara came in different kinds - Magnascopic, Sumptuous, Zero-Smudge and one more I don't remember. Initially I had gotten 3 sets with 3 different mascaras inside but in the end let go of 2 and got the one with the Zero-Smudge mascara. They had packs-of-3 lipglosses of different kinds and I dug through the pile and found one with the Pure Color Crystal Gloss in 315 Garnet which I had been lemming for.

Estee Lauder haul (top and bottom pix)
And I found my lemming gloss in 315 Garnet. Really pretty color, not too red after applying on my lips. I had seen it at the counter and thank God, they didn't have stock yet at that time. Haha!! If not, I'll bang my head on the wall. Already bought so many LE and PWP sets at the counters and now they were selling for RM80 for each set!!!

2 Signature eyeshadow quads for RM25 per pack (lower right)
I managed to snag one pack from I don't remember who, but when I roamed again, I couldn't find them anymore :((

Mascara set
I got the one with Double Wear Zero-Smudge. But according to the lady, the eyelash curler itself already cost RM80. Yay!!! I got my 1st eyelash curler.
Forget about the RMK eyelash curler, can save my money a bit. Boo!!!

Mascara set

Estee Lauder Shimmering Powder Balls going for half price at RM70.
This is a limted edition from the Summer 2008 Pearl of Light collection.

Comes with a retractable brush but the bottom of the brush was marked with 'X'. :((

If you look closely, you can see that there's dust of loose powder lying around. Like it's been dropped or shaken. Then it's only RM70.
It looks really similar to Guerlain's Meteorites but I think the colors are a little less colorful than Guerlain's. Can't wait to try this. Wonder if I would love this as much as I love Guerlain's!

They didn't have too many skincare at the sale. Miu told me she saw Time Zone set but I didn't see it. May be by the time I found the EL skincare table, most of the nice skincare sets were already gone! :(( Thanks, no thanks to the organizers for not putting up signs!! Again wasted so much time looking for the counters!! All they know is to 'chase us out' of the hall as soon as they can or in my friend's case, kept on scolding her not to sort her things!!! Bloody too much!! But I saw The Perfectionist CP+ Serum for sale for RM210 (normal retail RM320). Such a small discount and decided not to get it!

There were a lot of the Nutritious skincare set on sale though. And the pink one, Lifting and Firming sets.

Anyways, time to go sort things out...............

We gathered at a row of empty tables at the end of the hall before the cashiers and sorted out our things like crazy. It was so crowded and noisy, especially from the annoying announcements!!!! Anyways, I ended up letting go of half the stuff that I had planned to get, including the MAC Little Darlings and lots of BB eyeshadow and blushes :(( *sob* *sob* Now I am really regretting spending so much on Stila only to be treated badly by the people from their management!!!! If only I'd known that I would get the chance to go for the EL sale this year, and there would be so much nice stuffs and great bargains at this sale, I wouldn't have purchased half as much Stila as I had purchased!!!!!

The only thing that made me very happy on top of the many regrets was my decision to purchase the MAC MSF Refined. Thanks to Cai WIng who grabbed a whole bunch of MAC stuff, including several MSFs and when she showed it to me, I saw it was RM63 only, and retail in MAC stores for RM115 (if I am not mistaken). I decided to get Refined last-minute, my very 1st MAC MSF. Not quite sure what a MSF really was, I Google it up and mind, I read so many raves on MSFs in general and the Refined MSF especially. And it's a limited edition!!

My 1 and only MAC haul
MAC MSF in Refined
A last-minute purchase and a little consolation for the so many things that I had to let go.

Then I decided to roam another round, and this time paying more attention to the MAC tables. I actually saw quite a lot of MSFs but since I already got 1, I just browsed through but didn't get more. Now I feel like kicking myself......... And I had brought only cash with me. Darn!!! I will not buy anything off retail for the next year till next year's sale....haha!!! Wishful thinking!!! By fall, all the brands would have come out with their Holiday Collections and my heart will start to yearn and lem for them.

Finally when I was to check out, I saw like the area we used for sorting things out were replaced by huge boxes piled up high to prevent us from using the tables for sorting out!! Haha!! They thought they were very smart but I still saw many girls just inched the boxes aside and continue to do their sorting out there and on the floor......haha!!

After checking out, I found Tutu J sitting at a corner with her hubby and friend. We chit-chatted a bit, then proceeded to join other girls who were seated at the other end of the foyer. As we were walking to join other girls, my phone rang. And it was from Hubby who told me that my little girl woke up and crying for me as she couldn't see, as some of the girls, especially Miu, already known........once my phone rang, *POOF*.......I'd had to 'disappear' like Genie from the Aladdin lamp. I rushed home and reached home by 9:30AM.

Wow! I have never been to a warehouse sale so early and left to reach home this early either with my considerably modest haul....


Anonymous said...

Wow i forgot it was today! And wow again for queuing since 3 plus! At least you got what you wanted. Lots of Clinique i see. All makeup? No skin care?

Anyway, looking forward to your post about them and reviews!


Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

The EL skincare I use were not on sale. And I had planned to buy the Perfectionist CP+ Serum but the markdown was just a little and my budget for today didn't allow me to get it.

I am just starting to get acquainted to Clinique skincare, but the e/s were a super great deal though not in the proper e/s casing. An e/s trio costs RM9 and a pack-of-2, pack-of-3 cost RM10 each.

Will continue writing after being well-rested ;)

babyloveshopping said...

clinique e/s very set is very worth....

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

so fast posting ur haul, von2, hehehhe =D i haven't get my sleep yet since yesterday, sob2 T-T

Sherry said...

OMG.. going so early and sleep less. Hehe.. you are fantastic.

Dee said...

Beautiful haul! Love the Clinique haul I really like those colors.

Anonymous said...

von ar .....u go 2nd time ar?......i wake up at 6 liao wana go 2nd round feeling.......greedy me

tutu j

Vonvon said...

Baby: Yea, I was so surprised by the price and grabbed so many. Now a bit regretting not getting more BB stuff...:(

Vonvon said...

Ayna: I was so excited, that's why quickly took pix and posted some first....more to come...

Vonvon said...

Sherry: Thanks. It's my 1st time and I heard the horrors of getting in late the past years...that's why willing to sacrifice a bit ;)

Vonvon said...

Dee: Thanks dear. I haven't tried Clinique e/s before except at their makeovers. Think they would be nice to use for the day.

Vonvon said...

Tutu ar.....boh lunch time, I konked out liao....watching my daughter and dozing off at the same time. And she kept on tugging at my arms and legs and said, "Mommy, don't sleep, wake up...." Purposely spilled her milk and yelled, "Mommy, look at my milk!" so I had to wake up to clean the spilled milk on the couch some more.....

Serious one ah.....I don't make up all these....

But hor.....regret didn't get more BB stuff and didn't manage to get those EL duos, 2 for RM15 ones.....sob sob.....boh lui ahhh....uwaaa....uwaaaa.....

babyloveshopping said...

what?they sell bobbi brown night sky pallete only RM90?last year RM190...even want buy also no more stock....apalah....ask all counter they say no more suddenly got stock for warehouse only RM90 = =

Vonvon said...

Baby, yea, and they had quite a lot. But finished within an hour or so. I know their palettes are very expensive and the markdown at this sale only so-so nia. But still can save at least RM100 per palette, quite good lor....

Lizzie said...

yea..really irritating tht lady who keep on announcing! i feel like wana take her mic n smash it!! cnt even have a peace on my ears as the hectic environment of those people...she add on somemore noise which is cause us pain in the neck..LOL

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

LOL I didn't notice the grammatical error until u pointed it out here! And I call myself a teacher? Blame it on my fever & lack of sleep. =P

Von, I totally agree with u about the floor plan. At least label each counter so that we didn't have to waste time searching for counters. The ballroom is huge, what did they expect? Other than that, I think the overall management was good.

OMG that 'get lost' announcement! Well lady, if want us to leave early, please consider the floor plan & labeling ideas in next year's event.

Vonvon said...

Hi Lizzie,

Welcome to my blog! And I thought I was the only one complaining so much...;) So indeed there were many who thought the same! It actually made things more stressful and less enjoyable.

Vonvon said...

Hi Hanna,

Hope you are feeling better now.

I wasted quite a lot of time just wondering about looking for the counters. It's not like Benefit where they held it in their office pantry...haha!! That's like the whole ballroom!!! How are we supposed to know where things are, right?

Suziana's Shopaholic Realm said...

Nice haul :) shouldn't you be grabbin' more?? I'm still in confinement but still go for it. hahaha. and then some idiots pushed me from behind at the MAC counter and it hurts and decided to leave; otherwise I might stay longer. I'm out from there by 9am. Really regret it...should have grab more stuffs..

Shan said...

yeah, yeah~...can comment liao~ all i can say is, it's worth the waiting :)

Anonymous said...

You all are tempting me to go for next year's. Gosh. Missed a lot haha...

Nice haul though. Happy using your Clinique e/s'


Anonymous said...

hahaha...ur daughter super la......hahaha....
simi bo bo song n packed....wana sort kana scold but i no care year la ....since virgin for EL sales can aga2 liao from this yr exp hahaha.......

love the sales so much la......

tutu J

Vonvon said...

Suzi, don't taunt nor 'mock' me like that la....already regretting didn't buy the BB e/s and blushes. MAC also I got one item only. :( It's all because of Stila :(!

I really salute you. I still remember myself 1 month after my C-section, I was still having slight pain and weak, hired a 2nd confinement lady to jaga my baby after her full-moon. And here you are, 'battling' away with crowd. You should have shouted at her. Hope your wound is OK now.

Next year will be more prepared! Like Tutu J said, this year, me also virgin for EL sale....hehe

Vonvon said...

Yes Shan, it was really worth it! :)

Vonvon said...

Abby, next year you should try to go.

Haven't opened up the Clinique eyeshadows yet, but will do EOTDs when I have used them.

Vonvon said...

Tutu, yea.....chak bo kau lui, chin bo song. Went home, the mind kept on melayang to the sales and the stuff that I let go in the end while sorting them out.....a bit like a zombie, just like in a trance just thinking of them....tsk tsk....

So really got someone went to you and scolded you ah? Nvm, now we know, next year, we'll be more ganas and 'gertak' them back. Me also virgin for EL sale. We learn from our experience. You read Lizzie's comment? She also wanted to take the mic and smash it.

Tutu ah, I think you are more ganas than me lah... hahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

good mother la you.....i wonder if i have daughter or son liao can be as good as u or not.....i pretty sure 99 % kenot genie home one lor....try bribe thru phone first lor.....say mommy buy alot lot things for dont cry lor....let me buy more first hahahahaha.....


rara said...

Once you own a MSF you can't go back, trust me on this I've gather about 8 already sigh... :(
psst: put petticoat MSF next on your list!

caixiuxiu said...


u r so myself oso dam dam dam dam regret tat i spent so much on STILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! else i will spend o my $$$ on BB n MAC>.wuwuwuw..i even sold my MSF to Jennifer..=.= cos too pokai liao...i din c d BB i wish i can own them now!!!!!

Vonvon said...

Tutu, you think I didn't try to bribe her meh?? I told her I bought many nice stuff for her....think u also were there when I was talking on the phone with her....sigh.....that's part of being a mother, no, a mother who practises attachment parenting, so the kid become like superglue to me lor....

Vonvon said...

Hi Rara,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Oh getting a bit worried that I got my 1st MSF already. ;) And this is the warehouse price. If retail price.....will go bankrupt!

Thanks for the tip. Btw, is the Petticoat MSF a limited edition?

Vonvon said...

Cai, yalor... just feel like wanna say bad words right? I mean Stila brand is good, but the management in Malaysia treated us so badly, right?

Oh, you didn't see the BB palettes? Aiyah, I should have sapu all 1st, but my shopping bag too heavy la. year hope we can be more prepared!

Anonymous said...

wow! BB palettes so nice! And MSFs! Wish i were there. Would have swept all of em! Haha...

Next time must give you shopping list. Haha...if i can't make it.

Remember, FOTDs!


Vonvon said...

Abby: You into MSFs too?? Share your experience with it 'cos I am now to MSFs.

I will do FOTDs...but now need to clear lots of backlogs 1st...;) But I did some Kiehl's reviews as per your requests already. ;)

Anonymous said...


Never tried MSF before. But you all are influencing me! Very very naughty. I am on a makeup ban for now. Bought too much these few weeks!

Baklog is other updates? I know that. Thank you. You did 3 so far right?


Vonvon said...

Abby: Wow!! What have you been buying? Share your hauls.....did you get MAC Color Craft?

Yea, backlogs mean other posts waiting to be written, from my priority list. Think I did 2 Kiehl's reviews so far.

wen said...

wow! u can really shop! i wont be able to finish using all these if i were u... great catch though!

Vonvon said...

Hi Wen,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

:) I don't think I would be able to finish these for a long long time either. ;) But this is not as much as my Stilas....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonvon..

I found your blog when I googled Bobbi Brown. GREAT blog you have got! Your little princess is your biscuit mould~ GORGEOUS!! That Bobbi Brown lip and eye palette you bought at RM90, it's my fave! I wonder when will I get to catch that at such a reasonable price!


Vonvon said...

Hi AnT,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

That Bobbi Brown palette is surely a good deal.