Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freebies For Today.....And A Clinique Promotion

I was at Pavilion this afternoon for lunch and after lunch at Pepper Lunch, I went on my freebie-hunting spree with my little girl in tow, of course! ;)

First, we stopped by to buy the Hello magazine which comes with a free full-sized Revlon nail polish worth RM19! The magazine cost only RM7.90. A great deal!

The free Revlon nail polish in 181 Sandstorm (full-sized)

Next, we went to Bobbi Brown to redeem the sample of their newly-launched cleansing oil, which is soooooo super-tiny. :( And I got only 1. How to use it long enough to gauge the effect of the product? Sigh!! *shakes head* I don't know la....

I guess all the 3 photos above are quite self-explanatory.

And a few days ago, I received a mailer from Clinique, inviting me to go for a skin consultation and redeem a 3-step skincare sample for FREE. And I met this SA, a very nice and pleasant guy I have seen at several Clinique counters around KL. He checked my skin and noted that my skin condition had improved compared to my previous consultation with Clinique a while ago (with another SA). (No, this is not the person who said that my skin condition had improved significantly. The person who commented is a lady.) Anyways, he offered me a demo on the back of my hand with the skincare products that he was going to give me the samples, carefully and patiently explaining each step for the whole process. Then he just gave me a set of the samples plus a small jar of the Turnaround serum to try. That's it!! NO hard-selling involved! I will write this in detail in another post.

And I got all the above for free. The 3-Step Skincare system for type 2 skin (combination-dry), a small jar sample of Turnaround concentrate and they all came in a cute little green reusable bag.
As my dear friend, Miu, wrote, "
wanting to try samples does not make us cheapskate or poor".
And she even linked to this site which explained samples are a form of advertising and promotion.
Kudos to Miu!
And I think the Clinique management must be applying this concept and practising it in their approach to customers. Kudos to Clinique.

The skincare trial set

Cleanser, toner and moisturiser

By the way, the SA's name is Chee Lup and he'll be based at the Clinique counter at Parkson KLCC from this Saturday (18 July) onwards.

Actually, I am not a Clinique user before this but I am beginning to pay more attention to this brand as I notice they have a very good approach to customers! They don't hard sell for sure! You can read my 1st Clinique counter experience here and no hard selling involved!) Of course the brand itself is a good brand but I was just too absorbed and loyal to my dear old Estee Lauder that only lately, I am looking into other makeup and skincare brands.

SOME NEWS.......

Clinique is running their once a year promotion 'Great Skin Solutions @ RM40 each' whereby you can purchase a set of 3 travel-sized skincare products together with a pouch for RM40 each. While stocks last. But they are available at all Clinique counters. There are 4 types of set - Dullness, Blemish, De-aging and Brightening Sets. The Brightening Set will be available in August 2009. Actually, I was so tempted to buy all the 3 available sets just now, just for the cute pouches and the colors of the pouches are so sweet!! Ehem.....but I resisted!! *clap clap for Vonvon* :)

So, if you want to try out some Clinique skincare or you are going off for your summer holiday soon and don't want to pack your full-sized Clinique stuff, here's your chance to grab some great deals!!
(P.s. I don't get anything from writing this. I am just sharing a good deal with you and introducing you to a good SA from Clinique. By now, you should know my stand on good customer service, hence good SAs.)

Good Night!


nia said...

wow RM40 each? sounds like a sweet deal. thanks for the info :)


Vonvon said...

Hi Nia,

Yes, each set costs RM40. You are welcome! :)

babyloveshopping said...

hooo....only RM40?got limit how many set can purchase arr?can buy for present,nice set~~~

Vonvon said...

Baby, no limit. But while stocks last. You can see from the advert....RM40 only....I was surprised Clinique got such promotions!