Monday, July 20, 2009

Kiehl's Party For Readers Of Vonvon's Interests!

Vonvon's Interests is co-organizing with Kiehl's a PARTY for the readers of Vonvon's Interests!


So have you become a FOLLOWER of my blog?

Because that's the NO.1 requirement to enter the contest to stand a chance to be chosen for the party!

Some details of the party.......

DATE: 8 AUGUST 2009, YES, 8/08/09 (SATURDAY)



There will be a video presentation introducing you to Kiehl's, a personal 1-to-1 consultation to cater to your skincare needs as well as bath and body products (Kiehl's has a whole wide range of them!), of course there'll be finger food and drinks served, and last but not least, door gifts for all my guests!!!

Do you want to attend this party with Vonvon?

Here's how..................

Be a FOLLOWER of my blog! And please use the same ID in the Follower list when you leave your comment. *EDIT* REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO BE A FOLLOWER BEFORE ENTERING THIS CONTEST. If you are not a Follower, your comment will still be published but will not be taken into consideration when I choose the winners!

Leave a comment below telling me:

I would like to try Kiehl's products because...............................
(be creative and constructive!)

Don't forget your EMAIL address (VERY IMPORTANT for me to contact you if you win) and where you are from!

And the best thing is I get to choose 25 people, yes, 25 persons with the best slogans, to attend this party with me, so everyone has a very good chance of being selected!!!!

Some rules of this Contest:
1. This Contest is open to everyone residing in Malaysia (MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG 1ST) and MUST be able to attend the PARTY on the date and time state if you are chosen as the winners. No last-minute cancellation or you will be barred from entering any future giveaway and/or contest organised by Vonvon!

And if you have a blog, write a short post about this contest and party with a link back to this post. Then email me ( the link to your blog post. I will visit your blog to check and read the post. :)

3. The closing date for this Contest is 3rd August 2009 (Monday), 12:00NOON (Malaysian Time, GMT +8). After that, I will close comments and pick out 25 best slogans with the help from the management of Kiehl's.

4. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment.

5. You may leave only 1 comment. No spam please! Winners of previous giveaways/contests by Vonvon's Interests are also eligible to enter.
Please help me to spread the word of this Contest by writing about it in your blog, in your Facebook, Friendster or any social networking sites or simply just tell your friends!

6. Depending on the amount of entries, I will announce the lucky winners as soon as possible because I need time to confirm and arrange the details with the organizer. And the winners will have 24 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which I will pick another winner.

Once you enter this Contest, you are committed to attend if and when you are chosen as the winners. NO LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATION OR NO SHOW-UP ON THE DAY, TIME AND PLACE OF THE WORKSHOP. Should you be chosen as the winners but could not attend, please inform me as soon as you receive the notification email so that I can pick another winner at my own discretion!

So what are you waiting for?

Quick, follow my blog and then leave your comments.
And please don't forget to leave your email and location as well!!



Jessica said...

Wow.. Am I the first to comment? I stumbled upon this blog for the first time today and would love to attend the Kiehl's Party.

I would like to try Kiehl's products because their concept looks and feel very different compared to the other beauty brands out there. Somehow, because everything looks a little more "clinical", it seems more credible.

Jessica (email:

Vonvon said...

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your entry.

To qualify for this contest, you MUST be a Follower of my blog as well. It's stated in Rule #1.

Please be a Follower as soon as you can. If you have become a Follower under a different ID, please inform me about it.

Thank you.

azzamoro said...

Hi Vonvon,

I want to join the party. Here is my entry on my blog...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I want to experience myself a quality product with natural ingredient that have been said mouth to mouth by many people. The more I surf the Net and read the review on Kiehl’s product, the more eager I want to have a try and probably make it a must product to be used in my daily routine. As it has variety range from women to baby, and pets as well, I’m sure it is safe and environmentally based and will be loved by everyone who use it. Can’t wait to have a try!!!

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Wish I could join in this party, but too bad I've started working by 8th August. I don't think I'll be KL around that time. =( Have fun girls!

Lisa said...

i wish i could join...but confinement not over yet!! :(

Vonvon said...

Awwwww.....I wish you both could join too, Hanna and Lisa. Then we can meet Lisa! But hope you all can help me to post in your blog for your readers on this Party.

Thanks girls! :)

Lizzie said...

i wana join too~ :) I would like to try Kiehl's products because it is new to me and hopefully it will cures my skin problem too!
my email:
my blog:

Miu said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I have never used Kiehl's before & after reading about their great service, I'd like to give it a try :) especially during workshops! as I believe workshops are a good place to socialize & meet with the faces of Kiehls, while getting to know this brand better and sample some of their star products which I hope will be some of the focus in this workshop for Von's readers. Not only it's fun, enjoyable and a learning experience. I believe it brings customers closer to the brand & it's people. This is one of the main reasons why I love going to workshops and why I'd like to get to know Kiehls better! SO VON pls invite me!!!!

Don't forget your EMAIL address (VERY IMPORTANT for me to contact you if you win) and where you are from!

BRYAN said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I'm a sucker to beauty products hehehe and Kiehl's would probably be my next fave/new post entry. PICK ME! LOL

Jessying said...

aiks i leave my comments yesterday , written an eassy on that!!!!! sob sob hilang liao... *jesss stomp on the floor*

Vonvon said...

Jessying, I didn't see your comment dear. If saw, I would have published. Come on, submit again! And be a follower too, yea.....

Jessying said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I have not use any of their products before and would love to try especially when they are of organic ingrediants which is great. Most importantly I would like to go to the workshop to experience myself their product and able to share the experience with family and friends with the mutliplier effect. Workshop also a good place for us to get to know not only the brand and products but the SA and participants, able to share our experience and suggestions in improving and enchancing our knowledge. I am not only able to empower my knowledge on beauty products as well as in investing relationship with the SA,participants and fellow bloggers (vonvon) out there! And I am trully happy that Vonvon is organising this workshop and able to share this with you (u r such an angel!)

Blogger rocks babe.. who say we need to be writer in order to blog! Anyone can blog! Say yes!

SheTreasures said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I have heard a lot about this famous brand(how it attract the customers with their high rated products), and I am on the verge of ditching my current cosmetic products as I am now starting a new job, a new life, and that I am meeting more people. I want to look beautiful and healthy! And since I am a newbie, I take this opportunity to be the chosen one. It is the once-in-a-life-time platform for me to stand out in the crowd as me looking WOW with Kiehl's products.

Much Love.

Anonymous said...

Trusted brand since 1851,ingredient is under go with pharma and lab, scientifically safe!!That what i want!!

My email is :

akiki said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i'm wondering how organic and effective they are.

Joey said...

I want to go!!!

I want to go becuase they are pharmacy since 1851 and their product range are WIDE! They even have a product line for BABY and PETS!!! Their moto is to produce the product using natural ingredient! What else better than natural ingredient!

My Blog Entry about Von's Kiehl's Party:

Joey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine said...

Voila Von,

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I wanted to try long long time ago... because of my sensitive skin, I have to find a product which fit me in daily using and money wise. I been looking for a good skin care and nowadays due to the skin care I using not suitable, I had lot rashes and acnes problem.

So I hope to grab this chance and meet a new product that might save my skin~!

My email :

And here's my entry blog about it~!

Love ya~!

Vonvon said...

Thanks Joey....saw your entry....the 1st one wasn't published earlier. Sorry for the little glitch. :)

ms.iu said...

Hye Vonvon...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i have tried some of their product and i started to fall in love with...and i guess i'm deeply in love...;).

I'm very looking forward to try other stuffs from Kiehls...and this party wud be the biggest opportunity for me...!!!

Thanks.. ;)


Nor Hidayah said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I am still searching for the best skin regiments that fit my hectic life as a student. With your invite's Von, I think I will be able to explore the wide range of Kiehl's product and finally select the best for my skin type. Even though I am still a student, I personally feel that Kiehl's products are worth for my money I will not think twice to spend my money on them. As for me, the main attraction to this party is the personal 1-to-1 consultation that is very exclusive yet an opportunity not to be missed. I am really hope that I can join this party with u and other friends! =) Thanks a bunch!!

Location: Ampang, KL

akiki said...

hi, please cancel my entry as i'm not available on 8 August.
thx & sorry for troubling you...

nadia said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i need to know which product works best and i definitely hope Kiehl's the one!Oh btw, i'm getting married in two month's time, need to do some scrubbing ;p


Candy said...

Hi Von,

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i was longing to find a finest body/skin care products and i had heard a lot of recommendation and comments from friends about the natural & organic ingredients for their body care... this is a good chance to try out + they give 1 to 1 consultation!!


SaSa said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i have sensitive skin and heard that this product is organic and of natural ingredients. i hope to join you guy to experience and explore the magic of their natural product ! btw i wish to get some sample to try out at home and share with my friend as well ~ thanks

FatiN said...

Hiya Von.. :)

I would like to try Kiehl's products because the brand is still considered to be "new & shiny" in these parts. Although I'm already using their blue herbal range with amazing results, I would love to try more. I also admire their efforts in making a difference to the environment. Someone has to do it right ;). Besides it will be a fun experience to party with you guys.. :) So please bring me along .. :)

Fatin's email :

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonvon,

I have been reading your blog for quite sometime but never join as follower previously. I newly join your blog.

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I always walk pass Kieh1 shop at 1U and really tempted to try their product. In fact, I visited Kiehl 1U but the consultant seems like unable to provide good explaination on their product. I hope to take this opportunity to understand the product better. Thanks.

Prefered email add :

Mimerin3 said...

Hello pretty Vonvon

I would like to try Kiehl's products because The born of Kiehl is pampering.Kiehl pull me from my wrinkle, erased away my flaw , and make me feel confidence in everyway. Keihl is the promise of our beauty! :)

I really want to join this exciting party! Thank you so much VonVon!

My email add :

AhLulu said...

Hi Von,

The reason I want to join is simple. To know more friends and learn more on Kiehl's products. So far I only know the famous product is lip balm ( Which i always want to try). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Von,

I would like to try Kiehl's products because this is the first time I am going to get to know and try out more of these products, so that I know what to get in my next trip to Kiehl's.

At the same time, i hope that I can meet u personally too :).

Nikki said...

Hey hey Von, my entry finally!

I would like to try Kiehl's products as you and so many others have me salivating to do so! The consultation would be amazing as I'll finally know which products are suitable for me and I get to post questions regarding some products that I've sampled. Being able to meet you and the others will be great too! I really hope we get to chat for a longer time this time around.

I really really hope I can make it! Just received news I might have to attend a charity event. Gosh, why must all the good stuff be on the same day? Anyway, I'll give it a shot first. Please don't strangle me.

Janice said...

Hi Von~

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I've heard so many good reviews about Kiehl's yet haven't a chance to try yet. My skin can use some consultation and what's more it's from Kiehl's! Woo... can't wait... :D

Chanana said...

Hi Von..

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I want to know more about Kiehl's especially on their bath products, because as a woman I want to look good ALL THE TIME.. yess all the time baybeh..There's so many question I would like to ask from the Kiehl's staffs like "How can I know my skin type?" or "How to treat dry and sensitive skin?" and I hope by joining this event I will get the secret formula to SMOOTH and HEALTHY skin :)

i will email u once i blog abt your Kiehl's party :D

Mei Ping Chok said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because of my desperate need to know what type of products that I need to use (brightening, whitening, anti-aging, spot reducing, facial scrub .......) to maintain a youthful look even though I have passed the BIG 40 age !!!!

Mei Ping Chok (email add:

jclam30 said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because despite being a MAN and tends not to be so beauty conscious , I have heard Kiehl's for many many years and with my busy lifestyle I never got the time and courage to walk in and asked them. Moreover I am having blemish problems and I am looking and hoping to find product which can cure my problems for years. I have been to beauty salon and paid lump sum of money to sign up the package, its either I dont have enough time to go there frequent enough or the products that they used are not so efficient, I'm still facing the same blemish and oily problem. Therefore I need to look for daily skincare for me to used apart from going to expensive beauty salon!

As a man, I just feel embarass to walk in and enquire more and I do hope to find out and learn about their products and see if this could be my next skincare!

p/s: I'm Jess's friend and she is the one who introduced me to this :) I am excited to find out about this event!

My email is

KC said...

Dear Von,

I would like to try Kiehl's products because i wanna be a hot mama who is radience inside out with Kiehl's natural products.

p/s: I am Candy's friend!


NaNa said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because I have been searching for the most effective products that would help me in my current concern of my skin. When it comes to skincare, first and foremost I would LOVE to use high quality products made from natural ingredients. Chemicals are scary, sometimes. I always will make it a point to do some researches on the chemical contents in a certain products to make sure they are safe to my skin. With Kiehl's magnificent range of natural products, I can worry no more! I have heard many positive feedbacks and I'm dying to have a deeper understanding on its products in the Party (as I believe with 1-1 consultation by their experienced SA I would be more aware of what products suit my skin). And also, most of all, I have been having breakouts for about 2 months now (which is very very depressing as I had never have more than 3 pimples on my face for my entire life! ok, 28 years of life). I am really hoping that Kiehl's is THE solution to my skin problem, right now.

Jessying said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jem said...

I would like to try Kiehl's products because at the age of 20 I should take serious concern of my skin condition and find the suitable skincare. Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and I have heard and read about how good Kiehl is. And this is an excellent opportunity for me to try out.

And frankly I am only 20 yrs old and a student, therefore for many many times I have no courage to walk in the stores (espcially Kiehl's and other expensive looking stores) and I must said thank you for organising this or else I dont even have chance to walk in and try out the products myself until I finished my degree in 3 years time which by that time my skin condition maybe be too late to save it. Thank you once again for creating this opportunity for me to get to know Kiehl's and I hope I am able to spread the goodness or badness *if any* to my family, friends and college mates.

And this will be my 1st time if selected to walk in the stores without worries that the sales personnel will force me to buy things and looked down on me. And I hope to be selected for the party and that I am able to walk in and out with confident and destress mind!!!