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Review: Kiehl's Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser And Exfoliating Body Scrub

UPDATED on August 1 2009 (12AM): I have updated the part on KIEHL'S GENTLY EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB "GRAPEFRUIT" with photos of the scrub itself and the 'scrubbing grains'. Please note that I had taken many photos to try to show you the best I could on the scrub texture and the 'scrubbing grains', but my camera can only do so much.

I am crazy over bath and body products, from shower gels to body scrubs and polishes to body moisturizers....I have loads of them. And my favorite scents for my bath and body products are #1 Rose, of course, #2 citrusy scents like grapefruit and orange, lavender for night time shower and many more.

To show you how crazy I am with bath and body products, I'll show some very personal photos.....ooh la la.... ;))

There's more in the drawers......

OK, let's get down to our reviews.


I received the deluxe sample of this liquid body cleanser (65ml) and had been using it for 1 week during my morning shower. Grapefruit is one of my favorite citrusy scents I like to use in the morning to help wake me up. And I was so happy to get this and also the Grapefruit Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub to try out. This Liquid Body Cleanser contains Plant Protein and Sodium PCA.

This liquid body cleanser, well, is liquid, and feels quite 'thin' in consistency when I pour it out from the bottle. The body cleanser has a clear brownish-yellow color and it gives off a very refreshing citrus scent which fills up my bathroom. This can be proven by the remarks from my little girl...."wow, so orange..." as she took a deep breath and exhaled as she watched me shower. Oppss... a little too much? ;)) Well, the fragrant from the cleanser is refreshing and 'sharp' but not exactly like that of an orange scent. My little girl's vocabulary is still expanding hence she can only equate the scent to that of an orange. But do trust her acute olfactory sense!

I tried foaming up the body cleanser in my hands before washing my body with it but somehow it didn't make too much foam as I'd normally like my shower gel to be. Hence, I had to pour out more cleanser to wash my whole body. However, the strong grapefruit scent faded away as I washed my body with it and left a slight soapy scent with just a faint hint of the earlier strong scent.

So at the end of my shower, my skin was left feeling clean and quite smooth, though I must quickly slather on some body lotion because as moisturized as my skin feels after showering with this, without any body lotion, my skin would tend to become slightly dry especially on my legs and feet. I have such experience with most shower gels except 1 or 2. And after coming out from the shower, I almost cannot detect any of the grapefruit scent on my skin unless I sniff my skin like some sniffer dog.

It may not be a bad thing if you don't like too strong an after-shower scent, say, to interfere with your perfume and or other perfumed body moisturizer. But as for me, I'd like to have some lingering scent from every shower gel I use because scents really can put me in a good mood. Usually, when I am feeling very tired and in a bad mood, I would take a shower with my more strongly-scented shower gel and I would feel much better after.

So I would say that this Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser is a somewhat mild cleanser with a strong refreshing scent which fades after a while. It performs its cleansing job well and not too drying on the skin, unless you already have very dry skin to begin with. It should be suitable for those with sensitive skin but PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONDUCT A PATCH TEST FIRST. Kiehl's products always come with a Patch Test warning to tell 1st time users to test a little of the product on their skin before using it. It's good for those who are looking for a body cleanser which does not leave a strong scent after showering.

And my deluxe sample has only less than a quarter left. Should I fork out RM60 for a full-sized bottle now or wait till I finish at least half of all the shower gels I am currently using first? Decision, decision......

A 250ml bottle of this retails for RM60 at all Kiehl's outlets.


Together with the Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser, I also received a deluxe sample of the body scrub (30ml) which comes in a tube with safety seal (see pic above). Body scrubs are also another weakness of mine as I just love the super-smooth feeling on my skin like my little girl's skin after a nice scrub! Of course, my little girl has super flawless smooth skin and doesn't need any scrub. But at least I can achieve, even temporarily, skin like hers, with good scrubbing. ;))
This scrub has Aloe Vera and Chamomile in it.

This exfoliating body scrub has a thick creamy white texture with 'scrubbing grains' of varying sizes. The Grapefruit scent in the scrub is much milder than that in the liquid body cleanser and has a stronger 'soapy' scent but not too overpowering.

Top photo shows the texture and color of the scrub - think creamy white. Photo was taken with my hand in a position perpendicular to the floor...err, see....the scrub doesn't drip...sorry for poor explanation.

Bottom photo shows how the scrub looked like after I added a few drops of water and rubbed it.
* indicates the coarser 'scrubbing grains'
* indicates the finer 'scrubbing grains' and/or clusters of them

As the texture is rather thick, I added some water to the scrub before rubbing it on my skin. I'd say it's a good scrub if it's not because of some of the coarser 'scrubbing grains' which have rather pointy edges which can be quite scratchy and slightly painful when I rub too hard on my skin. So be warned if you are using this or plan to get this after reading my review. ;)) Use a gentle hand when scrubbing with this!! Guess the "gently" in the name of the product means 'gently rub', and not a gentle exfoliating scrub?

And the after-effect of the scrub?? Smoother and even brighter skin for me!!! While most scrubs also give me a slightly dry feeling on top of the smooth bright skin, this scrub doesn't. It leaves almost no scent on my skin though. :(

UPDATE: I just want to add that after using this scrub, ehem.....this is going to be a bit personal but it's good news for some, especially for MOMMIES with stubborn abdominal stretch marks after giving birth!!!! All right, to cut a long story short and to prevent this from becoming XXX :-P, after scrubbing, I noticed that the skin on my abdomen, as in tummy in layman's term, became smoother and softer to touch, almost like my baby's skin. Of course, the appearance of those silvery-white striae are still there and probably will be there for the rest of my life, but the 'orange peel' feel when I touch or rather I couldn't feel the 'orange peel' immediately after scrubbing! Of course, due to the skin cell turnover, the smoother and softer feel would fade after a few days, but then, it would be time to have another scrubbing!

I have used so many different types of body scrubs/polishes but I have never felt so smooth on the skin of my tummy after giving birth to my daughter. And my stretch marks are more than 2 years old. I couldn't say for 'fresher and newer' stretch marks. New Mommy Lisa, and Mommy Suzi, would you like to try and prove me right?

BUT HERE'S A DISCLAIMER!!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. For your information, I do scrubbing very diligently, at least 2 to 3 times a week, with different types of scrubs from different brands. And I have finished this Kiehl's scrub(30ml tube) in about 2 weeks, with 4 times usage. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT AND/OR IMMEDIATE RESULT AND I WROTE THIS BASED ON MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AFTER USING THE SCRUB! It was totally unexpected for me, but since I noticed some slight improvement to my stretch marks-laden tummy, I thought some of you might be interested to try. That's why I am sharing this with you here.

If Kiehl's would re-formulate this scrub and get rid of the coarser 'scrubbing grains', I think it would be quite a good body scrub.

A 200ml tube of this scrub retails for RM90 at all Kiehl's outlets.

I have also tried the scrub in "Lavender" but only in a small 5ml sachet. It works as well as the Grapefruit, except, it was too difficult to sniff the scent of Lavender from it.

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Sherry said...

good detail :) will come back read again when got time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I love grapefruit! I'd probably go around the store sniffing products if i get the invite. Haha...

Yay for more Kiehl's reviews though! Thanks. Looks like we share the same weakness for Bath and Body products. I think it's a good thing we don't have that Bath and Body store here?

This reminds me, I haven't gone through my Body Shop stuff yet! Oh gosh.

Anyway, looking forward to more good reviews from ya! No pics of the scrub? Hehe...


Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,


Vonvon said...

Hi Abby, the big fan of Kiehl's!

Well, to get the invite, you have to enter the contest 1st, and I have been looking high and low for your entry! ;)

Do you mean the Bath and Body Works store? Wow!! If they'll ever open a shop here, I think that's going to be my 2nd home for sure. It's a mecca for bath and body products lovers!!

The next time I plan to use the scrub, I'll try to remember to bring my camera into the shower. :-P

Come on, Abby, waiting for your entry!

Anonymous said...

wah look like u monopoly ur bathroom hahaha.....


Anonymous said...

Heh heh...I am trying to come up with a good one Von! To get the invite. So must do some head-scratching first to get them mental juices flowing.

Oh, that's right! Bath and Body Works! I'd go mad too! Probably wold try to work there just to get discounts and samples! Haha... Watch out B&BW!

Yes, do do that! I wanna see those granules! Haha...since you said some bits were bigger?

Slowly, trying, thinking...

See ya Saturday!

P.S. do we bring our own brushes? paranoid


HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

"There's more in the drawers..."

And I though that's already too many of a bath products!

Von, does Keihl's have any promo/ sales like TBS? I'm lemming a few of their products and planned to grab those if they're sold for less. =P

Pearl Drops said...

OMG you on earth you get deluxe sample size!!
you are soo lucky! i luv khiel's grapefruit body scrub is da god of all scrub for me..

its thick & creamy and a small amount i can scrub all over..
other scrub just run off easily on wet skin T.T what a waste right..

oh yea i dig bath&bodyworks grapefruit hand lotion smells amazing!

Vonvon said...

Tutu: Yea, I monopoly the bathroom and wardrobe too..hehe!

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

It's nice meeting you today. Too bad didn't get too much opportunity to chit chat with you.

I also think of the same thing from time to time...working for BBW! ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi Hanna,

Sorry for late reply dear.

I am not quite sure if Kiehl's has any kind of sales. They do have promos on certain items from time to time at their outlets. I'll let you know if I know of any. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Pearl Drops,

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Kiehl's scrub is great. I just noticed it did something great to my skin....shall update this post later.....something unexpected! :D

You also like BBW stuff?

Chanana said...

hmm.. would like to try on Kiehl's body scrub ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Von,

Gosh same! I didn't know you had such good skin in person! Wow! Envious!

But yeah, not enough time. And i had company, we had to walk around to buy other stuff. At least you know what i look like now! Haha...

Heh could we not! Probably would get kicked out for over-sniffing and trying products rather than selling though.

Looking forward on that update on the scrub! Interesting news


Vonvon said...

Syaz, Yea, try it. The scrubs are quite good. So can you make it on the 8th?

Vonvon said...

Abby: Thanks, take great care of it and also invested lots in good skincare. ;)

Sherry said...

wow.. I don't know we can scrub tummy. :) I know you have extra seat for Sat sad to see I unable to go.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Yea, scrubbing for tummy area is OK, it's just like when you soap your body, including tummy area as well. Awww....wish you could come...

Amie said...

Wow!! You have really fantastic collection of Bath and Body Works products... I recently got Exotic Coconut body cream from here...

Vonvon said...

Hi Amie,

Thanks. It's the result of crazy accumulation over a period of time. I just can't resist bath and body products and their heavenly scents!