Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator

I have been using the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator from its Ultimate White range for about a month now with twice weekly usage. This is my 1st Kiehl's purchase.

The exfoliator comes in a 150ml tube and has a safety seal. Yea, the SA showed me the safety seal (to prove it's new) before I paid for it. The tube doesn't come in a box like skincare products from many other brands, to be more environmentally friendly, I guess. It costs RM105 per tube.

Texture The exfoliator has a white-colored creamy texture with very fine white exfoliating granules. The granules are so fine that sometimes, they 'get lost' in the thick rich foam! It has a slight citrusy scent which I find quite refreshing but not over-powering and as I rubbed it to make it foam and apply it on my face, the scent usually has faded significantly.

The very first time I used this exfoliator, I had squeezed out quite a huge amount onto my palm and it foamed up so much that the thick creamy rich foam just dripped off my palms as I applied them on my face. The subsequent times I used it, I only squeezed out a tiny amount and after adding a little water and rubbing with my fingertips, it gave enough foam to clean my entire face. (See photos below)

The right amount of the exfoliator for cleaning my face without getting the tight and dry after-cleaning sensation!

And just that small amount (pix above) can produce this much rich creamy foam enough to clean my whole face.
Definitely a little goes a long way.....and very economical too!

I use this scrub twice a week, even though on the instruction, it states that it's suitable for daily use. Wow! Wouldn't exfoliating daily be a bit too harsh on the skin, especially the skin on the face? And the skin on my face is quite thin to begin with, as noted by many makeup artists and beauticians.

After the first use and subsequently every use, I notice that my skin becomes very smooth and much clearer, as in brighter but I couldn't gauge if it's any whiter. Even the open pores and blackheads on my nose seem to be visibly reduced after using the scrub. Sometimes, I have some fine oil seeds on my cheeks which are not quite visible but could be felt when I just run my fingers over them, but after using this for about a month, the skin on my cheeks has definitely become smoother with just an occasional oil seed here and there. It must be all the exfoliation removing the surface oil seeds and all the sebum clogging my pores! Haha!

However, as noted by some users, after cleaning and rinsing off the foam with water, I do experience a slight tightness on my skin, especially that of on the cheeks on top of the clean smooth skin.

To overcome this problem, I vary the amount of the exfoliator used each time. As mentioned earlier, the first time I had used quite a huge amount, about double the amount shown in th photo above, and though I ended up with a clean smooth face, I had to put up with the dry tight sensation. I quickly apply toner, serum and moisturizer and everything went back to normal. Then, I used lesser amount during the subsequent usage and finally, found the right amount to use which gives the minimal and almost no feeling of tightness after cleaning! That is, as shown in the photo above. Using slightly more than as shown still gives me some of the tight feeling.

But of course, this amount is used on my face. You may need to vary the amount you use accordingly depending on the size of your face, and perhaps even the condition of your skin - dry or oily.

Good luck to those who are trying and want to try out this product!! I'd say it's a good investment for your skin as well. And you can always go to any of the Kiehl's outlet and ask for a sample or 2 of this exfoliator to try before taking the plunge!

Psssttt........I'll be co-organizing a party with Kiehl's for you, my dear readers..........and I already got the details and will announce them soon .....
Stay tuned and follow my blog quick!! :D


ms.iu said...

omg.. i bought this last saturday after i saw your post..and read review from Paris and Beetrice.. i'm currently using this...if i'm not mistaken for 4 times (as evening cleanser).LOL..and truth to be told..for only 4 times i do notice..some changes on my complexion!! hopefully till end of this tube..hehhe.

nway.. i love to join your party..waiting for your annoucement.. ;)

Shan said...

I agree with you that some skin are just too "fragile" to be exfoliated daily although certain skincare claims that the product is mild enough. It depends on the user's skin condition too perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Yes! The post i have been waiting for! Thanks for it Vonvon.

I just tried it a few days ago too. The sample you gave me that is. And i think i used too much! And too little water. I just dripped some water and then put it straight on so there wasn't lots of foam. That made it a bit tight on the skin. Must use less next time.

Thanks lots for the tips! Should have waited for this before using haha...

Very cool about the open pores and blackheads bit. Will look to see if i encounter the same benefits.

And yeah i do think as well that daily use is too much? Unless you use less than what you showed in the pic? Wonder if that would help.

Will look out for your party details! Sounds like a blast!


Miu said...

the suspense is killing me!!!

That's the white range collection right? i have been staring at the posters outside the Kiehl's 1utama store for 1 week now. I don't see any signs of sampling program, so I dare not go in and ask to try anything.

Shall wait until your Kiehl's party to test the products :)

prettybeautiful said...

i got a pack of the sample too, it really works its magic. would consider to buy if i am satisfied with my exp in kielhs. oh yeah, i called the kielhs mv, again, the SA who served me was not working as she is a part timer there. so i have no idea when she will be back. the guy who picked up the call (david) said i only have a week to get it changed! i told him was busy and MV was not quite convenient to go for me, then he said: oh so, give me your name and contact, i will extend the deadline to next monday to u.

is it true tht we can get items changed within 7-14 days in kielhs?

Vonvon said...

Hi ms.iu,

Glad it is starting to show effects after the initial few usage. Good luck!

I'll announce the party soon.....:)

Vonvon said...

Hi Shan,

Are you back in KL already? :)

Yep, the decision to exfoliate really depends on the person's skin condition. But I still feel daily exfoliation, even mild polish is a bit too much. It could leave one's skin very dry and flaky in the long run. Unless of course, if your skin has been neglected for too long, then may be some kind of exfoliation for, say...3 days in row, might do wonders for the skin!

There's not any clear rule when it comes to this, I suppose. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

Yea, indeed this post is for you ;P

I should have written this earlier but you know, to me, writing a product review is a serious thing, as I have to be fair and neutral and report everything and every detail on the product - taking the time to check its pros and cons. Because it might affect/influence consumers' decision.

And I still wouldn't advocate daily exfoliation, unless you have neglected your skin for too long as I have mentioned in the previous comment, and for very mature skin.

I read somewhere a very good post on whether you should exfoliate daily but I couldn't find it now. I'll update the link in the post when I find it.

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Yea, that's one of the products from their Ultimate White range.

Hehe....suspense can be sometimes very attractive!! :P

Vonvon said...

Hi prettybeautiful,

Good that you got the guy's name. Well, I am not sure about Kiehl's return policy. But normally, their return and exchange policy should be printed at the bottom of the receipt. Definitely, you'll have at least 7 days, unopened and with receipt. You should check with them.

Here I quote from their Information Catalog, page 3: Return Policy
"Should you ever buy anything from us that is not pleasing to you, you may return any of our products to the original point of purchase. For our book keeping purposes, we respectfully request that you include the sales receipt."

No mention of any time frame though.

Guess if they try to be nasty, you could always take their Information Catalog and point it out to them. :)

Good luck!

Sherry said...

wow..not try this before. price sound ok.

amping said...

Hi Vonvon,

I found your blog very helpful. A couple of days ago, I checked out the Kiehl's store here in the Philippines and I found the products really interesting; and I've heard really good reviews about the brand per se.

I got the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator but I have yet to try it out. I would like to ask for your advice because my skin has been breaking out and i have really big zits, not to mention dark spots from precious acne. I have a set of medicines from the dermatologist that I apply. But I want to get rid of the spots to even out my skin. What's a good kiehl's product?

Hope to hear from you soon!


Vonvon said...

Hi Marfa,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I am glad that my blog is of some help to you.

I wouldn't want to advice you. But in my opinion, I think it would be wise to let your break outs clear off first before using the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator. I don't know what your dermatologist had prescribed for you, I presume some topical antibiotic cream/anti-inflammatory? Try to follow your dermatologist's advice 1st.

Then, when your break outs are healed, you might want to try Kiehl's Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion which is a scrub; and Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment after cleansing.
BUT please do NOT combine the use of these 2 with any anti-acne medication you are currently using.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a medical advice. Please refer to a physician or dermatologist for any further advice. As with any product over-the-counter, please ask for some samples to try out and REMEMBER to do a skin patch test beforehand.