Saturday, August 15, 2009

FOTD: Nude And Meeeoooowww

Wow!! And how is it that nude look can be catsy as well??? ;)

Well, there's been some talk about going nude lately, in terms of nude makeup, of course! So, I decided to experiment with some nude looks from the existing cosmetics I have in my collection. Hopefully, this can save some of you some money instead of paying a few hundred Ringgit just to learn how to do some nude makeup. OK, I am no professional when it comes to doing makeups but I would like to share with my readers what little I know and I have learned from reading many makeup blogs and by observing makeup artists at work!

OK, must be wondering what I am trying to show you today. Nude and catsy? Oh well, Meeeooooowww here refers to Stila's Kitten! Kitten Silk Eye Shadow Wash and Kitten Shimmer Gloss! Yes, I tried doing a nude look using these. Not some cat's eyes look.

Products used:
-Stila Kitten Silk Eye Shadow Wash
-Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Tiger's Eye
-Estee Lauder Turbolash Mascara
-Stila eyebrow definer in Coffee
-Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in 121 ENCHANTED BRONZE
-Stila Kitten Shimmer Gloss
-Anna Sui Control Color Primer UV (sample)
-Stila Angel Lite Compact Foundation in shade c

Let's start with prepping my face. After skincare, I applied Anna Sui Control Color Primer UV as a base. This is a pinkish lilac colored cream with a very light texture and has a beautiful tea rose scent characteristic of Anna Sui products. Pleasant! This primer made my complexion brighter and managed to provide some coverage for the redness on my cheeks and even made the pores around my nose less visible. And it has some shimmer which makes my face glow a little.

Then, I just dabbed some Stila Angel Lite Compact Foundation in shade c lightly all over my face to get better coverage and for a more dewy flawless complexion.

And now, the Nude Look starts with............

The 3 main items I used for this nude look

I didn't use an eye base for this. I applied Stila Kitten Silk Eye Shadow Wash directly from its doe-foot applicator onto my lids up to the crease. It gave a little cooling feel as I applied it on my lids. Then I just dabbed and blended it with my finger. I used Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Tiger's Eye to line my upper lash lines and finished off with Estee Lauder Turbolash Mascara. Of course, I defined my brows with Stila Eyebrow Definer in Coffee.

Then, for the lips, I just applied Stila Kitten Shimmer Gloss 2 coats. Done!!

My Kitten nude look with Clinique's Blush/bronzer on my cheeks

But since I looked rather pale at that time I did this look, I decided to test out my Clinique blush/bronzer I got for RM5 at the Estee Lauder Staff Sale last month. It's my first blush from Clinique and my first so-called bronzer as well. And also my first time trying out a bronzer! I haven't tried out any bronzer before this because I wasn't into the tanned look and I had read that for skin tone like mine, bronzer might make my cheeks look 'dirty'. Boy, was I so wrong......

My first Clinique Blush/bronzer which I got for only RM5, without the casing of course. But who cares? It's only RM5 and it's encased in some plastic cover anyways.

Look at what a blush/bronzer did to my look...........

Just some light gentle stroke of the blush with Stila brush #24

Face Of The Day

What do you think of my 1st attempt at nude look?
Any suggestion for further improvement?

Coming up next.....STONEd look!


Janice said...

not bad... looks natural and flawless... the brow can be slightly darker... :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Janice,

Thanks for the suggestion! Actually I am not very pro at doing brow yet. Just learned to draw my brow from Lilian not so long ago. That's why taking it easy for fear of looking like some Chinese opera character. Haha!

Jessying said...

eh , look very clean face, like nude... however if u can make it nude ALL... i sure nose bleed..kekekeee...

anyway the blush colour looks just nice for the nude look!

BRYAN said...

hehe i prefer pink blush for a nude look ... but this is fine too hehe very flawless :)

Miu said...

nice! i can't wait for u to teach us the nude make up at our pajama party!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the nude look with bronzer,
btw without the blinking blinking eyeshadow this nudelook create a fresh clean face .

Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

Yea, I kinda liking the blush more, and what a good deal it was!

P.s. I'll bring you some gauze to pack your bleeding nose the next time. ;P

Vonvon said...

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have too many blushes, not really a blusher person.

I'll try that the next time. :)

Vonvon said...


Awwww.........of course I will impart all my knowledge to all of you at our exclusive-for-us party! Girls, bring along your Kittens and/or any natural shade eyeshadows that you think look boring! We'll play and experiment!

Vonvon said...

Hi Junemoon,

Thank you. Appreciate your comment and suggestion a lot. I'll try to use some matte natural shade eyeshadow (no bling bling) next time I play with some nude look. :)

gio said...

Love it, looks flawless! I prefer pink blushes for a nude look too but the one you used is perfect too.

Vonvon said...

Hi Gio,

Thank you for your suggestion. Will definitely gonna try a pink blush with the look!

Anonymous said...

ya...look nice...u shud try more bronze look....i always like bronze look.....maybe u can add abit ur MSF ( MAC)....abit nia hor....if day....nite can add more abit....for more glowy a highlighter....von i try liao very SUI add that ......

tutu J

Sherry said...

look very nice :) anyone tell you, you looked like a hong kong celebrity? can't remember her name.

Vonvon said...

Hi Tutu,

You are so nice. Thank you for your suggestions. Really need to bring out my MSF and start to experiment with it.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

You are very kind. Thank you. Yes, indeed many people told me that. :) It's Winnie Yeung, right?

Sherry said...

hehe.. I forget the celebrity name :) I google and saw the photo thats her YES YES !!! :)