Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Lips Of The Day(LOTD)

I have done quite a number of EOTD/FOTD posts. Besides eyeshadows, I have lots of lippies (a term which I will use to describe either lipstick or lipgloss in general) as well.

And so I decided to start a Lips Of The Day posting to highlight some of the many lippies which I own. LOTD will not be a frequent posting because most of the FOTD posts would also see me describing the lippies, whether lipstick or lipgloss or both which I used to complement my look. Honestly I don't have a particular favorite lippies. I will use any type of lippies that I feel like using and which I think would suit the colors of my makeup in general on a particular day.

So, let's start with some lipglosses which I have been using lately.....

Estee Lauder LipGloss in Lotus Blossom from the Summer Vivid Garden 2009 Collection with a Boots #17 Deep Red gloss

The Estee Lauder Lotus Blossom (Limited Edition - RM70) is a very pale pink color which makes my face look pale all-over when applied on its own. It has a thick but smooth creamy texture which makes its application easy but I tend to put too much on my lips making it slightly sticky at times. The applicator is of the brush type. And the formula of this gloss, unlike other Estee Lauder glosses, does not dry up my lips after a while.

However, one day, I decided to apply Lotus Blossom over a very dark red lip gloss I have from Boots #17 Collection(see pix below). It's a tiny-weeny 2ml-sized bottle of lip gloss of which I have another 9 more in various shades in a gift set I had purchased from Boots, of course, last Christmas. I had not really used it because I thought it was too red. It also applies a bit like a lip stain. (Sorry I don't have individual swatches of each.)

As you can see i the photos above, I had applied the Boots lip gloss 1st, then followed by Lotus Blossom. What do you think of the combo?

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss in 315 Garnet (RM70)

I first tested out this gloss at one of my favorite Estee Lauder counters, and I fell in love with it because of its rich color despite it being a lip gloss. It's a red but not too bright nor dark a red! Well, Estee Lauder has many lip glosses which are actually quite pigmented.

But unfortunately....or in the end, I should say, fortunately, at that time, they were out of stock at the counter. About a month later, I went to the Estee Lauder Staff Sale and as you know, there were quite a lot of bargain and one of the great deals was packs-of-3 (2 lippies and 1 shimmer eye base) going for RM70 per pack. Amidst the crowd and madness, I managed to rummage through the huge stacks of those bargains and found a pack-of-3 which contained my lemming 315 Garnet!!! Hahahaha!!!! Boy, wasn't that really 'fortunate' that the gloss was OOS at the counter then. If it was available at the counter then, I bet you could imagine what I would have done..and worse, what 'venom would I have spitted out at the sale' ...hahahaha *evil laugh*!!

Basically I paid for the price of the gloss and got 2 extras for free, though it's other products (a High Gloss in Peach and an Eye Shimmer in Sand Pearl).

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Marina Pink from the Nautical Collection 2009 (RM68)

I had purchased this during my personal workshop for some of my blog readers at Bobbi Brown Pavilion store a while ago. As the name would have described it, it's a dark reddish pink color in the bottle but applies almost sheer pink on my lips. It does impart some degree of glossiness and shine to my lips and does keep my lips moisturized for a long time as long as I don't eat or drink, in which case, any lippies would just fade. But the moisturization effect does last quite a while. And this gloss doesn't dry up to form a whitish layer around my lips. I use this mainly on the days when I prefer to keep my makeup to the minimum. So I just apply this and off I go.........

What do you think of my 1st Lips Of The Day post? Any suggestion for my improvement when writing future posts? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below.


Joey said...

I like the BB one. Makes your lip look natural and juicy!!! Wanna have a bit on it :D

Jessying said...

so yummlicious and and looks the kissability is so high nowwwww

Sherry said...

I like the first one :)


Shan said...

I think eyes are more often highlighted because they catch others' impression first. For those who think their best feature is their lips, will definitely find posts on LOTD to be very helpful.

Shan said...

Oh, before I forget, I notice you have well-shaped lips, very nice! For me, my lips are not very nice and they're sensitive so I have to be careful in choosing lip products. However, I would like to learn how to wear red lippies because they're so classic and sezy :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Joey,

Slurp..slurp..Thanks dearie, I think they still have them at some of their outlets, but it's LE.

Vonvon said...

Wow, Jess, what are your criteria to judge 'kissability'? ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks....that was an experimental one ;)

I think I shall do more LOTDs now that I see quite a bit of response to it. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Shan,

I don't think my lips are my best features honestly. But I have too many lippies hence in order to pay more attention to them, I thought of this, as explained. :)

Red lippies?? Let's see.... I think I have a couple of really red ones....but I hardly wear them alone, usually toning it down with some gloss.....Well....taking this as a request from you..... Coming soon!

gio said...

I love the first one, the color is very pretty!
You have beautiful lips!

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

i looove this post, since people always post about eye makeup... i want the BB gloss tooo, the colour is sooo lovely ^_^ btw vonvon, what do u think of the BB shimmer brick??? since you have it, could you do a little review about it 4 me??? i'm interested to get the shimmer brick in nude but not sure whether it will complement my look or not... thanks dear ^_^

Vonvon said...

Hi Gio,

Thanks. :)

I happened to think of this combo because the Boots gloss was a tad too red and the EL gloss was a bit too pale. Combined them both.....VOILA! :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Ayna,

Thank you. I shall try doing more LOTDs :)

Regarding the Shimmerbrick, I have the one in Platinum Pink. OK, I will review it soon. For now, I can say that besides acting as a highlighter, certain strips of color in the Shimmerbrick can also double up as eyeshadow, albeit a shimmery one - good for highlighting under the browbone, inner corners of the eyes.

Jessying said...

Vonvon : ur lips shape is like luv luv shape. , not too thin or thick.. just so nice! oh well.. should ask ur hub by rather than me maaa

Anonymous said...

i think i prefer the EL ones. the BB is nice, but looks like you just put gloss on your natural lips. that's what i think anyway. but, i still like it! and the whole post! you should do more!


Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

Thank you....mmuuuuaaaakkkksssss!!! :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Abby,

Thanks dear, for the encouragement! I will try to do more.