Monday, September 28, 2009

Clarins Power To Try Workshop Is Back.......

.....Exclusively for loyal readers and blog followers of Plusizekitten!

After the successful full-house workshop in August, Miu is back again to organize yet another Clarins Power To Try Workshop, this time with "Clarins Magic" as well. And what's "Clarins Magic"?? Read on.....

Here are some details........(taken from Miu's blog):

Clarins Power To Try Workshop

Venue: Clarins training Centre, Amoda Building, KL.
(opposite Berjaya Times Square, behind Lowyat)

Date: 31st Oct, 09 (Saturday)

Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm 15 pax
AfterNoon: 2.00pm - 5.00pm 15 pax

Workshop Fee: FOC & only by invitation to Plusizekitten followers
F & B : not included

Doorgifts: Yes + Complimentary makeover/Eyebrow Trimming + 50% discount on 1st Time Trial Facial Treament (only at KLCC Isetan Clarins).

Learning: Skincare + Easy Make Up Touch Up "Clarin's Magic".

Invitation List
*priority- open to those who missed the previous workshop

Head over to Miu's blog now for details on how to secure yourself a place. ONLY for followers of PSK blog!

Hurry up, as places are limited!


Miu said...

thanks Von! :) i think you're very excited to learn about the "Clarin's Magic!"

Honey B said...

hehehe dont forget to to the review after the workshop.. tak boleh joint la kali ni.. huhuhu rugi

Hani/Honey B

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

You are welcome. You know I am always very excited when it comes to makeups! :D

Vonvon said...

Hi Honey B,

Thanks for your comment.

Sure, will definitely review the workshop.

Zoeyhanz said...

after i read ur post n go to Miu's blog, it's ady full, din got seat ady..
haiz..too late ady~ haha

but exciting for the coming of 'walk for pink' this saturday~haha~

abby said...

Wah going again dear? Why not for Session 2? I'll be there. Haha...

Vonvon said...

Hi Zoey,

See you on Saturday...

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

Yea, saw your name in the afternoon session... I'm afraid I'll be too sleepy in the afternoon. ;)

abby said...

You morning person you. Gong to nap with the lil one i'm sure.

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

Been trained to be a morning person by the lil' one. No, lil' one doesn't really take her siesta but just like to spend my afternoon relaxing whenever possible....

Zoeyhanz said...

haha~ ok ok^^
c u^^
but do u still can recognize me or nt...
c u^^

Vonvon said...

Hi Zoey,

I think I can still recognise you....I have your pix.....:)