Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 5 - STRESSED! (Updated)

UPDATED (10:30PM on September 12, 2009): Last night, I was just too tired to do an update to my Day 5. But after going out for lunch at Midvalley(MV) Megamall, things didn't turn out to be as bad. Well, my stress level definitely went down a bit.....scroll down to read what happened!

I don't know how long can I last in this Challenge....NO, I don't mean that my resolve is so weak that I can't resist the temptations of shopping!

But right now, my stress level is sky high and I need to do something to reduce the level to normal. So what can one do to decrease his/her stress level??? RETAIL THERAPY, of course!!! It's also some form of THERAPY, you know?

So between the Challenge and its prize of RM200 worth of Anna Sui products, and my soaring stress level..............????????????

I'll leave you to that and I am going to test out my MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundations in NC 20 and NC 25 on my bare face right now before heading out to lunch...........

UPDATE: So I tried on MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundations in both shades as mentioned above, took a whole bunch of pix to compare then decided to go out with NC 20. Honestly I hardly noticed any difference. I will write another post on this.

So, I decided to go to MV for lunch. When I got there, I just didn't know what make me call a friend of mine who happened to be at MV as well. So I met up with her and together we went for lunch.

To cut a long story short, we dropped by Clarins counter at Metro MV as my friend wanted to collect her 2 samples which was promised from a previous Clarins workshop and there, they were preparing for an event to launch the new Clarins Nude Inspiration and some of their SAs told us to join in the event. Basically, we got to have a simple makeover using the newly-launched makeup collection. I was half thanking my lucky star that I had missed the bigger event at Isetan KLCC on Thursday but at least, got to try out the new collection, albeit in a smaller scale and NO goodie bag was given to us :((!! SO UNFAIR!!!!!

Then, my friend and I just walked around MV and went for some freebie-hunting. I brought along the September 2009 issue of CLEO magazine with me, so I went to the Clinique counter at Metro MV to custom-fit my 7-day foundation sample(an exclusive CLEO offer), but actually, I have also received a postcard from Clinique inviting me to any of their counter to do the same. But the SA at this counter didn't take the time to explain to me the types of Clinique foundations there were, and just proceeded to choose the Perfectly Real Makeup foundation for me. She color-matched it to my skintone (shade #64 beige...don't remember the full name and coding for the foundation) and gave me a minute miserable amount. I am quite new to Clinique so I'd appreciate it somewhat if the SA would just spend a few minutes to introduce some of their wide range of foundations to me. I had to come home and Google up to find out more on Clinique much for good customer service!

Then, we went to Guardian to redeem the Montagne Jeunesse mask with the CLEO magazine voucher. I got the Strawberry Souffle face mask.

Before we left, we decided to drop by the Dior counter at Metro MV again hoping to score some samples of the new Diorskin Nude foundation since Joey did tell me that there was this SA/MA at this counter who was really nice. And really nice indeed he was, in fact, 'really nice' was a little understated to describe the service we received from this SA. It was excellent customer service, and most important, we really felt welcomed and valued even though we didn't purchase anything.
He patiently explained the benefit of the new foundation to us, let us try its texture on the back of our hands, and then color-matched a suitable shade for us on our face. We were both matched to the shade 023. But unfortunately they didn't have sample in that shade, but the resourceful SA actually proposed that we could blend shades 020(lighter than 023) and 030(darker than 023) to get a shade as close to shade 023 as possible. He actually demonstrated for us and voila! Indeed we got a shade very similar to shade 023. But we need to experiment with the amounts of each of the foundation when we want to use it to get the shade we want.

So, with the freebies I got yesterday, I went home a much happier person with my stress level dropping slightly, but that's not all.......since the 'bad' Mommy didn't bring her little girl out with her for her freebie-hunting trip, Yours Truly had to put up with some crap before finally coming home to my home sweet home and collapsed from exhaustion......


Anonymous said...

Wow for foundations! I too got similar treatment at Clinique. Not the same counter though. The lady seemed not to know about the promo too. Then just brought out one bottle and tested a little on my chin and started squeezing into the little jar. Didn't try other shades too. Why oh why...

Oh i so want to try that Dior foundie! Looks so darned good on Monica Bellucci! I hope it will make me look like her. Haha....wishful thinking..

Anyway, glad you got such great service at Dior. Isn't it such a wonderful pick-me-up when we are treated with respect and not looked down upon.


Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

I think I am gonna use the postcard invite and go to another Clinique counter where my fav SA works to try and get some other types of foundation to try out.

Dior service at this particular counter(this SA esp) is truly remarkable. Can't say for other counters though cos haven't tried them out. That definitely made my day! :D

akiki said...

it's so good for you to get those samples~~
I went to guardian on friday but the promoter was not there....
tried to get Anna Sui's foundation sample&Estee Lauder's but failed...
caused me so down that I did not went back to redeem the Montagne mask...... :(

abby said...

Hey Von,

Haha think we can do that? How come i didn't get the postcard. Man! I use Clinique too. Sigh...

akiki, I believe the Estee Lauder samples were until the end of last month weren't they not? Anna Sui is out in 1 Utama. I checked last week. Was so pissed.

Vonvon said...

Hi akiki,'s such a shame you couldn't get the samples. I know how annoying it's like when we go to try redeem something, and that counter has just 1 SA and she happens to go on a break....really makes me very angry! Try to redeem the Montagne mask again 'cos it's still valid, while stocks last.

YJia said...

Hi Von ^^
I think may be u can go 2 Jusco Mv next time for your foundation redemption coz i heard the service there was good and some of my fren they even can get 2 different kind of foundation ^^
But may b u'll hv 2 gv them a different ic number and name when u're going 2 redeem it coz they will key in ur details b4 they gv it 2 u. Means that they can check whether u had redeem the samples b4 or not ^^

and the Diorskin nude foundation samples ,can we just go to any counter and ask for the samples ?if yes then i think i will rush 2 the counter and redeem it faster...haha...

Abby : actually u can get the M-voucher from . there's two m-voucher , one is the foundation n another one is the man eye cream .

and another thing is actually we can get a free 10-day supply of foundation from any Estee Lauder counter ^^ it's from the "Estee Lauder Signature Services" ...the services includes the i-match color system , find ur fragrance scent,ur skin solution...i just got one foundation dat day ^^

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

My comments were a little mixed up, I guess....But YJia already replied you. Thank you YJia! :) I agree that they have our record so they might check against what we had redeemed. No harm trying....after all, consumers always have the rights to try/sample before we buy. But many Malaysian retailers, even companies representing these brands here, cannot understand this simple concept of advertising and marketing.

Vonvon said...

Hi YJia,

Thank you for following my blog and thanks for sharing some info with us here. :)

I have heard that the Clinique counter at Jusco MV has good customer service and generous as well.

As for the Diorskin Nude foundation samples, I had gone to the Dior counter at Metro MV on the recommendation of my friend. I guess no harm trying if you are really interested in that foundation. Look for Nic.