Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EOTD: Clarins Colour Quartet For Eyes #40 Les Mordores - Forest

Well, as promised, the new eye look I had spotted yesterday, using the colors from Clarins Colour Quartet For Eyes #40 Les Mordores - Forest, a palette with forest-y greens to copper and golden light brown shades.

I know it's not morning anymore, but forgive's not my fault......but the stupid IZZI net went into some kind of 'multiple organ failure syndrome' since the past 1 week........and this morning was no exception.

Basically this EOTD/FOTD used all Clarins cosmetics.

Let me start with the base and foundation. I mixed Base Comblante, Instant Light Complexion Perfector and True Radiance Foundation SPF 15 in 03 Soft Ivory together and applied the combo on my face, except the eye area. I was just being lazy. Of course, it would be better if I had applied the Base Comblante first, followed by the Complexion Perfector, then the foundation - coverage would be better. After that, I dusted on face powder from the face powder/blush duo from the Autumn Nude Inspiration Collection....the one with the paddy stalk design.

Then, it's time to put on the eye makeup. I decided to be different this time, as I was making up for 2 functions yesterday - in the afternoon, was the Kiehl's-YAWA launching of the Biodiversity Camp for children, while at night, a dinner reception.

I started with Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base (photo above), hoping to get a long-lasting smudgeless makeup that can last till dinner time. I chose the Clarins
Colour Quartet For Eyes #40 Les Mordores - Forest, since I hardly use this kind of color for my eye makeup, and I wanted to have some kind of Oriental look.

Clarins Colour Quartet For Eyes #40 Les Mordores - Forest

#04 Lovely Rose and #10 Vanilla Beige monocolour eyeshadows as highlighter.
The former shade for highlighting the inner upper part of the lids, while the latter for highlighting the outer upper part of the lids.
I have been advised not to use too much pink tone/shade as eyeshadow and/or highlight as it would accentuate my puffy eyelids even more.

Eye Of The Day

- I started by applying the dark olive green shade from the Forest palette on the outer part of my eyelid to about halfway inward, then the copper shade (3rd shade from left) from the inner part outward to halfway meeting the dark olive green shade. Applied the golden light brown in the middle where the 2 colors met, then blend them.
-Highlighted the upper part of the lids with 2 colors: #10 Vanilla Beige on the outer part, and #04 Lovely Rose on the inner part.
-Curled the lashes before lining the eyes. Instead of lining on the upper lids, this time I lined on the waterline, and on the lower lids, also on the waterline only. Then I used the same dark olive green shade to soften the liner on the lower waterline.
-Applied mascara in brown color and used Eye Fix to prevent smudging.
-Then, defined the brow with the eyebrow pro kit.

Eye Of The Day

Face Of The Day

Cheeks: Blush #40 Coral
Lips: Joli Rouge Lipsticks #702 Rose Sorbet for the upper and lower lips and #712 Baby Rose for the middle part of the lower lip. (See swatches of the 2 lipsticks below)


Shan said...

nice EOTD make-up! love how the colours blend together :)

Miu said...

wow the combo on your eyes, the colors is very nice O_O so this is what you were wearing the other day! you looked natural but still great for a gala dinner.. (no wonder u looked set for a big dinner that day.. i was thinking oh my.. von is here to dress n impress!)

hey can mix those 3 face base items above? i have not tried mixing it yet, but according to XXX make up artist, base+foundation = tinted moisturiser! kaka...

Jean said...

nice to meet u on the Be the Change event.. din chat long with u, I'm kinda shy..=p

Vonvon said...

Hi Shan,

Thanks. Trying to be more adventurous with colors now and also taking the advice of several makeup artists who are telling me to use colors other than my fav pinks and purples, as these fav tend to accentuate my puffy eyelids.

Vonvon said...

Miu dear,

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone....kakaka...;)

Glad you like the combo of colors.

Well, as for mixing the 3 together....was just being lazy, but of course can still be done. For better and more long lasting coverage, I think it's still best to apply 1 product at a time and layer them.

Vonvon said...

Hi Jean,

Glad to meet you the other day. Don't be shy la...I don't bite ;P

Sherry said...

hehe... so pretty, I think you master in make up already. :) I am still learning.. lol.. not sure yet how to blend them.

abby said...

Ooo...nice neutrals. Natural look.

Wah so many people went for the event? Didn't know who was who also. Haha...

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks, but I am not a master. I still have a lot to learn. Just need to practice and practice how to blend.

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

Thanks. :)

Marce said...

That's such a pretty EOTD! I love warm, earthy colours. The palette is gorgeous too!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I wish I have the time to make-up my face like that too! You can be a freelance beautician!

Vonvon said...

Hi Marce,

Thank you. Will experiment more with colors from this palette in future.

Vonvon said...


I know what you mean, only lately I get to have more opportunities like this to makeup (by sending my little girl to my mom's. Haha!)

Thank you for your words of support. You got me thinking....may be I should take up some part-time makeup course, as a hobby first....

P.s. If you want, we could hang out some day, and play with makeups and our girls can play together. My girl feels quite lonely at home sometimes.

YJia said...

wow~ Von u look so fabulous in ur EOTD ^^
I've no idea how u did it ><
envy u so much cuz having such a great skill in make up ^^
wat a nice EOTD !

Sherry said...

true need pratice, so my hands still shaking when apply the mascara lol..

oh yeah come pick up the award at my blog :)

Vonvon said...

Hi YJia,

Thanks. Just need lots and lots of practice and some guidance from friends. Sometimes, you just need to play with makeups with a friend or 2, then they'll be able to 'judge' and give you their opinion. That's how to improve on your makeup skill.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

I know very well what you mean. Don't give up, just persevere and you'll be good at it in no time.

Thanks for the award, dear.

Anonymous said...

спасибо большое было интересно прочитать