Saturday, September 26, 2009

RMK Autumn Mystique Overview And EOTDs

The RMK Autumn/Winter collection, Autumn Mystique, has been out for some time. And I managed to play with the collection, got the swatches of the 2 eye palettes - gray and green ones, did EOTDs with the 2 palettes together with the Ingenious gel eyeliners.

Some words on this collection......

There are 4 eye palettes, each consisting of 5 shades, from a solid color(quite matte with some shimmer) to its lighter shades(shimmery shades) and a glitter/highlighter. The glitters are very fine. Palette 01 is of brown-pink shades, 02 - dark brown-golden shades, 03 - gray-bluish, 04 - greens. I did swatches of the gray(03) and green(04) palettes. However, when swatched, the color pay-off is very light and not so pigmented (as you can see in the photo below). In order to make the colors show on my eyes, the MUA had to blend in some corresponding shades from the gel eyeliners. The texture of the shadows is not very smooth as I had expected it to be, but it varies on different shades in the same palette. The 3rd and 4th shades in the palettes, with some shimmer, swatched quite smoothly as compared to the rest.

Top: Gray palette swatches
Bottom: Green palette swatches
But under that lighting, it's a bit to distinguish the 2 colors.

As much as I am a sucker for palettes, I was actually more excited over the colored eyeliners in this collection - the gel form and the pencils. The eyeliners come in 7 colors each.

01, 02 and 03 of the gel eyeliners are the conventional colors of black, dark blue and dark brown, respectively. But of course, what attracted me was not the conventional colors, but the shiny colored ones! EX01 is Shiny Pink, EX02 - Shiny Gold, EX03 - Shiny Green, EX04 - Shiny Purple. Wow!
And the good thing is every small tiny jar of this gel liner comes with a dual-ended retractable brush, one end is a sponge tipped applicator and the other end is the eyeliner brush. The texture is smooth and applies easily on the lids. The colors are very pretty.

The pencil eyeliners come mostly in the conventional colors of black, gray, deep blue, browns but there is a white and purple. Haha!! Bet you can guess what caught my eyes.....the purple liner, of course! But it's not a purple, actually it's more of a lilac color. The pencil liner deserves a mention as it comes with a detachable end which is actually a sharpener for the liner.

Left to right: 01 Black, 02 Deep Gray, 03 Depp Blue, 04 Deep Brown,
05 Golden Brown, 06 Purple, 07 White
Lower right pix: The pencil liner with the other end which is the sharpener

The mascaras in this collection come in 3 shades of Black, Brown and Blue. It's dual-ended, one side with a mascara primer, the other the mascara which is supposed to be lengthening, and it did its job quite well. See my EOTD below.

There are 2 cheek palettes: 1 is more pink to match the darker gray and green palettes, while the other is more towards brown to match the brown tone eye palettes.

There are 3 lip glosses in the collection as well.

There are also nail polish in this collection, but I am not so much a nail polish person.

So time for some EOTDs......

Eye Of The Day

Yes, your eyes aren't playing a trick on you....
I spotted gray on my right eye and green on my left, and I was walking around the mall with that, and mind you, no one actually noticed!!
Right eye: Grays with EX01 Shiny Pink gel eyeliner on the inner corners of the eye and lower lash line.
Left eye: Greens with EX03 Shiny Green gel eyeliner on the inner corners of the eye and lower lash line.
Both eyes: Mascara in 01 Black, and gel eyeliner in 01 Black.

Lip Of The Day

Gloss lips in #38 Shiny Clear Pink

I have heard that the display/testers for the products from this collection have finally reached us here in slow is that! So, the next time, I go to KLCC, I will drop by the RMK counter to have a look.


Jean said...

RMK.. never try their products before..
anyway, I'm new to makeup so it's normal right?XD
might go over their counter to try out some of the products when I got time~

Vonvon said...

Hi Jean,

They do have some really nice products though a bit pricey here. Visit the RMK counter in Isetan KLCC and look for the counter manager Lilian. She's very nice and will explain to you what you want to know.

Janice said...

whoa... this is sure 1 sexy EOTD... nice nice!!!! I like the fierce yet sexy appear of both eyes.. must be the liners... nice nice.. and seriously I won't be noticing the differences if you weren't mentioning it... :p

Vonvon said...

Hi Janice,

Thank you, dear. I didn't think of it as sexy though :P

Yea.....the difference in color is very slight.

Anonymous said...

sexy eye & sexy lip!i like the Green loh ,hehe
why u didnt show your whole face....?lenglui pls show me your whole face...

Jessying said...

your eotd very fierce.. probably due to the eyeliner? ur eyes voltage very high oooo.. hahaha very electrifying. i think its only eyeliner pencil right ?

i m looking for liquid 1..

Vonvon said...

Hi Junemoon,

Thanks. The whole face look was a bit too fierce, and I was rather moody when I took those pix 'cos my little girl was whining round...:)

Vonvon said...

Hi Jess,

Fierce?'s OK. Don't play play...hehe...

It's combi of pencil eyeliner and gel eyeliner.

Are you looking for colored liquid liner or black one?

fann fann said...

hi vonvon, how about the blushers? is it nice pigment?

Vonvon said...

Hi fann fann,

I tried the pink blush. I would say the blush is moderately pigmented but buildable. And the pink gives a kind of rosy glow but not too obvious.

Sherry said...

happy know you going to clarin workshop :) tell me how you able to go without your little one. She no cranky or look for you?

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Of course she does...but I just send her to my parents' place. No choice, can't bring her...

Do you have a little one also?