Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Palettes Craze!

In this post, I want to share with you some very pretty makeup palettes which I have seen lately.

3 palettes extraordinaire from Laura Mercier, T.LeClerc and Bloom

Laura Mercier Signature Toolbox
T.LeClerc Moon Palette
Bloom Eyeshadow Trio Palette

What do you think of these 3 palettes?
I think the Laura Mercier and T.LeClerc palettes are just simply awesome and gorgeous! And the Bloom (an Australian brand) palette is very cute and the greens make my interest in green shades of eyeshadow grow even more.

More detailed photos on each palette now......


This is a 2-tier palette where the lip palette compartment is on the upper tier, while the eye palette compartment on the lower. Thus preventing any flyaway powder from the shadows landing on the lippies. It comes with a Mini Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Gold, a double ended all over color and corner eye color brush and a lip brush.
The casing is a reflecting dark brown plastic but with a classy feel and with the word "laura mercier" printed in the middle. But be warned that it has an affinity for fingerprints but not as high an affinity as the T.LeClerc Moon Palette.

I like this palette, well....because I am simply just a sucker for palettes!!!! OK, that's not the only reason but I like the 2-tier deisgn of the palette with each tier could be individually snapped shut and the snap shut mechanism feels very sturdy and secure.

But of course, I love the colors featured in the palettes.

Top tier, lip colors, from L to R: Passion Fruit, Caramel, Fresh Brown, Audrey, Dry Rose

Bottom tier, eye colors, from L to R: Buttercream, Shale, Putty, Cognac, Pewter
The eye colors are rather extraordinary, haven't really seen any similar colors like these before especially Putty, Cognac and Pewter.


This is the first time I have seen a T.LeClerc palette and it's quite a huge palette and even feels quite heavy. The casing is like a mirror itself except it's dark brown in color and loves fingerprints!
However, this palette comes only in 1 tier where the eye colors(top 3 and powder form) are put together with the lip colors(bottom 3 and cream form). It also has a dual ended brush - 1 for the eye, and the other for lips.

Loving the 3 eye colors especially. Again, I find these 3 colors quite unusual, especially Nuit. I couldn't capture it well with my camera but it's a shade which is a bit of black with a bit of deep dark green, at times, appears to be a dark grey shade and even dark blue(depending on the angle you view it and also the lighting).


This cute little palette from Bloom can actually be bought in Shins stores in certain shopping malls in KL and PJ (that's what I have been told by my friend who got it at Shins Subang Parade and on a discount too!) The price tag shows RM95, but the offer came with a cream blush and a mini lip gloss and cost my friend only RM58.20! Woot!!!

So, what do you think of these palettes?

OK, before you go like....." damn you, Von, how come you have so many nice palettes...bla bla bla..", these palettes are courtesy of my dear friend who had 'loaned' them to me for a few days for me to drool over...*slurp* and admire. So sorry, girls, I won't be able to do any swatch or EOTD/FOTD with these, unless I am able to track them down here. I think I might be able to get the Laura Mercier one, while the T.LeClerc....well, it has pulled out of Malaysia and my friend got it during their recent sale for a fraction of its original retail price. And as for the cute Bloom, I guess I need to check out some of the Shins outlets around town.

Thank you my dear friend. Just admiring these palettes, taking photos of them really cheers me up and makes me lem so much for them...:P


Janice said...

i like that laura mercier palette. how much for both the laura mercier and palette??? XD

Vonvon said...

Hi Janice,

Yea, the 2 bigger palettes are my favs too. My friend got the LM palette during sale for RM124.50 only, and the T.LeClerc....sob will scream when you hear this, only RM50!!!!!!!!!! Now, got money also cannot buy...sob sob....

Sherry said...

they are so pretty :) palette is nice !!

OMG.. yeah really scream for the price.

Shins?? eh.. haha.. like see before not sure where it located in SP

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Yea, I 'screamed' when I hear the price of the T.LeClerc!

I haven't been to SP for ages....probably when I was still in grade school. ;) Do check it out and let me know, yea...


Joey said...

I want a laura mercier palette too!

Miu said...

I like the Laura Mercier Palette!!!

coz it has so many e/s & gloss colors haha..

aiyoh! sure win lah.. pity Bloom & T.LecClerc!

but Bloom is cute, however Stila is better!


Vonvon said...

Hi Joey,

The LM palette is my fav too in terms of variety. :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Miu,

Agreed with you on the LM palette.

And you and your Stila ;P Gotta agree with you on this though ;)