Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiring Morning But Relaxing Afternoon

It's already the beginning of Day 4 of the 10DNSC.

And how did I spend Day 3? Morning was rather crazy as I had to pack my little girl off to my Mom's and then went for a doctor's appointment...NO, I am NOT pregnant :P, just paid a visit to my physician friend/colleague and kena marah (got scolding) for putting on more weight!! Huh!! I don't know what's wrong with my yo-yo weight gain-loss!!! And I am having water retention lately, not hormonal cycle-dependent though... Anyways, guess I have to watch my diet again and work out more on my trainer!

Oh, btw, speaking of water retention, I found a couple sachets of L'Occitane Anti Water Retention Gel among my collection of samples and I am almost finishing the 1st sachet. I use it primarily on my bloated tummy, not due to gas, but definitely it's water retention. Because it's appearing like a (pseudo)baby-bump that Lilian and the I Nuovi SA at Parkson 1U and several other friends thought that Junior #2 is on the way! Arrgghhhh!!!! Well, bet you can guess how the L'Occitane Anti Water Retention Gel is actually 'working'!

Afternoon came and it's time for my long-awaited and much-deserved SPA! And before you detractors try to disqualify me from the Challenge, my spa session today was part of a course which I had purchased long time ago and basically, now I am utilizing the course, instead of spending money paying for a session! I have been going to this Spa since its opening here in Malaysia 2 years ago.

I had a foot detox spa, then an invigorating full-body Coffee Scrub followed by a cucumber body mask and wrap while my therapist gave me a face, head and scalp massage, then an hour of traditional body massage! Coffee Scrub has anti-cellulite, anti-water retention and brightening properties, and true to its claim, my skin does appear brighter after the scrub, and the bloatedness I had felt since I don't even remember when anymore, had lessened.

OK, wondering which SPA is it that I go to? Stay tuned to my blog, I will write a post on the Spa soon. :)

Anyways, after my spa, I went for a little shopping.....oppsss, a little WINDOW shopping to be exact, to check out the MAC Upstarts Collection which consists of 4 different sets(ranging from skincare, mascara and its primer, makeup removers, primer, foundation, etc.). And being the freebieholic, I managed to score some samples of MAC foundation, not in sachet, but basically, the SA 'decanted' some into those little MAC jars for me. I got 2 shades (NC20 and NC25) which I still couldn't decide which suit me better. FYI, it wasn't my fav MA who served me today but this girl was quite nice and actually spoke good English.

I will take photos of the 2 foundation samples in the morning and their swatches on my face in natural daylight, and why don't you, my highly-estemmed readers, help me decide which shade suits me better?

It's 2AM.....sweet dreams....zzz.....


YS said...

hello, been away for a while coz was super busy.

see you bought quite a few MAC shadows lately. Liking them?

I'm a NC 20-25 also and I use both together. haha, confusing rite. The lighter one on areas i want it to pop out and the darker one to areas to push back. I love contouring. Sometimes lazy just apply either 1 also can. actually not much difference. I'm using the powder plus foundation. i prefer this than the cream/liquid type.

Which spa do u go to? are they good and knowing me, extreming hygeinic? (U Must be laughing at me now)

Last time, i usually go for facials at 3 weeks intervals and body massages regularly. But now, kesian, scared H1N1, gave all this up. I even have 2 more facials(i signed course) that I haven't completed yet. i ask my son to help massage, haha.....

Dee said...

That coffee scrub sounds awesome! I've never been to a SPA before since its very costly over here. If I ever get a chance, I shall ask for a coffee scrub.

BTW, I have an award for you sweety. (:

Vonvon said...

Hi YS,

Glad to hear from you again.

Yea, really like the Love That Look shadows. I got the 2 Kalman shadows cos I like the colors, not so much for its textures though. I tested both NC 20 and NC 25 on my hand yesterday....can't really see any visible difference.

My spa is in downtown. Will write more about it in a few days ;) It's actually quite clean. I wouldn't have gone to them for 2 years if they were otherwise.

My daughter with her tiny fingers also gives me some massage from time to time...more the loving kind than those hard back-breaking ones I crave to soothe my tense and sore neck and shoulders. ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi Dee,

Thanks for the award.

Yea, I heard Spas in the US cost a whole lot. Our friends from the US, whenever they come to visit, would always want to visit the Spa here and go for any kind of massage.

Health Freak Mommy said...

You really know how to pamper yourself from head to toe eh? If I had only 1 child, I'd do the same too!

Vonvon said...


I have to, dear....or I'll go berserk!

But I really admire and salute you that you are so patient taking care of your 3 girls. But it does help when you have a helper around, as bad as she may be at times. And your MIL definitely helps you out a lot when she's in Malaysia.