Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yokoso! Shiyuki

Well, I don't speak Japanese, but according to one of the SAs in the Japanese beauty mart which I visited a while ago, "Yokoso" means 'welcome', and "Shiyuki" is the name of the shop. I tried using Google translator but it translated as the same words in English. Anyone can help?

Anyways, a friend of mine had discovered this little Japanese beauty and novelty mart in One Utama Shopping Center and she was so excited about it because they had certain brands of cosmetics which were actually quite new in Malaysia. And they offered a wide variety of products, ranging from cosmetics, skincare, face and eye masks, aromatherapy Dead Sea bath salts, train cases and cosmetic pouches in varying sizes, plastic toiletry sets for travel, mini brush sets, cute bedroom slippers, and many more cute and novelty stuffs! And prices for the items sold in this beauty mart ranges from a few Ringgit for a little facial sponge and small plastic jars for creams/lotions to over a hundred Ringgit for cosmetic train cases and makep sets.

The front of the store had a replica of a Japanese girl in kimono and some sort of Japanese-style entrance. Even some of the shelves displaying their products are made from wood, instead of those standard metal shelves we usually see in shops.

My purpose of checking out this beauty mart was for the 2 brands of cosmetic available here. One of the brands is called Yanyaxi, which according to one of the SAs, is from Japan, but the products are made in Taiwan. They have a whole range of products from brushes to face powders to eyeshadows to blushes and lip products, etc. Prices for products from this brand range from RM19.90 for a pan of eyeshadow to RM20++ and RM30++. They also have a makeup set which is selling for RM149.90(see photo below). Right now, this shop is having a sale till end of October 2009, where everything has a 20% discount, including a facial sponge which costs RM2.00 is entitled to the 20% discount.

Whenever I check out a cosmetic brand, the 1st product that I 'attack' would be, of course, the eyeshadows! And Yanyaxi brand has a lot of eyeshadows, though the colors are more on the light and pastel shades with some varying degree of shimmer. I swatched a few colors, and I was quite surprised by its strong color pay-off (though the degree of it varies for different colors). Well, for RM19.90 a pan, they are definitely quite a value for money.

I didn't check out the other cosmetics from this brand as my little girl was with me and between watching over her, who was running around exploring the little shop by herself, swatching the colors and looking at different stuff, I didn't take too many photos and after coming home while uploading the photos, I realized I didn't snap a photo of the other brand's display.

Anyways, the other cosmetic brand available here is called Rosewood from Paris. Apparently this is a well-known French makeup brand (I saw this brand in the October 2009 issue of Female magazine where they are running a contest). This range of cosmetics is slightly more expensive than Yanyaxi, but it definitely will not burn a hole in your pocket. As usual, I was interested in their eyeshadows which cost RM22.90 for a pan of 3gram, as compared to Yanyaxi's RM19.90 for an eyeshadow pan of 1.8 gram. Hence, if you compare the price for the amount of product you get, Rosewood eyeshadows are surely a steal. But......some of the colors are not so pigmented. Again, but......if you are also into the packaging of the product, Rosewood eyeshadows will win for sure. Read till the end to see my haul from this shop..............................

Another highlight in this shop would be its variety of Aromatherapy Dead Sea Bath Salts. Too bad I don't have a bath tub......sigh. They come in huge glass jars of 1000g gram product for RM30 only!! And each jar of bath salt even has a wooden spatula "a la Laura Mercier" (quoting my friend). They have Milk bath salts for whitening, Lavender for calming, slimming bath salts, Ginger Flower for moisturising and many more.

There are also many different types of face and eye masks for sale. And the have special offer on their eye masks.

And for those of you who are looking for train cases to store your vast collection of beauty products (I remember Janice was asking me some time back), you can find different types of train cases in different patterns and designs, with clasps only, with number code lock (don't remember what's the term for it), etc, here. Price ranges from RM40++ for a small one to ~RM150++ for a large one. They also sell really cute and colorful cosmetic pouches. See the collection of photos below.

Some photos of my haul..................

1 Yanyaxi eyeshadow in 04(Pink) - RM19.90
1 Rosewood eyeshadow in E150(shimmery brown) - RM22.90
2 facial sponges (pink for me, and my little girl insisted that I buy her the one in blue for her "to wash my face"......How she knows??? *shrug my shoulders* - RM2.00 each
A plastic container set for toiletries (again my little girl insisted on a green-colored set) - RM10.00
And a smiley face bun??? Well, it feels and even smells like a real bun! You guess? For my little girl, of course! - RM8.90

And everything has 20% off!

They even give you a membership with a gross purchase of RM50 and above, meaning if your total purchase before discount is RM50 (after 20% discount would be RM40), you are still entitled to their membership (in this outlet in One Utama).
Membership benefits include *10% off your purchase during non-sale period (*I am not quite sure about this, need to be verified).

**I will post description to my hauls later...getting late...**


This shop is located on the Ground Floor of One Utama (Old Wing), a few shops away from Jusco and Sasa. They have another outlet in Sungei Wang Plaza (2nd floor) and in Queensbay Mall, Penang. The SA told me that they'll be opening an outlet soon in Midvalley Megamall but had no idea when.


Shuu said...

cool finding! :) I've never heard of Yokoso! Shiyuki before, but it's definitely worth checking out.
The bath salts are so tempting........ hahaha.
The Rosewood e/s is so pretty with all the flower imprint, aww..

Joey said...

I should get a jar of the bath salt coz there is bath tub back to my home in KK

Sherry said...

so nice haul :) haha... I went in a few time out empty hand

Vonvon said...

Hi Shuu,

I haven't either till my friend told me about it. :)

Yes, I was so tempted to buy the bath salts as well. Love the pretty design on the Rosewood e/s.

Vonvon said...

Hi Joey,

Yea, go get it, not one, may be a couple. It's quite worth it.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks. I am sure you'll find something you fancy....why not try out their masks?

Janice said...

the rosewood shadow looks nice... rainbow is so cute!!! help in washing ur face ah? OMG so so cute!!!

abby said...

Hey Von,

My my i have passed that shop a few times. Thought it was like a mini mini Daiso or something. Guess not.

My don't they know how to pull our heartstrings with those pretty packaging and designs. We can be test subjects! People should pay us for the input. haha...

Man. I've never used bath salts before. Given, i don't have the time to go for long baths. Will check out the place next time i am there. If i remember. Old Sasa shop is it? Or am i mistaken?

Vonvon said...

Hi Janice,

Actually, she said she wanted the sponge to wash her own how Mommy does...haha...

Vonvon said...

Hi abby,

Do check it out and tell me what you think. It's at the Old Wing, so I guess it's the old Sasa....the new one is Selective Sasa in the New Wing right?

Jean said...

I bought the same bun at One Utama too.. Yesterday I went Genting Highland, saw a stall selling not only bread, but also sweet donuts, cakes & chinese bao!! and the price is only RM7..

Vonvon said...

Hi Jean,

I think the store in One Utama also sells different kinds of 'pastries' and I even saw sushi towelettes (small handkerchiefs rolled up to become 'sushi roll'.

I heard that the one in Genting Highland is for consignment.

Janice said...

wow.. no bad for a start.. she sure got good skin later on.. :p

Vonvon said...

Hi Janice,

Hehe....her skin is already to die for....:D

Zoeyhanz said...

erm......the crystal eye mask a bit expensive ady~
do u buy it?
coz i saw ppl on9 selling , quite cheap onli^^

Vonvon said...

Hi Zoey,

No, I didn't buy any of the eye masks. Thanks for sharing.

msiu said...

i think i saw... the similar bun...and some other stuffs..selling at Gardens midvalley.. 3rd floor...but notsure.. name of the shop..

Vonvon said...

Hi msiu,

Is it also some Japanese novelty shop? I think they sell them in a few novelty shops as well....will check it out when I go there...thanks for sharing.