Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beauty Credit: A Korean Brand You Can Bank On

OK, how does the title sound?

Well, before you start thinking that Vonvon is trying to talk about banking and finance, allow me to introduce a Korean beauty brand, BEAUTY CREDIT, that has been in Malaysia since last year, if I am not mistaken. I have read about this brand from different beauty blogs offering very affordable and quality beauty products. Hence, I feel this would be a brand that we could bank on with its quality products and yet still rather friendly on our pockets. ;P

So, some time at the end of last month, something, in something which I couldn't explain what, brought me and a friend of mine to Sunway Pyramid. Well, for those who know me, I live in KL and hardly ever drive all the way to shop or window shop in Sunway Pyramid, which is probably about 20 miles from where I live....never bother to check the distance anyways.

On that morning, we were just strolling in the mall when our eyes landed on a newly-opened store, actually, that store was about to have its official opening ceremony around that time and we saw many congratulatory bouquets outside the store. And we saw the sign read "BEAUTY CREDIT". A peep inside showed a huge variety of different beauty products ranging from skincare, to masks, hair care and body care. Excited, we went in to explore the store which was located at the entrance to Asian Avenue, opposite Jusco.

The Beauty Credit store located at the entrance to Asian Avenue

Inside Beauty Credit store

Here are some of the products from Beauty Credit that are offered in this store.

Some of Beauty Credit skincare ranges

A wide variety of body care and hair care

The Acerola White skincare range, which is their brightening/whitening line

For those with acne problem, there's a special range dedicated to acne-prone skin with tea tree oil

A complete set of skincare with Korean ginseng extract
Priced at ~RM180+ for the whole set

Like many Korean beauty brands, Beauty Credit also has a wide range of facial sheet masks.
Prices range from RM8.90 - RM13.90 per piece

They also have an interesting variety of wash-off masks, in very yummy flavors, and smell really good!

Another product which some Korean beauty brands is famous for.....
Sleeping Mask Pack for overnight hydration

A Star Product of Beauty Credit
-Lovely Q10 Pearl Shine Makeup Base

Quite large pans of eyeshadows for RM29.90 each

Pretty swatches of the eyeshadow sticks
I saw 4 different shades available, quite pigmented for shadow sticks, I would say.

Blushers and highlighters ranging from RM29.90 - RM32.90

Lippies, in the price range of RM2x

Some nail art stickers

Of course, knowing me, how could I resist to purchase something and especially, on the day of their opening, there was some really good offer, which, sad to say, only valid for that day. Their opening day offer was with any purchase of RM100 and above, we could choose any item worth up to RM30 for free.

So, here are some of my purchases and the freebies........

Errr.....I haven't had the opportunity to try out the stuff yet, but rest assured, after I have tried them out, reviews will follow......

Anyways, I was told that Beauty Credit also has an outlet on the 1st floor of Sg Wang Plaza.

They also offer free membership when you purchase RM100 and above. Membership benefits include 5% off any subsequent purchase (applicable only to normal priced items) and special gift on your birthday month.

It's another weekend why not drop by the Beauty Credit store in Sunway Pyramid should you be heading there this weekend? And do share with me what you think and if you have done any retail therapy there!

Just something to ponder.....While some may perceive such brand as yet another lower end Korean brand but to be fair, I would like to acknowledge that the quality of some of its products is on par with that from some higher end brands.

P.s. Please excuse me for being slow in updates lately........just been super busy, tired, stressed....bad IZZInet connection....and the list goes on.....


CheaKyGal said...

Oh oh!! the model actress is Goo Hye Sun-- from Boys over flowers kdrama early this year.

Sunway Pyramid? cool. i saw the store in Singapore.. loads of it...

Sherry said...

wah nice :) but no plan buy as still got other not use yet

恶魔的婷婷 AKA WendyPua said...

Yeah, great to knoe, sunway got the shop finally, no need to buy online already, the purple sleeping mask is great for dehydration face :) have a nice day

Shuu said...

I've come across beauty credit several times yet I haven't really played around in the store :P
The stuff reminds me of both Etude House and The Face Shop lol especially that undereye mask. I tried similar mask from EH. The packaging and even the color looks so similar hehe

Vonvon said...

Hi CY,

I can see that you are so into things Korean. I really don't know who is who. Hardly have much time to watch Korean dramas.....not that I have enough time to catch up with all my TVB dramas.

This brand has been in Singapore for quite some time.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Good for you to have such strong resolve. Sometimes, I just couldn't resist a good deal.

Vonvon said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for sharing on the purple sleeping mask. After having tried Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Plus, I am becoming a firm believer and strong advocate of sleeping mask.

You'll know that that one will be next on my list.

Vonvon said...

Hi Shuu,

Do share about your Beauty Credit findings and their products you have tried. said...

Hi!! Im thinking of buying the beauty credit sleeping q10 sleeping pack and makeup base just wanted to ask whether you've used it and would recommend?? Id say i have combination -oily skin type. thank you!!

Vonvon said...


Thank you for visiting my blog.

My guest writer had used the CoQ10 sleeping pack and her feedback was it hydrates her skin and makes the skin more supple in the morning, but she didn't see any firming effect. I will ask her to review the product soon.

As for the makeup base, I tested it at the shop, and yes, I love the texture which was light, and gave off a very soft glow on the skin. And it didn't feel oily on my skin. I have similar skin type to yours. Hence I would recommend this makeup base. said...

Thank you so much for replying! Yeah im thinking of buying some beauty credit tuff on ebay =D thanks again!!

p.s im off to see you new blog!