Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sample Reviews: Botani Olive Repair Cream, Olive Hand Cream & Olive Soothing Cleanser - By The Intrepid Beauty

Recently, I have received 2 sets of skincare and hand cream samples from Nature In A Box, a company which carries an organic skincare brand from Australia - Botani, in Malaysia.

My guest writer, The Intrepid Beauty, had tested out her set of samples and will be the first to review them. Well, I have started using the samples I got, but as Sundays are usually dedicated to my guest writer's posts, reviews on my set of samples will follow in a few days' time.


1) Olive Repair Cream
Sensitive/Dry/Ageing Skin

This product sample was contained in a 3ml sachet (see pix above) and was enough for 3 days usage applied twice daily. It has a pleasant yet not overpowering olive scent which I liked. It absorbed well and upon application, skin instantly felt smooth and supple which remained so for the most part of the day. The description of the product usage is described on the sachet "Apply small amount on to palm. Apply evenly onto skin using patting, pressing movements".

However, as there was no further description of the product on the sample sachet, I had to find out more about it on the Botani website. Some of its benefits are stated as "softens fine lines, repairs and protects from harsh environmental elements". It goes on further to state that it "assists in the healing of scars and rejuvenates the skin". I liked the fact that some of the ingredients as stated on the sample sachet includes aloe vera, citrus seed and olive leaf extracts, chamomile, calendula & French Lavender as these are not only calming and soothing for the skin, together they combine to produce a lovely scent.

I am unable to comment on the long term effectiveness of the product based on a 3ml sample but if you are looking for a face product with aromatherapy benefits, then this is a good product to try.

The full size product as shown on their website is 120g (in a jar) and the price of this product in Malaysia is RM159.50 (based on Nature In A Box website).

2) Olive Hand Cream

This is my favourite product of the 3 samples that I was given to test out as a little of it goes a long way. It has a predominantly olive scent although the ingredient list of this product (on their website) states that it includes the nourishing properties of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, calendula, chamomile and Vitamin E. It does not feel sticky on the hands, is easily absorbed and what I liked best about the product is that it does not have the artificial smell of olives as in some other brands' olive hand cream I have tried.

The full size product as shown on their website is 100g (in a tube) and the price of this product in Malaysia is RM88.50.

3) Olive Soothing Cleanser

This cream cleanser has a light olive scent which does not sting the eyes. However, the sample of this product was given in a 3ml container but it was only half-full so this review is based on a 1.5ml sample which I found insufficient to cleanse my face thoroughly of make-up. I had to use another cleanser to finish the job and there was still a lot of make-up residue on my face which came off upon applying the 2nd cleanser. The good thing about this cleanser is that my face did not feel dry afterwards and there was no tightening sensation.

The full size product as shown on their website is 100ml (in a bottle with pump) and the price of this product in Malaysia is RM106.50.

The Intrepid Beauty

** For more information, please visit Botani website and Nature In A Box.


reanaclaire said...

wow..this is a beauty and health blog.. i like it.. your profile picture is very sweet and beautiful..

sesame said...

Looks interesting! I don't think this brand is available in Singapore though...

Vonvon said...

Hi reanaclaire,

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's more of a beauty blog, and a bit on my life....and I sometimes, write on health topics which interest me, which are quite a lot actually. ;)

Vonvon said...

Hi sesame,

I'd think this would be interesting for you as I know you are really into organic skincare.